US ‘Diplomats’ Force IAEA To Not Pressure Israel To Sign Nuclear Treaties

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ISIS was created by the west and Israel to do exactly what it is doing.  making money for the military industrial complex and bankers. They will lose that war.

Vatic Note:   If Israel does not have to sign nuke treaties, then why do the other nations have to do so?  Israel is a threat to them as we now see, using their infiltrated position in our country and the European Union (EU) and manipulating NATO into doing Israel's dirty work for her in the middle east as we proved on here numerous times and examples.

There is a blog going up at 2:00 am tonight, and it does a lot to explain all this below in a context that is bigger than each piece of information that we have gathered.   I honestly believe that if you read all these today we will end up with a complete and total understanding of exactly what is happening to us.  Its not just the Israeli's, the zionists, the khazars, its also the royalty of Europe who are practicing Satanists.

Its the British and the commonwealth countries have been seriously infiltrated and taken over by these same players. The poeple of Australia, Canada and the British Isles, know all this and now must decide what to do about it, before these insects take over anymore of the world.  It is going to take the people of each nation to stand against all of those who are traitors to their nations including the USA.

They are all connected and tied together.   Its just that the zionist satanists are the operational arm of  these Illuminati bloodlines.  It also explains why they hate Christians so much and why all that is being done, was done in both previous world wars.  Its why its all sooo familiar to students of history. Ask yourselves, who controls the "movie industry, the music industry, the information industry and the fashion industry"?

And then ask yourselves "what is happening to all those industries, that has never been the case to such a degree, before now?"  All you have to do is watch what is shoved down the populations throat and how it appeals to and feeds the lower animal side of us instead of our higher spirit side.  That is a worse destruction of a nation than any nuke could do.

They are all being "POLLUTED" with perversion, as one of our recent blogs shows.  http://vaticproject.blogspot.com/2014/09/the-satanic-evil-within-fashion.html

US ‘Diplomats’ Force IAEA To Not Pressure Israel To Sign Nuclear Treaties
By Admin,  Culture of Life news,  September 26, 2014 

The US spends most of its diplomatic capital protecting Zionists and enabling their plans for expansion and exploitation while at the same time, protecting vicious royals and sheiks of oil pumping nations to oppress their people and dominate Islam.  This bizarre business runs in tandem with the Global Warming insanity which claims that burning coal and oil is evil and is going to cause the sky to fall on our heads unless we run like scared sheep and rabbits into the cave where the bears and wolves live.

AIPAC uses US to prevent any mention of Israel in yet another nuclear bomb treaty organization event:  IAEA Refuses to Urge Israel to Join Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty — News from Antiwar.com

"Reflecting the rather bizarre way the International Atomic Energy Agency’s meetings tend to go, the conference failed in a 58-47 vote to urge Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). They then unanimously voted in favor of materially the same thing.
After spurning the Syria-backed resolution, the IAEA voted 117-0 in favor of an Egypt version that called on “all states in the region” to join the NPT."
Israel is Vordamort.  He That Shall Not Be Named.  The US signed onto a similar IAEA statement in 2010 which named Israel as the only nation in the Middle East with nukes and then immediately after AIPAC twisted his arm very hard, he then renounced this diplomacy and went back to work opening and closing the door at the White House to Netanyahu and his gang. They are not happy with his butler job and regret hiring him.

We are supposed to not notice that Israel is a Nazi state.  Then comes this news story out of Israel itself, by a conservative neo-nazi newspaper:  Yossi Sarid / Feiglin, his cronies are fascists by any definition – News Israel News | Haaretz

"Sometimes, one wonders how what began as an ignominy deteriorates into abysmal lows. This paper published an interview with Feiglin from 1995, conducted by Ada Oshpiz. “When he reads about Hitler, it is with astonishment,” the reporter wrote.
In describing Adolf Hitler, Feiglin is quoted to have told her, “Hitler was an unparalleled military genius. Nazism promoted Germany from a low to a fantastic physical and ideological status. The ragged, trashy youth body turned into a neat and orderly part of society and Germany received an exemplary regime, a proper justice system and public order. Hitler savored good music. He would paint. This was no bunch of thugs. They merely used thugs and homosexuals.”
The problem here is most Jews in Israel love Naziism.  In many ways including women going to very expensive lengths to use surgery and cosmetics to look like ‘Aryan’ Germans.  Happy to be oppressors, they enjoy ethnic cleansing and feel they are superior to everyone and deserve the right to steal, cheat and kill with impunity.  Many ethnic cleansers of many tribal or religious orientation feel the same which is why we have really violent wars and riots.

“There can be no doubt that Judaism is racist in some sense,” Feiglin went on to say in that interview. “And when they asserted at the United Nations that Zionism was racist, I did not find much reason to protest. The people who take racism to mean a distinction between races – and this is a very primitive distinction – must argue that Zionism is racist.”

The Bible makes this utterly clear.  The Old Testament is all about ethnic cleansing and neo-nazi beliefs.  God tells the Jews to attack Palestine and kill everyone!  They don’t succeed but  manage to hack out a perch there, never dominating the region, and while hunkered down, they wrote their ‘history’ celebrating their rampages and complaining about not winning.

Pentagon: ISIS Will Adapt to Airstrikes in Syria: it should occur to someone that the more we bomb Muslims, the more radical they become, the angrier they become and the more violent they become.  The US cannot bomb its way to victory.  Even with our ‘successes’ such as Japan which is the only country to be nuked, this has backfired.  The Japanese government is unrepentant about WWII crimes and thinks the US is evil and cynically uses the US for territorial demands and blackmail but the hatred of the rightwing Abe tribe is very strong.

He is even openly refusing to buy US weapons in the future!  Not our ‘ally’ at all. The gamesters at the US State Department and Pentagon are all working for Israel, not the US and this is why our expensive wars are getting worse and worse, the chaos is growing by the hour and our ‘victories’ are all illusions.  Our victory over Japan led to 70 years of trade deficits continuously and ruinously. We run 50 years+ trade deficits with Israel.

We now run this with nearly every country on earth which is why our trade deficit is the biggest in the history of capitalism and is a huge ticking time bomb that can be fixed, evidently according to our rulers, via WWIII. Syria Becomes the 7th Muslim Country Bombed by 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate which goes to show how corrupt the Peace Prize business is.  Frankly, it became a joke way back when Kissinger, a Zionist violent mass murderer, got one for not killing more people in Vietnam due to us losing that stupid war.

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