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by Admin, Four Winds 10, 
Though many well-meaning, but ignorant Christians have attempted to prove that the "Founding Fathers" of the American Republic were venerators of the True God, their open affiliation with Masonic Lodges and their undisguised use of its symbols, clearly betrays their faith to have been nothing more than thinly disguised Baal worship. 

If America was truly founded as an explicitly Christian nation, as is continually proclaimed by “Judeo-Christian" activists such as James Dobson, Pat Robertson, D. James Kennedy, Chuck Colson, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, Jerry Falwell, Bill Gothard, etc., then why do we find no mention whatsoever of Jesus Christ in America's founding documents? -- not in The Declaration of Independence nor in The Constitution of the United States

In fact, the Constitution does not even make a single reference to God! And the only reference to god in The Declaration of Independence is merely "Nature's God," a god that is vague and subordinated to natural laws that everyone should know through common sense, or "self-evident" truths?  Moreover, the Bible is never mentioned nor alluded to in either document!  It is presently believed from reliable sources, that of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 50 were Masons and/or Rosicrucians.

Most people don’t realise that America is steeped in Idol worship replete with all of its associated symbology that is all but hidden to the profane - solid and undeniable proof of its status as the “New Babylon.”  The city of Washington DC, was built especially under the guidance of the Columbian faction of Weishaupt's Illuminati.  It was to become the centre of governorship for the Order of the New World and became known among the adept’s as “The New Egypt.”  

The Rothschilds, Hapsburgs, Hanovers and others at that time who made up the ranks of the “Illuminated Ones” already controlled Europe, having subverted almost all the monarchies of that continent through the introduction of paper debt and Fractional Reserve Banking.  This had enabled the banking dynasties to loan vast sums of ethereal credit to nations which more than effectively accrued an unrepayable debit due in the REAL currency of gold or silver.  Thus the power brokers were able to move in and seize control of the financial and economic apparatus of the target nations in question – a brilliant ploy.

Upon seceding from the British Empire through force of arms, the Founding Fathers were nevertheless themselves not immune to the encroaching and omnipresent influence of the European banking cartels upon their freshly won soil.  The war of 1812, financed almost completely by the Rothschilds, was a desperate attempt to bring the disobedient, colonial “red-headed step-child” to heel.  Behind the scenes, plans had been laid for a new capital to be constructed and based on the ancient esoteric knowledge and magic of Old Egypt. 

Weishaupt's Illuminati had taken many of its guiding principles from the top levels of Freemasonry and had incorporated them into its charter.  Thus a site had to be found in the New World, which faithfully reflected that of the worship home of the ancient demonic trinity, Osiris, Isis and Horus of Egypt.  

A fever-ridden swamp along the banks of the Potomac suited their purposes admirably, where its river course and tributaries closely resembled that of the Nile and its course southward into the African interior.  The land chosen by this river was parcelled into lots and carefully numbered, with the city plans having been drawn up by a French Mason L'Enfant years before.  The positioning of the US town of Alexandria faithfully mirrors its counterpart in Egypt.  Later, other towns and monuments celebrating the pervading demon-gods of Egypt would be constructed such as the pyramid in Memphis, and the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.

Today the city of Washington - District of Columbia, is a veritable mirror of Illuminist endeavour, a city-temple meticulously constructed according to the religious rites of Freemasonry where even street names are connected to famous Freemasons.  Incorporated into its street design can be seen the Sphinx, the thirteen tiered pyramid with the All Seeing Eye of Horus staring straight down the avenue into the White House.  The US Capital, built incidentally upon Lot 666, is shaped into the Goat of Baphomet and sits atop a truncated pyramid.  The Washington Monument symbolises the venerated male organ of Osiris. 

According to legend, the ancient emperor, Nimrod (later deified as Osiris), was hunted down shortly after the Flood by one of Noah's sons, Shem, and brought to trial for crimes and abominations committed against God.  Nimrod was tried by an assize of 49 judges in Egypt and sentenced to death by dismemberment, his 13 body parts carried into the various corners of the known world and displayed as an example to the world of the consequences of blasphemy and apostasy against the Most High.  Nimrod's wife, the beautiful witch Semiramis, resolved to seek out the pieces of her husband's body and found all but the penis, which later became a symbol of veneration and worship by the pagans as the bringer of life and the ultimate generative principle. Thus phallic worship became the staple diet of ancient Egyptian religious culture.  Nimrod became deified as Osiris (Ammon-Ra), his wife Semiramis as Isis, and the Earth mother goddess. 

Take a good street map of the Washington DC area and its immediate surroundings. You can see in it many MAJOR Masonic symbols in the street layout: The Square, the Compass, the Rule and the Pentagram. Notice the Capitol. Facing the Capitol from the Mall and using the Capitol as the head or top of the Compass, the left leg of the Compass stands on the White House and the right leg stands on the Jefferson Memorial. The circle drive and short streets behind the Capitol form the head and ears of what some of the more deep-level practitioners of witchcraft call the Goat of Mendez or Goat's Head.

On top of the White House is an inverted 5-pointed star of Satanism. The point is facing south in true occult fashion. It sits within the intersections of Connecticut and Vermont Avenues north of Dupont and Logan Circles, with Rhode Island and Massachusetts Avenues going to Washington Circle to the west and Mt. Vernon Square on the East.  The Pentagram or five-pointed star is, of course, both a Masonic symbol and the ancient symbol of witchcraft. With its point facing down (or south, when placed on the ground) it is especially associated with Satanism. Satanists can be found wearing the inverted pentagram frequently; and it appears on the cover of many black magic books, including THE SATANIC BIBLE. 
The centre of the pentagram is 16th Street where THIRTEEN blocks due north of the very center of the White House, the Masonic HOUSE OF THE TEMPLE* sits at the top of this occult iceberg. The "House Of The Temple" is the headquarters of the Council of the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. 

Within the walls of this pagan temple lies buried the corpse of Albert Pike, the former Grand Pontiff of all the lodges of Universal Freemasonry throughout the world. The Washington Monument, which happens to be an EXACT DUPLICATE of the "sun images" or alters of Baal which stood in ancient Babylon and Egypt, itself stands in perfect line to the intersecting point or the form of the Masonic square, stretching from the House Of The Temple to the Capitol building.

Let's commence our detailed tour by visiting the library of congress where we learn that the U.S. Capital is really called the " Temple of Liberty" or the Capitols Temple of Justice and Faith or for that matter that the true names of the U.S. Capital’s East and West porticos are as follows East Portico "TEMPLE OF THE SUN" and the West Portico and Dome, known as the Temple of the Moon.  Know also that in the prayer room of the U.S. capital "Temple of Liberty" as it was called during it's construction, hangs a stained glass version of the obverse side of the Great SealNot only are there temples to the Sun and the Moon and six pointed stars - but there are also statues and paintings of the . . . “gods.”

