IDF Suicide Cases Double in 2014

Vatic Note:   While this is bad, it does not compare to the suicides being done in the US Army.  Much of it from guilt for murdering civilians, but some are not suicides, as that football player proves.  I forgot his name.  But his parents believe it was not the friendly fire that the officials said it was, rather it was because of his politics.

Unfortunately, when I was writing and sending packages to soldiers in Iraq,  I got a different story.  Many complained about the tactics they were told to use against the civilian population and many were killed that were no threat to our soldiers, and were unarmed. 

Its a war zone and you expect some of that to happen, but when you are instructed to kill pregnant women and children,  it plays havoc with your moral core and thus many were psychologically damaged.

Further, many soldiers were satanized while serving in the field under fire, and that required satanic ritual murder or paedophilia of children.  That, alone, could have caused the suicides to take place.  When you have a moral core,  you also have a conscience and that can drive one to suicide. 

We are not raised or normally trained to be that vicious, evil and debasing, so it would have an impact on our mental health.  If we were void of all those morals and conscience, then it would have been different.

Finally, I would love to know how many "oathkeepers"  were "suicided"?  Does anyone have any numbers on those men and women?  The IDF guys are raised in hate and violence, so the numbers are much smaller, not only due to the size of their military, but also to the indoctination they get within their society overall. 

They can handle what they have done, since their Talmud demeans the value of those they harm, who are not zionists.  Read and see what you think. 

IDF Suicide Cases Double in 2014
By Admin,  The Ugly Truth,  January 2, 2015


Report finds 15 soldiers committed suicide, including two lone soldiers in combat units; IDF ends 2014 with 105 fallen, with 67 lost during Operation Protective Edge.


An end-of-year report revealed that 15 IDF soldiers committed suicide in the past year, as opposed to seven in 2013, including two ‘lone soldiers’ in combat units. A senior Personnel Directorate official said “it is important to remember that until five years ago the average number of suicides in the army stood at around 30.”

The senior official explained that, in the cases of the two lone soldiers, “we did not understand the gaps in treating them before their suicide, but this definitely demands of us to continue learning about and treating the lone soldiers.”

The military source said a civilian advisory committee will convene hearings with senior Personnel Directorate officials to “learn and identify the trends that will aid us in addressing the phenomenon.”

The IDF official noted the military thoroughly investigates suicide cases. “We examine each case individually with an investigatory committee chaired by a colonel, along with a military police investigation and testing by the Medical Corps’ Mental Health Division.”

He stressed that “in the past we did not understand the connection between operational incidents and suicide, but we did know to provide individual treatment in the combat brigades, including handing out questionnaires to soldiers to see if identify any distress among their friends.”

The end-of-year report concluded that 105 soldiers died in 2014, including 70 in active duty – 67 in Operation Protective Edge and three in a Gaza border crossfire incident, a car accident in the West Bank, and the terror stabbing in Tel Aviv.

An additional 13 died in car accidents off-duty and 15 committed suicide.

Of the armed forces’ gravely wounded, 115 soldiers are still hospitalized in severe condition from a number of events, though most occurred during Operation Protective Edge.

The report also showed that seven soldiers died in the past year from diseases – a figure similar to that of the three prior years.

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