Forever Young: Russian scientists reveal secret of eternal life (RT Documentary)

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Vatic Note:   This was and is very fascinating and fully and technologically deals with the eternal search for youth and eternal life on this planet.   It deals mostly with the physical, but can the spirit outgrow the physical and yearn for something more that can be inhibited by the limiting body???  I don't know, but someone should be looking at that possibility as well.

Its not addressed in this video, but because the spirit is far larger than the body, then will it beg to be released into a larger and more advanced domain?  If you believe in God, then the answer is yes, if you do not, then there are other possibilities that could exist that should be considered, such as progressively advanced evolution, both physically and spiritually.

Lots we still don't know, but at least this is a start. I know people who were more than ready to go when they left us, so its not certain that many will want eternal life on this planet.  Each of us is different and would see this in our own unique way.  Its what makes us interesting, is our differences in perceptions, desires, experiences and wisdom.   Enjoy the journey, I did. 

Forever Young: Russian scientists reveal secret of eternal life (RT Documentary)
Uploaded by Russia Today on Feb 19, 2012

How long can a man live? Does he use all the resources? How do you extend your life? What's the secret? Travel back in time and learn what crazy things people used to do to look younger in ancient times. Nowadays, the answer to the everlasting question CAN be found! Meet the scientists, film directors, members of an Abkhazian long-livers choir and find out the recipe of immortality only on RT.


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