If you walk inside the U.S. Capital building and look up. You will see a giant fresco of George Washington seated in the heavens and flanked by ancient goddesses. And besides Washington, you will see other founding fathers, such as Benjamin Franklin being instructed by Minerva the goddess of war. Robert Morris, the financier of the American Revolution, is shown being handed a bag of gold by Mercury, the god of pickpockets and thieves. Why are the gods and goddesses of ancient Rome sprinkled throughout the capital grounds, and atop the capital domes of the several States? Why are gods and goddesses on official State seals? How could a "Christian Nation" ever deliberately place the Pagan gods of Rome in its capital buildings and on official documents? 

The Washington Beltway is shaped like the skull of Satan with the little horn of the Antichrist mentioned in the book of Daniel.  Gallows Road forms the mouth of the skull; the nasal cavity by Route 66 and the eye to the skull is the CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia.  The total circumference of the Beltway (Route 495 (4+9+5=18=6x6x6)) is 66.6 miles precisely.

Arlington cemetery contains pathways that seem to be randomly shaped.  However if one maps these and shades them in, the face of Isis is clearly seen, and if the pattern is reversed, the child (French: L'Enfant) of Satan (the Antichrist) becomes visible.  Bordering this area is the aptly named military headquarters of the New World Order - The Pentagon.

The Watergate centre is shaped as a reversed `JC' (Jesus Christ).  In satanic circles, the reversal of holiness is unholiness.  A little to the east, decorating the frieze of the Department of Agriculture building is a row of stone swastikas, which stare directly across the avenue at the Jewish Holocaust Memorial.  Rock Creek Park is in the shape of a goat - plainly so.  Other research documents display an intricacy to the artwork contained in the streets that map out mythological scenes from ancient Egypt and the pantheon of their pagan gods.  This is clearly not the capital city of the God implied in the Founding Documents, but of another - yet to make his final, if futile attempt, to subvert the eternal rule of Jesus Christ.  The name of this “god” is Lucifer, the Shining One, represented by the sun, so faithfully depicted on the Shell Oil logo, 76 gasoline, United Artists, the Japanese national flag and countless other seemingly innocuous logo’s.

Today, Washington DC is a city built in the shape of a 10-mile square.  The square is oriented like a diamond, split into the upper and lower triangles.  This is the same shape as the so-named “Star of David” which also symbolises the twin-god theology of paganism. Interesting also that in Lafayette Park there is a flowerbed, which has a unique arrangement; it can be clearly seen from the air to be "the all seeing eye". Lafayette, who the park was named after, was a prominent Freemasonic General.

The Washington Monument in Washington, D.C, is modelled after a classic Egyptian obelisk.  According to the historian Diodorus, Queen Semiramis in Babylon erected a 130-foot tall obelisk. The obelisk was a popular edifice in Egypt and was associated with sun worship. The erect upright pointed column represents the phallus, the male sex organ, of Baal (Nimrod). An obelisk within a circle represents the sex act between male and female. 

The Washington Monument sits within a circle. Freemasonry planned, designed, and created the Washington Monument.  Here again we see this common, recurring theme of Babylonian worship, with its emphasis on sexual perversion. The monument itself is exactly 555 feet in visible height (6,660 inches).  However tourist guides to the obelisk tell us that 20% of its overall height forms part of the foundations in order to stabilise the monument.  Thus the true height of the obelisk is 666 feet.

The Statue of Liberty is yet another example, and is actually a replica of another Babylonian goddess “Ishtar” the Mother of Harlots and the goddess of Freedom/Liberty.  A European Freemason who wanted to honour a Masonic doctrine that dates back to the time of Nimrod and Babylon created this “artwork”!

The Statue of Liberty is simply another Brotherhood symbol, highlighting the lighted torch. It is in actual fact the Statue of Liberties – more like the “liberties” perpetrated on the American people by the Freemasonry Brotherhood.  There she stands on her island in New York Harbour holding her torch of freedom and Americans believe she is the symbol of their liberty in the Land of the Free. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

The Statue of Liberty was given to New York by French Freemasons and her mirror image stands on an island in the River Seine in Paris.  These statues of “liberty” are in reality representations of Queen Semiramis and Isis et al, with the rays of the Sun around her head, similar to that of the venerated saints of Catholicism. The ancients typically symbolised the Sun in this way.  They are not holding the torch of liberty, but the torch of the illuminated ones, the Judeo-Masonic, Luciferian Initiated Elites! 

An Egyptian Obelisk (ancient symbol of the Phallus) is central at the entrance to St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican in Rome.  This is not a mere copy of an Egyptian obelisk, as is the Washington Monument. It is THE VERY SAME obelisk that stood in Egypt in ancient times at the pagan temple of Heliopolis (city of the sun god). Emperor Caligula, in 37-41 A.D., hauled it from Egypt to Rome at great expense, to his then circus on Vatican Hill.  Heliopolis is the Greek name of the Hebrew Beth-shemesh (house of the sun), which was the centre of ancient Egyptian sun worship.  

Obelisks that stood there are called “images of Beth­shemesh,” Jeremiah 43:13.  In 1586, Pope Sixtus V had the 83-foot high 320-ton obelisk moved to the centre front of St. Peter’s square, where it resides today, symbolic of yet another merger of Egyptian sun worship with professing Christianity. It comes, therefore, as no surprise to learn that Rome is still regarded as "the City of Obelisks." It has 13 in all; the largest being in the Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano.  All are from Pagan Sun Temples in Egypt. 

The cornerstones of all these buildings and many more (Denver Airport especially) have been laid in true Masonic ritual and dedicated to “The Great Architect Of The Universe,” the demonic god of Masonry – JaoBulOn.  That is the secret name of the Masonic god, the "Lost Word" learned in the ritual of the Royal Arch degree. "JAO" is the Greek for Jehovah, "BUL" is a rendering of the name, BAAL, and "ON" is the Babylonian name of OSIRIS.

“There are still in existence today remarkable specimens of original phallic symbols . . . steeples and spires on churches . . . and obelisks . . . all show the influence of our phallus-worshipping ancestors.” Eichler, “The Customs of Mankind,” p. 55.

Interestingly enough, tall spires feature prominently on all Mormon Temples and upon a host of traditional churches of all denominations down through the centuries. In fact, the symbols of the sun, moon and stars have been used throughout the history of the LDS church.  Also, SIX POINTED STARS adorn Mormon Temples everywhere, a phenomenon of which is answered by Edith Starr-Miller in “Occult Theocracy,” where on page 464 in her conclusion on Mormonism, she writes:  

“The Mormon dogma is universality, materialism and Pantheism.  It blends Judaism and Christianity, aiming at a progressive universal religion while seeking to unite all faiths and the cults of all people on earth.  The Mormon state is a theocratic community at the head of which is a grand-priest president, assisted by two others and a travelling council of twelve.  Its mysteries are those of Spiritism and the séance room.” 

