The Only Thing More Shameful Than the Shelling of Eastern Ukraine is the Silence from the Left

Vatic Note:  Of course they are silent, they are funded by foundations and israel.  How much more does one have to see to become aware of this globe being turned into a giant fascist STATE at the cost of innocent lives and genocide in order for them to achieve their goals.  This is the New World Order they wish to impose on us.  YOU BETTER NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.

The reason I started this blog was because I kept getting banned from the left and right alternative press at that time.  I suspect that is why so many blogs came into being during that same time that we began ours.  The alternative press was limited to only a select few and now its bursting with blogs and news that can be verified and documentation as well.

I have put in a request to an investor to fund a local radio program that will allow us to do an alternative "news" broadcast, once a day or twice a day and that will coincide with that of the MSM that are broadcast by various local radio stations.  I am going to ask them to put us on right after the MSM broadcasts so I can counter or document the truth or falsity of their presentations.

Its important to get the truth out to people as much and as fast as we can.  I do not believe these evil perverts will continue on with this agenda if enough of us wake up.  I notice a change in anxiety lately, from them since every time they do a false flag, its outted within 48 hours and that is messing up their time-line and projects they have planned. 

One example is weather manipulation.   The powers that be did more than I could to wake up the sheep, when they created storms in our area that are like no other ever experienced on the planet.   The thunder and lightening were off the charts, like no other I have ever seen and very very close to the ground.  As everyone knows lightening goes for the highest point, but no longer, its now right down to the ground, practically every time and it starts housing fires.

Its manufactured and it has woken up the community big time.   They know something is seriously amiss and now they are listening to me about the patents for the snow we proved this winter and now I told them I will look for the patents for the rain, large "perfectly round" hail, and lightening near the ground.

I believe it is caused by the patented cold chemicals they dump hitting the very very hot air and ground and creating the weather choas.  Is anyone else experiencing such weather?    Hail in the middle of July means very very cold air in those chemically dumped trails hitting very very hot air.  Lets not forget that Rothschild bought up weather channels lately.  I wondered why.  Maybe this is why.

I do not know how bad it is in the  Ukraine, but I do know that historically, that country has suffered like no other, including Israel.   They have been brutalized by the controlling khazars and Putin is part of the game or what we call "controlled opposition" and its the international bankers doing the controlling, as usual.

Like I keep saying, "the only World War we should fight is against the international Khazar Zionist Bankers"  Then we can rest and be at peace and love one another.  No more wars, and we can have real reps and President, who are elected from among us.   Fed Government deeply restricted in what they can and cannot do. 

The Only Thing More Shameful Than the Shelling of Eastern Ukraine is the Silence from the Left
by Admin, SCG news.  July 8, 2014
Eastern Ukraine is being shelled relentlessly, but Huffington Post and the likes are silent
The Only Thing More Shameful than the Shelling of Eastern Ukraine is the Silence From the Left
Image Credits: Valeriy Melnikov via RIA Novosti
by SCGNews | July 8, 2014

After four failed attempts at occupying eastern Ukraine with ground troops, Kiev has resorted to the cowardly and shameful strategy of indiscriminately shelling entire cities. This has been going on for over a week now.
Most of the casualties are civilians. If just hearing about this doesn’t phase you, then go look at some of the images (warning: graphic) or footage taken on the ground.

Of course the big names in the corporate media like Fox, CNN and NBC are silent about this. That’s no surprise. Scorpions will be scorpions after all. However when “progressive” news outlets like the Huffington Post whitewash the story, that’s a special kind of despicable.

Why do I reserve a special mark of shame for pseudo left? Because they dress themselves up as champions of humanitarian values and compassion. If you were to take the image they project at face value, you might be inclined to believe that they were against all forms of violence, especially war.

After all, anytime someone gets shot in the United States they plaster it all over the front page, but somehow the use of heavy artillery against entire cities in eastern Ukraine doesn’t qualify (nor did the toppling of Libya or the funding and arming of the Syrian rebels for that matter).

In terms of foreign policy, the left has taken a six year hiatus. Don’t worry, they’ll all become geopolitical news hounds again, puffing with righteous indignation once the next right wing president is elected (just like the neo-cons that started caring about government spending as soon as Bush was out of office). That should be entertaining.

Too bad Poroshenko doesn’t own Hobby Lobby. We would never hear the end of their selective outrage if he did.

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