When the Worst Law-breakers are Those Entrusted to Uphold the Law

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When the Worst Law-breakers are Those Entrusted to Uphold the Law
May 29th, 2014
By Ruth Hull



Gotten used to your vote not making a difference? What if your vote determined whether your kids would be raped or killed or whether, when reporting a crime, you are imprisoned for no reason? What if judges and top cops are also the top law-breakers?

The problem is not specific to Pennsylvania. California has become known as the human trafficking and child rape capital of the nation. Observers and researchers are blaming unethical judges and district attorneys. Some of the prominent ones that are being blamed for the corruption are listed below.

The following is a recounting of information that could be looked up by any voter who takes the time to check past newspapers, web articles and appellate cases. The reason for voters’ remorse is usually that voters simply don’t think their votes count. The voters in Pennsylvania in the videos presented found that their votes did count – counted towards their children being sold to private industry or winding up dead. Is your kids life worth checking on the people for whom you vote?

The Lamoreaux Courthouse

Orange County is known for political corruption. From the 70’s when a sizable number of Orange County Democratic officials (including former Congressman Richard Hanna) were locked away to the 2011 incarceration of Republican Mike Corona (backed for office by the leaders of both the Democratic and Republican Parties in Orange County), corruption and politics go hand in hand.
Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas

 In Orange County, the top Cop Tony Rackauckas has long been known for selective prosecution, ties to illicitly and summarily imprisoning the county’s elderly population for sex and profit, and fronting for child molesters, rapists and child pornographers.

There are some people Tony thinks should be prosecuted, like minorities who happen to talk to others of their own race while crossing the street. Students who merely show Constitutionally-protected disrespect towards those with personal ties to Tony and others exercising their Constitutional rights.

Better watch out for the wrath of Tony – a man who frequently appears to put his interests above the U.S. Constitution, his job duties and the safety of the public. When public pressure forced Tony to prosecute officers who killed a homeless man (Kelly Thomas), Tony proved that practicing law is a skill far above his ability.

Here is an excerpt from a 2012 article in the Los Angeles Indy Media:
"In California's Orange County, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, also known as T-Rack, allows violent criminals to get away with aggravated assaults, homicides, sex crimes, identity fraud, embezzlement and more.
Because T-Rack and his sex partner Peggy Buff have placed money above justice.
Multiple domestic violence shootings have left trails of bodies in Orange County as T-Rack has failed to prosecute violent criminals who commit violent assaults against women in his county. Prior to dying, victims have told T-Rack or his underlings they were in danger of being killed but the perpetrators have been given passes.
As predicted, helpless women have died as T-Rack did nothing to save them. As cemetery profits have gone up, T-Rack’s sex partner Peggy Buff has made grabs to gain the money of victims. Last year, she lost her job for this very reason. But T-Rack still won’t prosecute men who violate women in Orange County."
AJ Redkey speaks to Fullerton City Counsel after illegal arrest for video-taping police misconduct

More recently, Tony has been prosecuting videographers exercising their First Amendment right to record police misconduct during Constitutionally-protected public protests .Alan James Redkey was arrested in Pasadena (Los Angeles County, approximately 40 miles from OC) for video-taping a Fullerton protest regarding Tony’s failures in the Kelly Thomas case. Hmmm – personal? Don’t embarrass Tony or shed a light on the real situation by taking pictures of things you have a right to photograph or you too could be arrested.

This time, Tony has a formidable opponent in Greg Diamond, one of the few attorneys in Orange County known for integrity. Greg’s platform is, "Strike Out Corruption."

Attorney Greg Diamond respectfully attempts to educate the party leadership on Roberts Rules of Order

Greg plans to make sure those who belong in jail are prosecuted – instead of those who do not belong in jail. Prosecuting law-breakers (particularly violent criminals), instead of law-abiding-citizens, is a unique solution to lowering the violent crime rate in Orange County. Most Orange County residents would like to see Tony follow this philosophy.

Though chastising Greg for his refusal to be partisan in a non-partisan position, the Democrats have endorsed him.  Still, much of Greg's support against Tony will come from Republicans, particularly those who remember Tony’s firing of now County Supervisor Todd Spitzer.

Tony fired Spitzer after Spitzer made a phone call that Tony apparently feared would uncover a money corruption scandal linked through sex and power to the bedroom of Tony Rackauckas himself. The firing of Todd Spitzer was what exposed the public corruption scandal that led right to Tony's bedroom. Will corruption opponents kick Tony out of office? The election results will be out in less than two weeks.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Derek Johnson
Want to rape someone? If you listen to Orange County Judge Derek Johnson, it’s A-OK.    Johnson’s words:
I'm not a gynecologist, but I can tell you something: If someone doesn't want to have sexual intercourse, the body shuts down. The body will not permit that to happen unless a lot of damage is inflicted, and we heard nothing about that in this case, --- Judge Derek Johnson
The case involved a man who threatened to mutilate the face and genitals of his ex-girlfriend with a heated screwdriver before committing rape, forced oral copulation, and other crimes.

In a rare instance, California’s do-nothing Commission on Judicial Performance, known to overlook most egregious offenses by judges, has found Derek Johnson’s pro-rape comments so out of line that it voted 10-0 to impose a public admonishment upon him, saying his comments were inappropriate and a breach of judicial ethics.