Freemasonry has always seemed an outward semblance of loyalty towards the Bible and exhibits a vague notion of God; but is actually based on subtle lies and deception, typical of religious cults everywhere.  Freemasonry is founded upon a Cabbalistic Pantheism or the deification and worship of the potential supremacy of man rather than simply in God Himself. Masonic symbols secretly stand for things other than what they appear to be - such as sexual indulgence of every sort clearly sanctioned by the command, “Do What Thou Wilt Is The Whole Of The Law.”  Freemasonry is at the forefront of the one-world movement, with a moral standard identical to Talmudic Judaism since they originate from the same un-Godly source.   
"Masonry is a Jewish institution, whose history, degrees, symbols, passwords and explanation are Jewish from beginning to end." (Quoted from Gregor Shwarz Bostunitch: die Freimaurerei, 1928; The Secret Powers Behind Revolution, by Vicomte Leon De Poncins, P. 101) 

Freemasonry in its Jewish guise is the controlling power of the governments of both Great Britain and the United States.  The reference book; - “10,000 Famous Freemasons,” lists two prominent Rothschilds, including James Mayer Rothschild (1792-1868), son of the dynasty's founder, Mayer Amschel Rothschild. James is listed as a "33 degree adept of the French Supreme Council." Nathan, the second son of Mayer is also listed. It was Mayer Rothschild, the founder of the dynasty, who once was quoted as exclaiming: "Give me the right to issue a nation's money, and then I do not care who makes it laws." 

In 1822, the "Magen David," was adopted by the Ashkenazim (Khazar) self-styled Jew, Mayer Amschel Bauer, who hung a red hexagram on his door to identify his address amongst other things. Upon becoming a supplier of coinage to the royal Court, he changed his name to "Roth Schild", meaning Red Shield, and it was used on the Rothschild coat of arms when they were raised to the nobility by the Austrian emperor (Encyclopaedia Judaica, p696). 

Biographer Frederic Morton, in his classic, “The Rothschilds,” tells us that Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his five sons were "wizards" of finance, and "fiendish calculators" who were motivated by a "demonic drive" to succeed in their secret undertakings. All five brothers were imbued with this same spirit of cunning and conquest.  Morton describes how the Rothschilds formed no true friendships and how their associates were but mere acquaintances who were used to further the interests of the House of Rothschild, and then thrown on the garbage heap of history when they had served their purpose or outlived their usefulness. 

Behind the scenes as always, the ROTHSCHILDS were THE principal players in most of the 19th century's history making events. The Duke of Wellington could never have paid his army at Waterloo without Rothschilds' assistance. Rothschilds' intervention enabled Disraeli to acquire the Suez Canal for Britain. A Rothschild-led syndicate enabled France to discharge its reparations debt early after the Franco-Prussian war. They also financed Cecil Rhodes, making it possible for him to establish a monopoly over the goldfields of South Africa and DeBeers diamonds.  In America, they financed the monopolisation of railroads. 

The National City Bank of Cleveland, which was identified in congressional hearings as one of three Rothschild banks in the United States, provided John D. Rockefeller with the money to begin his monopolisation of the oil refinery business, resulting in the formation of Standard Oil. Rockefeller was nothing but a pit-bull on a Jewish leash, as was Andrew Carnegie. The man knew next to nothing about steel, but his Jewish masters guided his career and like so many others, raised him up to be their lackey.  Virtually all of the great "Robber Barons" were the puppets of Jewish investment bankers - behind the scenes as always.  

The Rothschild money-power which reached the point of complete world control by 1885, together with its London policy group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs - are THE policy makers for what has essentially been a secret government in the United States since 1900. This ruling, occupational government, functions primarily through the Council on Foreign Relations, but only as the subsidiary of RIIA and through the Rockefeller Foundation which controls all government functions, the educational establishments, the media, all religions and the state legislatures.  

And so it was that, in 1913, when Paul Warburg, another Rothschild darling, engineered the institution of the Federal Reserve System, this was by no means an American invention or an isolated event. To the contrary, it was the next logical step of integrating a global banking system that had been evolving since the seventeenth century.  Then, as now, speed, efficiency and easy access to limitless funds were qualities highly prized by all governments, with appropriate favours ever sanctioned accordingly.  There is no evidence that the Rothschilds' predominant standing in European or world finance has changed. To the contrary, as their wealth has increased, they have simply raised their passion for anonymity. Today, their vast holdings rarely bear their name - for obvious reasons. 

Edith Starr-Miller, (Lady Queensborough who paid with her life for the meticulously documented 1933 expose' of the history of the Secret Societies of her day) clearly proved the link between Freemasonic Illuminism and Talmudic Judaism – a crucial fact of which is vigorously denied by Jews everywhere.  On page 465, under the heading of “Jewish Masonry,” in her classic, “Occult Theocracy” she writes:  

 B’nai B’rith means “Sons of the Covenant,” the covenant being that of circumcision practiced according to the Mosaic Law.  Hence the Independent Order of the B’nai B’rith admits only Jews as members.  This rite was founded in New York in 1843 by a number of German Jews, headed by “Henry Jones.”  Its constitution, District Lodges, Grand Lodges, stamp it as a Jewish Masonic Society.  Like most societies, it covers its political activities under the cloak of benevolence and philanthropy.  From its inception until the present time, its main contact has been with Germany and its chief aim is the establishment of the supremacy of the German Jews in all world affairs through the channel of “Internationalism.”  

In 1882, the strength of the I O B B in the United States warranted the opening of Lodges in Germany by Moritz Ettinger and the growth of the order was so rapid that in 1885, Julius Bien, President of the Order in New York, went over and inaugurated the first German Grand Lodge of the I O B B.  The political activities of the leaders of the order in Rumania, Austria and Hungary are a matter of record, although the chief centre of their power is in the U S where they have lately obtained supremacy in the Jewish World, by absorbing “national” Zionism and submitting it wholly to their own “international” policy when the Jewish World Agency was created in October 1928. . . . . .There is little doubt now that the B’nai B’rith seems to be the supreme body, shaping and directing, for the attainment of its own ends, the policies, whatever they may be, of ALL FREEMASONRY beginning with the Grand Lodge of England, The Grand Orient and Scottish Rites, and ending in the O T O, which is Illuminism under another name.”

