Dr Carl Baugh - What was our Atmosphere like in the Past

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Vatic Note:   This is a very timely presentation for where we are today, however, I wish I had seen it back when it first came out.  Since I was a young woman, our average age of our seniors has been reduced and our new borns are even worse.  Sterility is also increasing.   We now have a negative growth going on in population.   I know that many of you will celebrate that fact, but ask yourselves, "who should be making the decision on "who" should live and who should die?"  Then ask...."Will you feel the same way when its your turn at 40 or 50?"

This is an excellent presentation.  You need to listen to this man carefully, without a preconceived idea of anything.   The problems we have are a lot bigger than just normal pollution.  Our problems are a result of GEOENGINEERING with patented chemical recipes that the evil ones are dumping on us.   What do those chemicals do?  They deplete the oxygen in the atmosphere.   Now, if you are intent on reducing the population and you want to do it so they don't know or they might include us in the numbers to go, what would you do?

You would probably do as they have already done for sometime now.   Last I heard chemtrail dumping/Geoengineering began in the mid 50's.  Remember WW II was about "fascism".  Corporations running government and extracting alll the resources they can steal and leaving behind a poisonious mess on the earth or in the earth.   Then you would poison the water by fracking,  putting heavy metals in it, and flouride.   That is a deadly soup if I ever heard of one.

Then finally, attack the air we need to breath.  Deplete the Oxygen that is critical to not only breathing but our healthy immune system, killing off virus and verilant bugs that make us sick and can kill us off.  Yup, that is what you would probably do,  and its what they ARE doing to us right now.  Its called "The soft Kill" because there is no one fighting back so its a hell of a lot safer for the evil ones than hard kill with weapons.   If our atmosphere is almost depleted of oxygen already, what do you think a nuke attack would do to us in that atmosphere? 

Guess what the food for Trees and plants is?  Carbon Dioxide and what is their waste???  You got it,  Oxygen.  These evil ones are not doing it for the trees or any living plant and its for sure they are not doing it because they want to save the precious cute, cuddly animals, and they sure as hell don't want critical thinking people hanging around figuring our how they are being seriously abused.   They have refined "DECEPTION" to an art form, and many have bought off on it.   Fortunately, and hopefully, not to late, almost everyone is waking up.  So, we will see what we will see. 

Dr Carl Baugh - What was our Atmosphere like in the Past 
Uploaded by ToDayPrepare on Nov 17, 2011

Dr Carl Baugh tells us what our atmosphere was like in the past which explains how dinosaurs could exist and why man was larger and lived longer than today.


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