Rh Negative Eye Colours

Vatic Note:   Its easy to identify an RH neg person, because if they have the two alleles from their parents,, they will be designated RH neg which is a recessive gene,  but if they have one allele from one parent who is RH neg and one allele from the other parent that is RH positive, then they will be designated positive because its the dominant designation for the RH designation.

Its amazing how accurate this is, and I am starting to put a serious picture together about all this.  First of all, I can tell when someone has the one allele by their eye color.   Once I found out how accurate I was, I then remembered that the government is tracking RH negs,  so then I had to find out if they are also tracking those with just one allele and then I had to understand just how far back this goes, why was the government so interested in us and why was Hitler preoccupied by the blue eyed, blond hair Nazarenes who migrated into northern Europe.

What is it about the RH negs that so obssessed him?  Well, if you accept there are alien high breds here that  are as stated by the Sumarians,  the 5 books of Enoch, and the fact that God "translated" Enoch who did not have to die to rise up into heaven,k along with an entire town,   then it becomes clear that there is a connection between the RH factor and the alien breeding program, which I am confident about given all the proven facts.  That is where the certainty ends.  Now comes the speculation.

What else do we know as a fact?   We know that Hitler was preoccupied with the Aryan race, but the question is "What was the REAL REASON he was so preoccupied, and what was he doing about it?"
That question we have answered in depth on here before, but just to remind you,  he believed aliens were here, mated with man, and left offspring highbreds behind and the real objective of the khazars was to eliminate the aryan race and pretend it was only related to Christianity, which many RH negs are.   So who are these khazars?   They are the ashkenazi Jews who constitute a majority of those who "CALL THEMSELVES" Jews, but are not, they are khazars and have zero connection to the real Jewish people of the Bible, instead they are the offspring of Cain and Esau, called canaanites and edomites. They are NOT of the 12 tribes of Israel.  They lack a conscience, a  moral core, and have no obligation or caring for anyone but themselves and that is why and how they became sociopaths/psychopaths.

Remember, God created them on the first go round, in Genesis Cptr 1, verse 26, but did not blow into their nostrils and then instructed the children of the twelve tribes to kill all the canaanites.  Check it out, its in there,   and then he created Adam and Eve after he finished the rest of creation AND BLEW HIS BREATH INTO THEIR NOSTRILS.  I believe that gave them a soul, while the others never received such from God. We have covered this in depth.   Its that Blowing into their nostrils that has the evil ones fearful and obsessive with these RH negs.

This below gives you indicators of how to tell is someone has at least one allele of a chromosome of the RH negative blood.  I have guessed people accurately who have asked "How did you know".  Our salvation as a nation, as Christians and Muslims, as well as Judaens, real ones, rest upon the RH negs for their powers to over come these evil ones.  So hang in there and get together with others to "think" these people away.   Some are doing that and its working already to a small degree, we need more to part take and contribute.

Rh Negative Eye Colours
By Admin,  RH Negative Blood Secrets,   January 15, 2013
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Rh Negative Eye Colours

It is said that eyes can never lie, that when you look into someone's eyes you can see their true spirit. There are so many different colours and shades of eyes but Rh negatives do tend to have lighter eyes in general. They also tend to have mood eyes - changing colour depending on their mood and what they are wearing.

I decided to a survey to find out the most popular eye colours in Rh negatives and then a survey out in the public where anyone could answer.

Because all eye colours are made up from brown and blue, and the colour in between those is green I decided to make the survey more fair we should group certain shades in to one of these three groups, as follows:

Brown Eyes - Amber, Black.
Green Eyes - Hazel, Olive.
Blue Eyes - Grey, Violet.

Here are the results within the Rh negative study group.

As you can see in the Rh negative study group green is the highest, closely followed by blue and brown is the lowest. This points to the original Rh negatives having blue eyes. Brown is the dominant eye colour which normally over rides any other colour, then green, then blue. Seeing as blue is so high here it shows that those with Rh negative genes do carry the blue eyed gene strongly, as all green eyed people also carry it.

Here is the chart for the general public results, within Europe, Scandinavia, America and Australia.

These results are harder to get a good picture from because it isn't a worldwide survey and seeing as the vast majority of the world has brown eyes. However this is including areas with the highest number of blue eyes.

What is interesting is how people seem to think that green eyes are rare, however there are lot of places in the world where the people have green eyes, and these areas show where our ancient bloodline families have visited the most, as the genes are still strong there, because as I said, all people with green eyes carry the blue eyed genes. Obviously after time an area left behind will slowly lose all green and blue eyes completely, so long as people are breeding with people with brown eyes, as they are the dominant genes.

We all have the same two eye colour genes. What gives us different eye colours are which variations of these genes we have.

One of these genes is called HERC2. It comes in two variations, brown and blue. The other gene, called gey, also comes in two versions -- green and blue.

Your eye colour depends on which combination of these versions you have as shown below:

So you can see how difficult it is for someone to have green or blue eyes, especially blue.

