HUGE victory in Chicago: Rahm is now on the ropes

Vatic Note:   In case anyone has forgotten, Rahm was Obama's first chief of staff when he was inaugurated as President of the United States.  Rahm was the one who made the phrase "NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTEwhen he was chief of staff, and he did not ever let a good crisis go to waste.  Now he is doing the same thing for Chicago.   This is up because this will be our first opportunity to stop the cabal in its tracks and to do so within the system instead of using the last resort.   

This election is about a  lot more than just the mayorial race, its about whether Americans are going to start taking these people seriously before they pull off another JFK assassination on someone we trust and can rely on to represent us as was intended when the Constitution and Bill of Rights were passed. Remember Rahm is a soldier in the IDF of a foreign country, and not in our military.  His loyalties will always be with the Khazars in Israel and not with the USA.  And don't forget, his brother Ezekiel Emmanuel is a Eugenicist and advisor to Obama on Obamacare. 

Then remember also his father worked as a terrorist for Israel  way back in the 40's.   Also remember, Rahm was Obama's partner in those Chicago gay bath houses.   We did a whole blog on that one way back when Obama ran and won office.  We found out about it after the election and not before.  I came from the midwest and was horrified when Rahm won mayor of Chicago.  Now there is a chance to send a BIG MESSAGE to the multibillionaires that own him, that he will not be mayor, no matter how much money they throw into the race and try to buy votes.  I won't work.  Time for us to make our stand now.....  

HUGE victory in Chicago: Rahm is now on the ropes
By Jim Dean,  Four Winds 10,  February 25, 2015

We did it!!!
Last night's opening paragraph in USA TODAY would have seemed nearly impossible just a few months ago:
"CHICAGO -- Rahm Emanuel was dealt a tough political blow on Tuesday, after he was forced into a runoff election to hold onto his seat as mayor of the Windy City."
Progressives not only forced Rahm Emanuel to become the first mayor in Chicago history to face a runoff election, we also beat back his SuperPAC and his wealthy funders' campaign to defeat the progressive champions he attacked on the Chicago City Council.

Five of Democracy for America's seven endorsed progressive members of Chicago's City Council -- who we called the Chicago Seven -- have WON their primaries outright and two are the leading candidates in their impending runoff elections on April 7.

DFA dedicated national resources and organizing power to defend seven progressive City Council members because we knew how important they were to defending the working families of Chicago against union-busters and big corporations. Rahm Emanuel and his corporate cronies have awoken a massive grassroots army across the city committed to ending his agenda of privatization, public school closings, and pension cuts.

In the weeks ahead, Democracy for America -- alongside our friends at United Working Families, MoveOn, and the Chicago Teachers Union -- will go all in to defeat Rahm Emanuel in the runoff on April 7 and elect Jesus "Chuy" Garcia as Chicago's new mayor.

We will also fight to re-elect Aldermen John Arena and Toni Foulkes, who are going to a runoff against two of Rahm's cronies. DFA members will harness that grassroots energy to build a lasting, broad-based progressive movement that will bring Elizabeth Warren-style, populist progressive reform to Chicago in the years to come.

As a flashpoint in the fight for progressive values, the April 7 runoff election will be one of the most important elections in years. Are you In? Chip in $3 or more now to defeat Rahm Emanuel and re-elect Aldermen John Arena and Toni Foulkes.

DFA members like you made this victory possible. Since December, Democracy for America and our members have rallied to fight back against Rahm Emanuel's attacks on the Chicago Seven by:
  • Raising and spending more than $65,000 to defend the Chicago Seven.
  • Making more than 30,000 calls and knocking on 2,157 doors in targeted wards.
  • Hiring full-time staff organizers, working out of Northside and Southside offices.
  • Working with MoveOn to turn out the vote for Jesus "Chuy" Garcia in the mayoral race.
  • Supporting the local DFA groups, Northside DFA and Southside DFA, in their strategy to expand the map and elect strong new progressive challengers and turn out the anti-Rahm vote.
Rahm Emanuel and his allies had more than $30 million at their disposal. You helped build the people-powered campaigns that turned people out to the polls and overcame that huge financial advantage.

But this isn't over yet. Rahm Emanuel is bruised, but not beaten. Now that he is in a runoff against Chuy Garcia, Chicago voters can unite behind a strong progressive and put an end to Rahm's rule -- and re-elect progressive champions John Arena and Toni Foulkes. Will you help build the campaign and lead progressives to victory?
This a HUGE victory for progressives -- and now we need to finish the job. Will you chip in $3 or more to build the campaign to defeat Rahm Emanuel in the runoff on April 7?

Chip in $3 or more to finish the job and defeat Rahm Emanuel on April 7.

Thank you for everything you've done to win this victory in Chicago -- and for going all in with us between now and the April 7 runoff.

- Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America

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