Why Is this Mine-Resistant Vehicle Being Used in a Small Wisconsin Town?

Vatic Note: I fully agree with the author below, when he says that it appears these police are getting ready to treat us, the citizens who pay their salary,  as if we were the Taliban in Afghanistan. This is not unique to Wisconsin at all.  What we are seeing in almost every town is a gradual movement with police changing their primary objective from protecting the people who pay their salaries, to gradual implementation of a functional Police state.   In our little podunk town we are seeing court room actions through minor traffic infractions being turned into a police state treatment of these minor violations. It reminds me fully, of a war game and a test to see just how much we will take before we stop it all.

Normally, we have a prosecutor or Assistant prosecutor who would play the part of investigator of both the complaintant, which is the cop and the facts of the case to confirm their veracity and the testimony of the cop writing the infraction. If the DA or ADA finds exculpatory evidence for the defendant, by law, he must provide such evidence to the defense. 

That is now no longer the case.  Now the cop not only acts as the complaintant, but he also acts as the prosecutor and as the primary witness in the case, which goes against the prohibition that the prosecutor cannot testify in a case he is prosecuting since its a conflict of interest and jeopardizes the neutrality of the investigation by the such prosecutor.   That rule does not apply to the complaining officer on the ticket.   He is definitely not going to be investigating himself, now is he???  And where is it written that he, as the officer witness on the case, has to provide exculpatory evidence to the defendant? 

In other words,  we are watching our judicial system being slowly and "gradually" erroded through these changes, from a normal judicial system into a low level police state system with the average citizen becoming the loser after a 200 year history of it being one way that worked.  If its not broken, don't fix it.  This is just as dangerous to our freedoms as this huge mammoth machine is.  Its incremental and gradual changes, but changes none the less.

Just where are all these Wisconsin snipers they need protection from?  They talk about some fictious threats, but no evidence that any such behavior has ever happened.   No, this is a micro move into complete police state control.   Time for us to seriously consider what the agenda might really be and confront it now, while we can. 

Why Is this Mine-Resistant Vehicle Being Used in a Small Wisconsin Town?
by Survival Joe, Family survival preparedness Blog

The number of local police departments acquiring previously used military vehicles continues to swell.

Just this past week the town of Neenah, Wisconsin acquired a mine-resistant multi-terrain vehicle to help with local police duties.

Keep in mind this vehicle weighs in at 37,000 pounds, stands over 11 feet tall, and was meant to patrol the dangerous streets of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Wisconsin is not exactly known for its land mines and snipers, so it stands to reason the small town would have no need of a military grade vehicle like this in their fleet.

Of course, police argue they need these vehicles to protect officers from high-powered assault rifles and to keep their cops out of the line of fire.
Yet local citizens are worried the vehicle might be used for assault offensives against the local population.


According to the Associated Press, police have actually had to defend their purchase of the new vehicle.
“We have no ability to shoot out of it,” Lt. Jeff Malcore said. “All it does is allow us to get from one place to another so we can deploy our people, or if there’s firing coming in, we can back up to a window or something to get people out.”
But the question remains: Why do they need this behemoth to do this work?
Are small municipalities like Neenah, Wisconsin really a hotbed for all-out assaults on the police?

Bear in mind, the militarization of police forces is happening all over the country.  (VN: just a reminder about the sending of NY police to Tel Aviv to train them to take down civilians with lethal force just as the IDF does in Israel against the Pals.  Bloomberg wanted his police to know how to do the same to his citizens in NY City.  Lets remember, in the protocols we just published a few days ago, that "VIOLENCE" was touted as the only  way to make the goyim behave since they are prone to violence themselves.  I just keep remembering those little children killed in WACO and no one was prosecuted for the murder of those babies.   Is that what they are trying to get ready to do here?) 

Just last week we reported that an Indiana township acquired two UH-72 Lakota helicopters for police use.

And Austin, Texas police recently ordered a LENCO BearCat, a military grade vehicle that could cost taxpayers up to $270,000.

Right now Neenah’s neighbors in Outagamie County and Appleton County are also using similar military-style vehicles for police work.

Of course, all of this is happening as returning veterans are being stripped of their 2nd amendment right to own guns by the request of the Veterans Administration.

At the end of the day, police might argue that they’re using these military vehicles to protect themselves and citizens, but it appears something much more ominous is happening right under our noses.

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Anonymous said...

This is "the mystery of iniquity"(lawlessness) in fruition. May I please direct you to some easily attained legal SOLUTIONS which will work against the tyrants that have co-opted our country. Go to Anticorruptionsociety.Com and read Judge Dale's "The Matrix and the U.S.Constitution" for beginners; You will be astounded by the legal revelations made SIMPLE to understand to the common person. It is, without peer a masterpiece of revelation. With this info. you will have the ultimate in legal defense at hand for FREE. Read it and take the lead in alternative news truth-telling. Go Vatic!

Anonymous said...

They are perhaps anticipating active resistance from the local populace to forced entry gun search and seizures which seems to be coming in the very near future, possibly by executive order of Obama. I doubt that a small police force would have enough staff to do wholesale SWATs, therefore there must be large contingency forces in the area already prepared to conduct forced submissions. National Guard and US Military have been trained for doing that in war zone scenarios, especially in Iraq.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous #1, thank you for that link. I will check it out and see if it is clear enough to be of assistance to the layman who has little legal foundation for their garbage in court. Will let you know or will publish a blog on it. Thanks again. I really do appreciate it.