The “scriptures” at the occult core of Freemasonry - originally found in the ancient Jewish Cabbala, are now expressed via Talmudic Jewry, the religious doctrine of the ancient Pharisees.  The late Freemason, Foster Bailey, a man who devoted his life to the Plan of Lucifer, writes:  “The recognition of Masonry as a spiritual quest resulting in a spiritual way of life will hasten the more brilliant shining forth of The Great Light from all our Temples.”  The “Great Light” to Foster Bailey can be none other than the light bearer himself - Lucifer.  Is it possible that Masonic temples of the “Synagogue of Satan” are to serve as the centres of worship in the coming New Age? 




The Bohemian Club has an Annual Summer Encampment, a two-week retreat for the super-rich and powerful that President Herbert Hoover once called “the greatest party on Earth.” The club’s famed annual gathering has been held for more than 100 years at the 2,700-acre Bohemian Grove in Monte Rio, about 70 miles north of San Francisco in Sonoma County. It draws in notables such as President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Dow Chemical Chairman Frank Popoff, as well as actors and other notables. 

The annual gathering near the Russian River, which was first held in 1879, starts with the “Cremation of Care” ritual, in which the club’s mascot is burned in effigy to an owl god (Moloch), symbolizing a freedom from care. Members also perform several plays, and gourmet food and expensive wine are plentiful. While the club was formed in 1872 by a group of San Francisco journalists, the male-only club now bars journalists from membership to protect the group’s privacy. Membership is coveted, and people routinely wait 10 or 15 years before gaining admittance. There are currently about 2,700 members.

The world’s most prestigious summer camp, The Bohemian Grove, is fiercely guarded. The 2,700-acre retreat is the country extension of San Francisco’s all-male ultra-exclusive Bohemian Club to which every Republican President since Herbert Hoover has belonged. With its high-powered clientele, coveted privacy and cabbalistic rituals, the Bohemian Grove has prompted considerable suspicion. 

Some past members include, George P. Shultz, Stephen Bechtel, Jr., Gerald R. Ford, the hideously evil Henry Kissinger, William F. Buckley, Jr., Fred L. Hartley, Merv Griffin, Thomas Haywood, Joseph Coors, Edward Teller, Ronald Reagan, A. W. Clausen, George Bush, William French Smith, John E. Swearingten, Casper W. Weinberger, Justin Dart, William E. Simon, and hundreds of other prominent politicos and businessmen.” Up until recently, our knowledge of Bohemian Grove was that it is the exclusive elitist hideaway of supposedly adult wheeler-dealers, a.k.a. Washington statesman and prominent personalities. 

Some may dismiss their behaviour as immature, even pitiful, acted out by emotionally disturbed individuals, and not worth attention. However, this is actually where Bush, Cheney, and their friends (2700 members) "the governing elite", gather to take part in bizarre, satanic rituals. Recent information will radically change the perception of Bohemian Grove. Not merely drunkenness, unbounded use of alcohol and drugs with vague homosexual tones, but reported activities much more serious – kidnapping, rape, paedophilia, illegal detention of children, sodomy and ritual murder. Investigation is blocked under the 1947 National Security Act.

For decades, there have been vague rumours of weird goings on in Bohemian Grove in more remote parts of its 2700 acres. Reliable reports claim Druidic like rituals - druids in red hooded robes marching in procession and chanting to the Great Owl (Moloch) - a funeral pyre with “corpses”. (Scores of men work in the Bohemian Grove as servants, so this party is fairly well established.) Interestingly - and very significantly - the roads which surround the government buildings at Capitol Hill in Washington DC when seen from the air, form a shape remarkably similar to the shape of the owl used in the ceremony “Cremation of Care”. 

An article in a local community newspaper, The Santa Rosa Sun, reported on the Cult of Canaan and the legend of Moloch in place at Bohemian Grove. The Moloch Pagan Cult of Sacrifice is human sacrifice. About the mid 1980s there were rumours of murders in remote parts of the property. A local police investigation went nowhere. State investigators on related criminal acts went nowhere. 

An observer and near victim has described the Bohemian Grove inner hideaways, the closed sanctum, even the decor at secret locations, places where no outsider goes (or servants according to our sources). Apparently there is an UNDERGROUND lounge (sign spelled U.N.derground) a Dark Room, a Leather Room and a Necrophilia Room. Also he reported: “Slaves of advancing age or with failed programming were sacrificially murdered at random in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grove and I felt it was only a matter of time until it would be me.” This potential victim survived. Others reportedly did not. 

These cults were based on human sacrifice. Why would a 20th century resort reproduce occult ceremonies? At the minimum, it demonstrates an attraction to the ceremonial practices of the occult, i.e. adoration of destruction, blood, and the barbarity of the sacrifice of children. In brief, the charges are consistent with the tenants of Bohemian Grove as played out in ceremony. This is not a resort devoted to, for example, tennis or swimming. It is apparently devoted to blood sacrifices. 

There is video footage covertly shot by radio talk show host Alex Jones, www.infowars.com, who shows on his Web site the bizarre, Luciferian ceremonies that occur there. It was taken around 200 yards from the owl idol during the grove's annual and highly secret "Cremation of Care" ceremony. Jones says he was close enough where he could make out the form of a wrapped infant, which he believed was alive, apparently in the process of being sacrificed.

Around ten years ago, Freemasonry boasted around 16 Presidents, 41 Federal Judges, 60 Congressmen, 14 members of the Judiciary Committee and 18 Senators. One can only guess today at the total numbers involved within the many governmental departments that intrude into our lives on a daily basis.  A recent article on George Bush who returned to his old alma mater at Yale – interestingly, 33 years after graduating, openly recounts how he was inducted into the Skull & Bones, (logo at left) a secret society founded in 1932, just like his grandfather and father before him.  Each year, the Skull & Bones - known as "the Order", admits 15 members who undergo an initiation ceremony that involves lying in a coffin and “recounting” their sexual experiences.  It is all deliberately made to sound infantile and as a harmless bit of fun, but many “BONESMEN” however have gone on to become powerful figures on Wall Street and Capital Hill, including that moral, paragon of virtue - Bill Clinton.

Skull and Bones has curled its tentacles into every corner of American society. This tiny club has set up networks that have thrust three members into the most powerful political position in the world. And the group’s influence is only increasing, the 2004 presidential election might showcase the first time each ticket has been led by a Bonesman. The secret society is now, as one historian admonishes, ” ‘an international mafia’. . . unregulated and all but unknown.” In its quest to create a New World Order that restricts individual freedoms and places ultimate power solely in the hands of a small cult of wealthy, principally Jewish families, Skull and Bones has already succeeded in infiltrating nearly every major research, policy, financial, media, and government institution in the country. Skull and Bones, in fact, has been running the United States for years.

