IMF Endorses Bulgaria Banking, Then The Whole Thing Collapses? Don’t Worry, Just A Coincidence….

Vatic Note:  This is a good example of a false flag created by someone calling all these people and they ended up creating the banking crisis, by listening without evidence, and ran down and withdrew their money from the bank.   That is what is wrong with false flags.   We panic and operate out of "fear" which is the mind killer and makes us do wrong actions that end up creating the very thing we feared the most.

There was no evidence of a banking crisis until the people responded to that fearful phone call and acted on it without checking or confirming the validity of the accusation.  Since the international bankers are on a role using false flags to precede all their items they want on their agenda,  its prudent for us to make sure that what we are told and what we see and hear, is real BEFORE we act on it.  

It appears the powers that be did not like the fact that an oil pipeline was going through Bulgaria, because it was to the benefit of Russia and her oil, so the western powers did whatever they could to blow up the completion of that line and in addition broke the banks in the process.   You do realize the international bankers goal is to isolate Russia and prevent her from delivering her oil to other countries.  Rather they want her isolated and intend to gain control of Russia's oil wealth.   

Read "The Grand Chessboard:  American primacy and its Geostratic Imperatives,  written by Zbig Brezsinzki, of course, who else? Its a blueprint for global domination by the fascists.  Its in that book that the recommendation to isolate Russia is included.  He was doing this to ensure the cabals control of Russia's massive wealthy resources and to keep her under their financial thumb.   I highly recommend reading the book, and reminding yourselves that the objective of all of this is globalizing so they can simply take what they feel like taking without concern for our reactions. 

IMF Endorses Bulgaria Banking, Then The Whole Thing Collapses? Don’t Worry, Just A Coincidence….
by  Lee Knight,  Before It's News,  July 11, 2014


Please note: These are all independent stories that have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. The fact that they’re all about the same country and its financial system is just a… a… coincidence. Please remember that, because we don’t want to cause an unnecessary run on tinfoil. Thank you.

Perhaps you’ve heard about recent troubles in Bulgaria. Strange text messages flooded inboxes and cell phones, telling them to take their money out of the banks immediately, and… they did, causing a major crisis that “forced” the government to take over the banks.


What you might not know is that only two weeks earlier–in mid-June–the International Monetary Fund put out a press release saying how incredibly dandy the financial situation in Bulgaria was, and that its banks were “stable and liquid.” In fact, an EU Commission went so far as to say, “the Bulgarian banking system is well-capitalized and has high levels of liquidity compared to its peers in other member states.”

Did you hear that? Bulgaria’s banks were better than its peers across Europe. So what in the heck could have changed between when the IMF made its announcements, and the moment when people were lined up in the streets two weeks later to get their money?

After all, the future looks bright for what has been the poorest country in Europe, thanks to plans for a major new pipeline called “South Stream” which is slated to bring jobs and lots of ongoing revenue to the region.

What could be the problem lurking behind the scenes? Oh, did I mention the proposed pipeline originates in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, and is designed to circumvent attempts by certain western energy powers to keep ol’ Vlady in his place?

Those powers even got Europe to express its disapproval for the venture recently, and in many places work on the pipeline has been halted.

Of course, we all know it would be conspiratorial nonsense to suggest that angelic western powers would ever do anything to interfere with people’s economic freedoms, and/or to collapse a nation’s banking system for attempting to do things said powers don’t approve. No, there you go connecting those dots I warned you about. Stop it!

One more thing: If the IMF or any other major banking concern (like the Federal Reserve) makes a big show of saying how “stable and liquid” banks are in the United States… it might be a good idea to head on down to your local branch and make a withdrawal. Immediately.

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