You Raise Me UP so I can Stand on Mountains....... Awesome voice!

You Raise Me UP
Post by András Horváth.

(Posters comment) No comment ... simply beautiful (Translated by Bing)

Vatic Note:  This is a definite change of pace for us.  We try to insert positive and uplifting blogs interspersed with the truth and the factual condition of the globe today, however, its up to us how we choose to see it and I found this very much in line with my own beliefs and mind set, so I decided to share it with you for a much needed  boost to our courage, morale, and commitment to be more than we can be.

I was deeply affected by this and when that happens I try to share with others who may well be affected the same way.   It made my commitment even stronger than before, if that is possible.  I found it as moving the second time I listened as I felt the first time I heard it.   Please enjoy and keep to replay periodically when you need it.


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