As a matter of factual record, Jewish control of American society, politics, media, and religions ever continues to increase.  As of this writing, almost 50% of Cabinet positions in the US government are held by Jews and they hold the present (as well as the past) Directorship of the CIA and the Directorship of the FBI. (Louis Freeh of Ruby Ridge notoriety)  The fact that almost all of the crucial ambassadorial appointments have gone to Jews is proof positive of who wields the real power.  And anyone who looks at this anomaly with an open mind cannot fail to see the outright dominance of high-level government positions that continue to be held by Talmudic Jews.  A group that incredibly makes up less than 3 percent of the overall population yet manages to claim 10 percent of the U.S. Senate and two out of nine members of the U.S. Supreme Court alone. 

For all those unfamiliar with how Politicians are bought and paid for in so-called "democracies;" a brief overview. To almost guarantee election, aspirants have their campaigns openly funded by Zionist groups. The Zionist/Jewish media then supports their campaign with ringing endorsements, negative facts are suppressed and opponents ruthlessly smeared. This is paid back one hundred fold by these bought men and women when they use their office to authorise payments to Zionist groups, selected individuals and their particular state via aid packages, interest free loans, free pardons, censorship or elimination of critics, military aid and even destroying their enemies.  

Then when they have completed their stint in office, they can look forward to a rich Kosher gravy train of executive positions on the boards of Zionist corporations, book deals and serialisation payments from Zionist owned publishing houses and media conglomerates, consultancy fees from the same type of organizations that funded their political careers and then free dinners and big money for after-dinner-speaking gigs. The really big traitors, like degenerate ex presidents, can look forward to $1,000,000 an hour, to say they would die for Israel (when they were never inclined to do the same for their own Nation and people). All it takes is unbridled greed, ambition, a total lack of morality and basic human dignity – useful idiots as the protocols calls them! 

As a further illustration of this political degeneration, the U S Congress has around 535 elected members. This is the same group of politicians that crank out hundreds of new laws each year, designed to keep the rest of us in line.  So far, 29 of them have been accused of spousal abuse; 7 have been arrested for fraud; 19 have been accused of writing bad checks; 117 have directly or indirectly bankrupted at least 2 businesses; 3 have done time for assault; 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit; 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges; 8 have been arrested for shoplifting; 21 are currently defendants in lawsuits and so far, 84 have been arrested for drunk driving in the past twelve months.

According to yet another new book, government crimes and cover-ups are just "Business As Usual."  Government-sanctioned narcotics trafficking, wholesale fraud and illicit weapons deals are part of an ongoing criminal enterprise called "government."  Whistleblower Lt. Cmdr. Al Martin (US Navy, Ret.) "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider," has written a powerful expose of the hidden history of America from the 1980s, the 1990s to the present day. He reveals details of wholesale corruption and unimaginable financial fraud foisted on US taxpayers.  The book's premise is simple: Organized crime, comprised of government bureaucrats, military officers, intelligence officers and associated Zionist lackeys have, in essence, taken over the US Government. 

One of the biggest lies being perpetuated by the Bush Cabbal, is that they are "conservatives" in the traditional sense of the word. While some of Bush's policies (tax breaks for the rich, giving corporations free reign to destroy the environment) are familiar "conservative" themes, the reality is Bush and Co. are radicals, out to transform the American government and shred the Constitution in their quest for power and profit. Expansionist abroad and reactionary at home, the Bush Administration is on the verge of enshrining near-dictatorial Executive power, similar to that of the Roman Caesars.

In its mission statement, DARPA (Information Awareness Office) says: “. . . the most serious asymmetric threat facing the United States is terrorism, a threat characterized by collections of people loosely organized in shadowy networks that are difficult to identify and define.”

I guess it can't get any clearer than this, blatant Illuminati/Freemasonic symbolism together with Crowleyan acronyms. Here is yet another project with occult overtones for the Mystery Babylon program. Even more sinister are the associated projects including Human Identification at a Distance (HumanID) and the Total Information Awareness (TIA) program.  

In IAO's Total Information Awareness System the goal is to: “detect, ID, classify and track potential anti-government targets through multi-agency OPs. The program is an ongoing research project designed to acquire data through advanced technological applications for surveillance”. The All-Seeing-Eye in IAO's logo is watching, listening, and tracking the whole globe. Judging by their stated areas of research, I think the plan is to marry 'psychic spying' with Echelon technology - hence the use of a blatant Cabbalistic symbol for the logo.

The Information Awareness Office is brand new and is lead by the ageing shabbas goy, John Poindexter. Remember him? His CV states that, "He was directly involved in implementing The President's policies on a strong defence, freedom and democracy around the world, human rights, world hunger, economic and military assistance." The fact is that after serving as Reagan's national security adviser (presidential pimp) during the Iran-Contra scandal, Poindexter was found guilty of five felony counts, (later overturned on a “technicality”) including obstructing Congress. By stating "Scientia est potentia," they're just coming out and saying, "Knowledge is unconstitutional political power for a few private individuals." Sounds about right to me! More proof yet again of those in control pushing us further and further toward a World Police State - commencing with the U.S. and is further evidence of the growing Talmudic influence over the Federal government and its judiciary. 

Clearly, the U.S. government is frightened! They know that the sheeple are slowly waking up, discussing issues, sharing opinions, creating websites and reading hitherto otherwise unobtainable information on what’s really going on. So in order to keep the genie in the bottle, the U.S. government needs a new way to beat this free information threat. Over the last twenty years or so, several states, lead by the U.S., implemented the ECHELON surveillance system. Today, those efforts have resulted in an overabundance of raw data; much more data than can be analysed effectively. They now want to use the Internet - the tool which has the potential to set us all free - to track us down and silence us when we get too close to the REAL truth. 

In fact, the Pentagon is on record, boasting of the stealth, deception and psychological warfare it uses on its so-called enemies. If one considers the possibility - in the wake of government atrocities such as Ruby Ridge and Waco - that the US government regards Americans themselves as a potential enemy, one might reasonably consider the likelihood that some form of psychological warfare is indeed being directed at their own people. The police will gain sweeping new Internet wiretap powers under legislation for the new “Department of Homeland Security,” where Internet providers such as America Online (Time-Warner) and others, will be obliged to give the government information about particular subscriber’s internet habits. Notice any similarity of the A/O logo to that of DARPA and others? 

For years now, a small army of faithful pastors, ministry leaders and laymen have been warning Christians about the dangerous U-turn of Billy Graham into false teaching and apostasy. However, the rich, influential, and powerful Judeo-Christian establishment has, regrettably, blocked this message from getting out to the masses. Millions of Christians and non-Christians alike are therefore totally unaware of Billy Graham's liberal, antichrist positions. They do not know of his often strange, unscriptural, false teachings and statements. Nor do they know of the hidden origins of and the secretive men behind this man's meteoric rise to stardom.  