In its December 13, 2012, decision, the commission concluded that Judge Johnson's remarks violated two canons in the code of judicial ethics, because the judge had undermined public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary, and because he had shown bias and prejudice against assault victims who, in effect, have suffered less than having their vaginas "shredded by the rape."

The commission also criticized Judge Johnson for relying on his own opinion about "real rape" requiring resistance and bodily injury, when there was no evidence offered in the trial to support such an opinion.

(Only three years earlier, in another highly-publicized rape case trial in Newport Beach involving a wealthy deputy sheriff's son and two other young men, the jury heard just such testimony from doctors for the defense - "that the only way an erect penis could enter a woman's vagina and rectum was if she consciously agreed to penetration." The penetration in the Haidl case included a Snapple bottle, a cigarette, and a pool cue. The jury rejected the "expert" testimony and found all three young men guilty.)

Judge Derek Johnson’s opponent is Helen Hayden, a Tea Party candidate. Democrats who have never before considered voting for a Tea party candidate are now lining up behind Helen Hayden. At the April meeting of the Democratic Party of Orange County, voting members chose not to endorse Derek Johnson . Though the Democratic Party refused to oppose Johnson, members said they planned to vote for Hayden.

Image of the new Parker Center building, headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Construction on the facility was completed in April 2009.
Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Debra Losnick

Commissioner Debra Losnick has a long trail of handing sexually abused kids over to the abuser. She has handed kids to abusers of both sexes – the key appears to be her fondness for molesters.

There is a long list of cases where she was actually reversed due to giving kids to abusive parents. In one case, there reportedly was a video of a son being directed to play with his father’s erect private part 40 times while the boy begged to stop and while the father’s 1 year old daughter looked on. Though Losnick felt forcing oral sex on a boy wasn’t a problem, the court of appeals reversed her in 1996, took the case from her and told Commissioner Losnick that her job was to protect children.

In 2006, another reversal occurred in the case of Los Angeles County Dept. of Children & Family Services v. Superior Court (David P.) (2006)145 Cal.App.4th 692, 51 Cal.Rptr.3d 816, wherein Losnick did not feel there was a problem with an adoptive father sexually abusing his son and so she allowed the alleged child molester back into the home of the boy he had allegedly molested.

These are just two of the many cases wherein Commissioner Losnick, reportedly, has endangered children. One case brought to my attention was one where

Commissioner Losnick apparently knowingly allowed a young boy to be placed with a child molester who forced the boy to repeatedly lick the private part and has reportedly placed kids into situations where alleged schizophrenics are allowed to provide them with visible torture burn marks and into many other dangerous situations according to a document I’ve received. See also, rewowned family law attorney Patricia Barry’s comments regarding Commissioner Losnick. Among her comments is the statement : “Comm’r Losnick is not fit to serve as a judge.

Commissioner Losnick’s opponents include Shannon Knight, a gang homicide prosecutor.
Where Tammy Rief was tried in a kangaroo trial
San Diego County District Attorney: Bonnie Dumanis

Bonnie Dumanis has been accused by San Diego residents of selective prosecution and of promoting child abuse.

Recently, she rendited an Alabama single mom so that a Colorado man could grab her child, though he denied being the father and another man reportedly is the father. According to the boy's statements to police and others, the man Dumanis gave the child to allegedly used the kid in Satanic rituals.

The boy said that, in these rituals he was forced to drink blood, was hung by the ankles with ropes and had objects stuck up his rectum. Yes, if you want some single mom’s child, contact Bonnie Dumanis and she can arrange it. Prosecuting unwed mothers and giving away their children seems to be Bonnie's specialty.

She has been accused by people in her office and elsewhere of selective prosecution, ties to baby selling and other practices that pit her against the interests of the people she claims to represent.

According to ex-prosecutor Dave Stutz, those who play along get special dispensation, as did former Sheriff Bill Kolender.
Within 3 hours of making a call to Sycuan to ask about a $25,000 contribution to “Kolender for Sheriff”‘, which would be illegal, I was called into her office and told to stop the investigation. No one knew about my call except Sycuan and myself. Either Kolender or Sycuan called her and she stopped an investigation without knowing what is was about nor did she ask. For the next year Dumanis was led by a leash by Kolender endorsing right wing candidates on a “law and Order” ticket. She has been in their bag since day one
Former prosecutor Terro Wyatt, via the La Jolla Light, talking about the demotions and transfers of police officers who dare to speak up about decisions involving prosecutions, stated:
So the message becomes, just keep your mouth shut, go along with the program,” Wyatt said. “All the lawyers feel that they have to be very careful what they say all the time, and that impacts public safety, because you want deputy district attorneys not worrying about politics. You want them concentrating on prosecuting their cases and doing it in the right way.
In a race with other candidates, voters have a choice. They can go for corruption, satanic rituals and continued prosecution of unwed mothers or they can go for a district attorney who will put the people first and private agendas last.


Do we really want prosecutors using targeted prosecutions in their quest for money, power and sex? Or are voters finally ready to go out of their comfort zone by voting for somebody new? In the case of most voters, voting is outside the comfort zone. The price for not voting could be oppression, tyranny and loss of rights.

How about judges? Some judges seem to have a fondness for child molesters and pornographers. Are these the people we really want determining the fate of America's children?

Above are just four of the public officials who are serving themselves rather than the public, all while ignoring the Constitution of the United States. There may be other corrupt officials up for election/re-election in your district this year. If you choose to vote, choose wisely or the life and freedom lost could be yours.


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