Vatic Note:  What this simply confirms is that the globalists are slowly but surely taking over the globe, one area at a time. Check out their website,  it says right on there  "GLOBAL SECURITY"  and we know what that means, A global police state.  NATO is the globalists army, and now blackwater will control intel and that intel will be against Americans and not enemies of America.  Remember who owns blackwater..... its Monsanto and who owns Monsanto?

The depopulation fanatic, Bill Gates, Mr, Sterilization Vaccines, who is currently under indictment and possible arrest in India. Don't forget Bill Gates is a khazar.  So we have criminals now controlling a key committee of congress.   Watch the votes on the committee and scream bloody murder over it.  See which new GOP members are on it and call them.

This is their deceptive, subtle way of "preparing for war against the American people".   Ask  yourselves why a private Mercenary company?  What is their expertise?  Ask the Iraqi civilians they shot dead who were unarmed.  They are still under investigation for that one, first degree murder.   Lovely!!!!  If this congress approves him then there is no more doubt about who owns who and what and that is who we should go after. 

Dig out the root and you get rid of the weed.  Now is the time we let those purged by the banker controlled government, that we will hire them to clean house for us and pay them when we take back our government.  We would also guarantee them their jobs back at better pay. 

Lobbyist for private army “Blackwater” to head House Intel. Committee 
Published RT America, on Dec 31, 2014

Jeff Shockey, a lobbyist for Academi--the controversial defense contractor formerly known as Blackwater--will become the top staff member for the House Intelligence Committee when congress returns in 2015. Critics are crying foul, saying that a lobbyist for such a highly profitable security firm with a questionable safety record should not be given even more influence within the government. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky takes a look.


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