What might God have to say about a man popular with the world who sings the praises of bloody Communist dictators and who enthusiastically promotes the spiritual authority of the Vatican and its Pope? What might God conclude about a man like Graham who endorses false bibles and supports the blasphemous worst of Hollywood movies? And ask yourself: Would God look favourably upon a "Christian" evangelist who is painfully and embarrassingly silent on the crucial issues of Abortion and Homosexuality?  Billy Graham is the friend of Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller, Jeanne Dixon, and Pope John Paul II. Moreover, Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell and a host of religious and other authorities have put him up on a pedestal.
Billy Graham (born in 1918) now has Parkinson's disease, a progressive nervous disorder that has already made it impossible for him to drive a car or write by hand. Graham, an ordained Southern Baptist Minister, heads a $100 million a year evangelistic empire, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (Graham is now paid $101,250 per year with a $33,750 housing allowance.) The BGEA also operates a 1500-acre training centre, "The Cove," located in Asheville, North Carolina. The Cove was started in 1987 and includes an Inn and a Cove camp for youths ages 9-15. Approximately 5-10,000 adults are trained there annually in Graham-style evangelism.
Graham's magazine, Decision, reaches 1.7 million people, his column appears in more than 100 newspapers, his radio program is on 700 stations worldwide, and several of his books have been bestsellers. (Angels, published in 1975, sold one million copies in just 90 days.) Graham has reportedly preached to over 200 million people and once claimed that precisely 2,874,082 of them have stepped forward to "accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour" (11/15/93, Time magazine). George Bush called Graham "America's pastor." Pat Boone considers him "the greatest man since Jesus." Still another says Graham "has done more harm to the cause of Christ than any other living man." Who's correct?

There have been a lot of speculations, accusations and denials about Billy Graham and his Freemasonic membership, connections and associations.  However there does appear to be substantial proof from a number of credible websites, that Billy Graham is indeed a thirty-three degree Luciferian adept.  For example author Robert Morey, while doing pro- Freemasonry research at the “House Of The Temple,” asked the resident Librarian if they had Billy Graham's Masonic membership file. She replied that they indeed did have such a file on hand. On page 23 of Morey's book entitled "The Truth About Masons" he refers to Billy Graham when he states: " Or that one of the most well-known evangelists in the world is a Luciferian because he is a thirty-third degree Mason? " Also of interest is Morey's mention of Jesse Helms being a 33 Degree Freemason, where Helms admitted being there at Billy's Masonic award presentation in Washington, D.C. 

Jim Shaw, one of the highest-ranking Freemasons to ever defect to Christianity, says that Billy Graham took part in Rev. Jim Shaw's 33rd Degree Masonic initiation. This was before Shaw left the Lodge for Christ.  Only 33rd Degree Masons and candidates participate in that particular initiation. Jim Shaw refers to Billy Graham's presence at this Masonic ritual on page 104 of his book co-authored with Tom McKenney titled 'The Deadly Deception" Lafayette, LA: Huntington House, Inc. 1998. In fact Huntington House refused to print this book unless they took out Billy Graham's name and substituted it with a general description ("internationally prominent evangelist," p104) Before Jim died he confirmed this fact to many people.
In a book by PhD Carol George, “God's Salesmen,” Oxford Press, 1992, the author reports that on August 18, 1960, Billy Graham called a top secret conference of 25 hand chosen guests to Mintreaux, Switzerland, and they discussed how they could block the election of John F. Kennedy.  The most prominent guest was Norman Vincent Peale. The men were later embarrassed when the conference was exposed.  We note one interesting fact - Norman Vincent in 1960, and Billy Graham later, were 33rd Degree Freemasons, while John F. Kennedy was never a Freemason.  Interesting to say the least!" 

In 1992, broadcast across the US on Graham's radio program "Embrace America 2000," after Bush Sr. gave his now infamous New World Order Speech, the Rev. Billy Graham said that we should all embrace this . . . "New World Order"!

As mentioned previously, the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith is THE supreme ruling body within the Illuminati structure and they operate on several broad fronts, including the powerful ADL.  It is a secret society within a secret society, a circle within a circle etc, so that only the Adepts, or Luciferian elites knows its real agenda.  In their own words B'nai B'rith, “is the only overtly exclusive Jewish organization with a full-time presence at the United Nations and is the world's oldest and largest Jewish association with members in 56 countries." (More on the ADL later)
According to the official Billy Graham Evangelistic Association web-page, Billy Graham received the "The Torch of Liberty Plaque by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, 1969."  Remembering that the main definition of Freemasonry is that of “a peculiar system of Morality, veiled in Allegory, and illustrated by Symbols,” we will examine the occult significance of the term “Torch of Liberty" and it's possible meaning to the 'enlightened' of the Masonic/Illuminati brotherhood.  Research taken from the book called "Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated" states the following about the torch symbol:  “Many of the gods and goddesses of mythology carried torches. Some of these are: Hecata (the "Queen of the Witches"), Comus, Eros, Hymenaeus (or Hymen), Apollo, Ilithyia, Eos (or Aurora), Iakchaos & Phosphorus. (who is also called Lucifer)”
Listen to what occultist Edouard Schure says about Lucifer and his flaming torch:  "Lucifer, having regained his star and his diadem, will assemble his legions for new works of creation. Attracted by his flaming torch, celestial spirits will descend and he will send these messengers from unknown spheres to earth. Then the torch of Lucifer will signal 'From Heaven to Earth!'- and  . . ‘The Christ’ will answer 'From Earth to Heaven!"  Hardcore Luciferian and 33rd Degree Freemason, Manly Palmer Hall states that "the torches represent the Occult arts and sciences, the doctrines and dogmas by the light of which “Truth” is made visible." 

It is only by placing key 33rd degree Freemasons at the apex of political, religious and economic institutions that their satanic NWO goals can succeed. Billy Graham has been selected and used by the Illuminati/Freemasonic Establishment, to help bring about a One World Global Church.  But in all fairness, and please THINK HARD ON THIS, I am certain that if you had confronted a young Billy Graham back in 1950, and told him that he would one day be a 33rd Freemason and a prophet and missionary for the “Whore of Revelation,” he would have been duly horrified and certainly denied any such possibility.  This man's descent into Satan's tantalising world has been gradual and unsuspecting, as it has with so many others. 

The Devil only asks us to take one small step at a time. Satan positioned Graham at some vulnerable point in the past, where he could see "all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time," and Graham fell for it – selling his soul for temporal riches and fleeting fame.