Here is a map of all the places in the world where people carry the green eyed gene.
Most of the other areas are all brown eyed areas completely, with only Europe, Scandinavia, America, Russia and Australia having some blue eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you that Rh Negs can overcome the evil on the plant. Problem is that there are certain people that have made them targets because of disinformation about Rh Negs. We even have people claiming that O positives are the universal donor blood type when they are not! The real problem is that because Rh Negs are in a minority, getting them to become aware of their blood type first. Then educating them as to their great powers to overcome the evil. That's the harder part. Due to too much disinformation we have instead the opposite happening - RH Negs are being targeted by the evil ones because they stand to lose a lot once the Rh Negs wake up to their powers. So they are instead calling them names such as "reptilians" and claiming they are somehow responsible for the evil on this planet when in fact the exact opposite is the truth!

Anonymous said...

You might find this article enlighting: Did angels breed with women? - http://kenraggio.com/KR-Giants-And-Angels-Breeding.html

Vatic Master said...

Yes, but he does not address the 5 books of Enoch who was a lot more precise about what he meant and he went into a lot greater detail, including what these angels and watchers taugh the offspring. So read those 5 books and then come back and tell us what you think.

Remember, there is a reason the powers that be took those books of enoch who was favored by God, out of the old testament.

Anonymous said...

If Any writing/teaching/doctrine goes against what was spoken/taught by The Father through His One and Only Son - Christ Jesus - His Spoke Person and our Lamb, throw it out as false teaching. We are Warned a time of Great Deception will come - http://biblehub.com/matthew/24-24.htm, http://biblehub.com/nlt/2_thessalonians/2.htm note vs 9-12, http://biblehub.com/hcsb/revelation/13.htm note vs 11-14

churchsmsj said...

It is rather rude to copy all the copyrighted work of someone else and to not even create them for their work!

All Research & Graphics © Copyright Tia L Douglass 2012 All Rights Reserved

Vatic Master said...

churchsms, its up now. Sorry, but the site where we got it from did not have it up at the top, so we thought it was his. We have added you on under source at the top by the title.

Unknown said...

I am RH neg...A- to be exact..and i have dark brown/black eyes...i also know many blue /green eyed RH pos people... eye color doesn't seem like a great way to distinguish between the 2..

Vatic Master said...

"unknown" - yes, there are RH neg with dark brown eyes and if you look very closely then you have a dark green circle around your brown eyes. Further, there are many with blue, green, hazel eyes that have the designation of "positive" which is the dominant gene designation. What that means is anyone with those color eyes, has at least one allele from one parent that is RH neg and one that is RH positive, THERE ARE NONE THAT HAVE BOTH ALLELES FROM BOTH PARENTS THAT ARE RH NEG.AND ARE CALLED RH POSITIVE. iF YOU HAVE GREEN, BLUE, OR HAZEL EYES, THEN ONE ALLELE IS RH NEG. ASK ANY BLOOD QUALIFIED DOCTOR.

Unknown said...

I am rh negative blood type I have red hair pale skin I also have two different colored eyes right eye is full blue and the other is brown with a spot of brown. Are there anyone else like me??

Unknown said...

I have about negative blood and green eyes. Never really thought of it as rare before

Browneyedgirl said...

I am B negative. And what you say is true. I have light brown/ amber eyes with a green ring outline. When i cry my brown eyes look almost as piercing as a blue eye person. I have dark brown hair and tan skin. Im 1/2 mexican & 1/2 english. My father (mexican & inca) is also B negative. All 3 of my children are rh positive. But interesting enough, my middle child is blonde hair blue eyed.

Elizabeth Lovett said...

Have you learned anything else or found more info..I too am Rh A- and have dark brown eyes n hair? I keep looking for info research on this but all I find is red hair blue eyes blah blah

Vatic Clerk said...

The Vatic Master has not been responding to comments made to this thread, because she was sick with bone cancer and passed away at the end of June (2016).

I have nothing to add to the Rh negative information. If something comes up, I'll post it. Unlike the Vatic Master, Rh negative research isn't my hobby horse.

// vc

Linda Hunt said...

I am Rh O negative and have slightly mousy type strawberry blonde hair. I have two different coloured eyes. The one is deep green and the other one is half green and half dark brown. I also have an extra vertebra.

Brea Nail said...

I have blond hair, blue eyes and retain o neg. Blood. I am ready and willing for god but i do not feel so "significant". Just another passer on the road of life.

Anonymous said...

I am B - RH negative and have green ( changing shades with mood and color ) eyes . In fact my step father used to say that my eyes would turn violet when I was mad .He had never seen anything like it . Anyway, I also found out I have ashkenazai dna .I just want to make sure I understand this .Are you saying that the RH negatives were not given the breath to the nostrils ?

Anonymous said...

@ Kasey, yes there is a model in South Florida with red hair, pale skin and one brown and one blue eye. You have a twin. Don't know if she is rh- but I would wager so.

Unknown said...

I am B-neg. I have peircing blue eyes. I've had people to tell me that it seems I am looking into their soul...IDK about that, but most people have a difficult time looking into my eyes for any extended period of time.