As well as Billy Graham, we also include other well-known past and present 33rd Degree Freemasonic Luminaries such as: Norman Vincent Peale - ex Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of New York, Past Grand Prelate of the Knights Templar and Shriner.  Robert Schuller - Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral and host of the popular "Hour of Power" television programme.  Oral Roberts - founder of Oral Roberts University.  Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth HaginWord of Faith founder.  Dr. Bob Jones Sr - founder of Bob Jones University.  Rev. William Booth - founder of the Salvation Army.  Rev. Jesse Jackson - of the NAACP.  Rich DeVos - CEO of AMWAY.  Daniel Carter Beard - founder of the Boy Scouts Movement.  Most of the early founding Mormons such as Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Sidney Rigdon and latter Mormons such as Spencer Kimball were all high level Freemasons.  In fact, the founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses was also an initiate of the 33rd Degree.  Charles Taze Russell was an avowed Satanist, a Paedophile, (according to his wife’s testimony) and a close friend of the Rothschilds.  Indeed it was the Jewish Rothschilds who FUNDED the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Mormons and a host of other wealthy evangelicals into being. 

It’s also interesting to note that 33rd degree Luciferian adept William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army, adopted a red shield as a logo for his Christian ministry, now freely operating and endorsed on a worldwide scale.  Red Shield is pronounced “Rothschild” in German! - Do you see now what is so patently obvious?

Continuing with the theme of Jewish funding of popular evangelicals; last, but by no means least, was their trump card avid Freemasonic adept, C.I. Scofield author of the incredibly popular Scofield Reference Bible, and avid promoter of Christian Zionism through the brilliantly conceived “Dispensationalism.”

And what is the message of Christian ZIONISM? Simply stated it is this: Every act perpetrated by the so-called state of “Israel” is orchestrated by God, and should be condoned, supported, and even praised by the rest of us.  "Never mind what Israel does," say the Christian Zionists. "God wants this to happen." This includes the invasion of Lebanon, which killed or injured an estimated 100,000 Lebanese and Palestinians, most of them civilians and the bombing into oblivion of sovereign nations such as Iraq, where over half a million of their innocent children alone have died since 1991, with much more to come.  The mindset is that Israel cannot possibly ever do anything wrong. People therefore cannot hate anything Israel does; therefore all criticism MUST result from unreasonable and totally causeless hate of Israel. Israel's group psychology is one of total denial.

The fact is that people do not hate Israel per se’ - they hate what Israel DOES. The only people filled with unreasoning hate is Israel itself.  In the last two decades, the powerful Israeli Lobby in the US has expanded its constituency to include a major new base among right wing Evangelicals who believe that Israel is ALWAYS right. According to this very new and very American branch of Protestant “Christianity,” the Bible (read Talmud) says Israelis can kill and maim Palestinians, steal their land and place them under a constant state of siege. 

Among the many followers of this 'new religion' is one Richard Armey, the House Majority Leader, who has publicly advocated the ethnic cleansing of all Palestinians from the West Bank. This new 'constituency for repression' believes that Israel has a biblical sanction to administer collective punishment and torture, destroy personal and public property and generally make life miserable for the native people of the Holy Land. It seems to make little difference to these 'Zionist Christians' that the community they seek to 'cleanse' includes the oldest and most faithful Christian community in the world.

Today, between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, ten million people are locked in a bitter struggle over land and destiny. Nearly half of the population between the river and the sea are native Palestinians. Their desperate cry for liberty is not only ignored, but tens of billions in United States tax revenues are spent to assist their tormentors. 

Israel's excuse for its genocide policy against the Palestinians can be summed up as follows with some very strange logic indeed: The Nazi holocaust was so horrible that the Jews must be granted the right to commit even worse atrocities in order to fend off any possible future holocaust??.  Israel's precarious situation in Palestine elucidates how important the continuous promotion of the holocaust myth is for the survival of the Jewish state. Without the holocaust-story, the land of robbery and murder would be deprived of its fundamental principles of existence. Knowing this, it becomes crystal clear why most of the Western world introduced, under pressure of the Jewish power centres, new laws which punish anybody who expresses doubts about the official holocaust-story.  

But the chief use of this cleverly contrived myth of the Holocaust is to undergird the legitimacy of the state of Israel. The Holocaust therefore proves that Jewish existence is always in danger, unless the Jews have their own state in their own homeland. The Holocaust stands as the historical objectification of all the world's gentiles' eternal "anti-Semitism." Jewish life is an endless emergency, requiring endless emergency measures and justifying everything done in the name of "defence." Jews and Israel can't be judged by normal standards, at least until Israel is absolutely safe - if even then. Their circumstances it seems, are forever anomalous. 

In short, the Holocaust has become a device for exempting Jews from normal human obligations. It has authorized them to bully and blackmail, to extort, oppress and cold-bloodedly murder. This is all quite irrational, because even if six million Jews were murdered during World War II, the survivors are not entitled to commit the slightest injustice. If your father was mysteriously stabbed to death in the street, that's a tragedy, but it's no excuse for taking the head off the next person you see.

Christian Zionism is a dangerous and growing segment within evangelical Christianity, which was popularised by the 19th-century American, Cyrus Scofield, when he postulated his judaised interpretation of events in history.  Scofield believed that Christ cannot return to earth until certain crucial events occur: The “Jews” must return to Palestine, gain control of Jerusalem and rebuild a temple, and then we all must engage in the final, great battle called Armageddon.  Estimates vary, but most students of Armageddon theology agree that as a result of these relatively recent and grossly flawed Biblical interpretations, 10 to 40 million Americans firmly believe Palestine is God's chosen land for the Jews.

Here is an interesting interpretation on the Middle East by Doug Bandow, LINK a secular writer and journalist based in Washington USA, trying to make some sense of it all. “With the Mideast in flames, administration policy is in disarray. It is hard to fight terrorism and conquer Iraq without Arab allies. But any attempt to win Arab support by pressuring Israel might lose evangelical Christian votes. Interest groups have long influenced American foreign policy. Rarely, however, has foreign policy rested on theology. 

Even the vast majority of American Jews who support Israel do so more on ethnic than on religious grounds. But now some Christians are attempting to turn the U.S. government into an arm of the church. Sympathy toward Israel is understandable: there is no excuse for murderous suicide bombings. Yet Washington needs to develop a Mideast policy that advances the interests of America, not one that advances a peculiar interpretation of Christian theology. 

Georgia's Republican state chairman, Ralph Reed, recently wrote: "There is an undeniable and powerful spiritual connection between Israel and the Christian faith. It is where Jesus was born and where he conducted his ministry." So? This has nothing to do with the formulation of foreign policy for the secular nation of America, which represents non-Christians as well as Christians. 

Onetime Republican presidential candidate Gary Bauer goes further: "The Bible is pretty clear that the land is what is called covenant land, that God made a covenant with the Jews that that would be their land forever." Yet the premise of Christianity is that that covenant was voided by disobedience, and thus now runs to the body of Christian believers.

Moreover, why assume that nonreligious Jews who established a secular state in the Mideast are entitled to the same land once held by religious Jews following in the line of Moses? As Marvin Olasky, editor of World Magazine, notes, "A biblical case can certainly be made that Israelis who are atheists have tossed away their inheritance just as Esau did." And if the land was to belong to Jews forever, why did they lose control of it? Surely God does not require America's assistance to give it back. 

Finally, to how much are Jews entitled? A generous reading of Genesis suggests ownership of Jordan and chunks of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Another group of Christians, primarily Protestants, cite their dispensationalist eschatology, or end times theology. Never mind the complicated details of this minority interpretation. Backing whoever happens to be Israel's Prime Minister is supposed to accelerate Christ's return. Of course, there is no way to prove what God actually intends. But the dispensationalist case is particularly strained. For instance, candidates for the Antichrist include the Pope, European Union President Roman Prodi and England's Prince Charles. 

In fact, the book of Revelation is best understood in the context of the Roman Empire, when it was written. It foreshadows an apocalyptic end of mankind; it does not provide an exact time line of events. 

This argument also arrogantly assumes that the God who reconciled mankind through the sacrifice of his son requires Washington's help to get the end right. Interestingly, some Orthodox Jews are hostile to Zionism precisely because they view it as hubris for man to try to supplant God's timing. 

Another argument is that only by supporting Israel will America prosper. For example, activist Ed McAteer cites the promise that "I will bless them who bless you and curse them who curse you." Two decades ago, the Rev. Jerry Falwell declared that God had been kind to America only because "America has been kind to the Jews." 

Curiously, there's no verse explaining that to bless the Jewish people or to be kind to them means doing whatever the secular government of a largely nonreligious people wants several thousand years later. This is junk theology at its worst. Or almost worst. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said in a speech last March: 

"One of the reasons I believe the spiritual door was opened for an attack against the United States of America is that the policy of our government has been to ask the Israelis, and demand it with pressure, not to retaliate in a significant way against the terrorist strikes that have been launched against them." Wow. God is punishing the American people because their government, which has long supported Israel more firmly than any other, is insufficiently pro-Israel. Speaking for the creator of the universe is a dicey proposition and I won't try. But presuming that a biblical injunction to "bless" the Jewish people requires a secular state run by nominal Christians to offer a blank check to a secular state run by ethnic Jews is simply bizarre.” 

The key purpose of this pseudo-Christian doctrine of Dispensationalism, is to instil a fiercely loyal evangelical support for the state of Israel - regardless.  Even though Israel today is largely atheistic, totally unrepentant and persists with the demonization and wholesale slaughter of Palestinian men, women and children as if they were the very enemies of God, these glaring facts are deliberately ignored by the spellbound Christian sheeple.  For the majority of Western Christians to continue to ignore the suffering of the indigenous Palestinian Church in such a troubled situation, where they are ignored and maligned, is not only deeply offensive to them, it is surely a contradiction of our faith, and ultimately immoral before God. It is nothing less than to perpetuate the evil of the Levite in the Parable of the Good Samaritan who carefully walked by on the other side.
"I don't know something called International Principles. I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian child (that) will be born in this area. The Palestinian woman and child is more dangerous than the man, because the Palestinian child’s existence infers that generations will go on, but the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him. With one hit I've killed 750 Palestinians (in Rafah in 1956). I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as the Palestinian women is a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do." [Ariel Sharon, the war criminal and current Israeli Prime Minister, transcripted from an interview with General Ouze Merham, 1956]

In summary, fundamentalist Christians today are overtly Zionist and NOT Christian. Christian Zionism offers an uncritical endorsement of the Israeli political right and at the same time shows an inexcusable lack of compassion for the Palestinian tragedy. In doing so it has legitimised their oppression in the name of the Gospel.  In practice, they reject the teaching of The Lord Jesus in the New Testament: that each of us is equally precious in the eyes of the Lord. Instead, they live in the Judaised world of the Old Testament, where a mean-spirited Yahweh played favourites with his children, giving only his “chosen” the right to commit unspeakable acts of barbarism upon others.  

Judeo-Christians will seemingly do anything for Israel and the Jews, whom they worship as God or God's little brother, although they would never admit it. They are only too happy to be the Jews' mind slaves, and insist we all join in their bondage. Certainly their beliefs are anti-Christian. More to the point: Zionist "Christians" are traitors to the cause of Christ. Along with Jews, they urge us to spill the blood of any who stand in the way of Israeli ambition. 

Essentially, Christian Zionism fails to recognise the deep-seated problems that exist between Palestinians and Israelis; it distorts the Bible and marginalizes the universal imperative of the Christian gospel; it has grave political ramifications and ultimately ignores the sentiments of the overwhelming majority of indigenous Christians. It is a situation that many believe Israel exploits to her advantage, cynically welcoming Christian Zionists as long as they remain docile and compliant with Israeli government policy.  “Woe to him who builds a town with bloodshed, who establishes a city by iniquity! Behold, it is not of the Lord of hosts.."  (Habakkuk 2:12,13) 

It is impossible to overstate the influence of this immoral conman, outright deviant and dishonest trickster, Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, on twentieth-century Christian belief.  Scofield has served as the primary agent by which Evangelical Christianity has become corrupted - teaching and propagating the doctrine of a Jewish New World Order for over 100 years.  In fact, the Scofield Bible is so highly regarded today as THE standard Dispensational reference work in virtually all major Christian ministries and divinity schools worldwide, that even the author’s margin notes are popularly viewed as “holy writ.” 

And who was Cyrus Scofield?  History records that as a young con-artist in Kansas after the American Civil War, he met up with the notorious John J. Ingalls, an aging Jewish lawyer who had been sent by the "Secret Six" some thirty years before to work the Abolitionist cause.  Pulling strings both in Kansas and with his compatriots back east, Ingalls assisted Scofield in gaining admission to the Bar, and procured his appointment as Federal Attorney for Kansas.  Ingalls and Scofield became partners in a railroad scam, which led to Cyrus serving time for criminal forgery.  

While he was in prison, Scofield began studying the philosophy of John Darby, pioneer of the Plymouth Brethren movement and the "any moment now" Rapture doctrine.  Upon his release from prison, Scofield deserted his first wife, Leonteen Carry Scofield, and his two daughters Abigail and Helen, and he took as his mistress a young girl from the St. Louis Flower Mission.  He later abandoned her for Helen van Ward, whom he eventually married. Following up his Illuminati connections in New York, he settled in at the Lotus Club, which was listed as his residence for the next twenty years.  

It was here that he presented his ideas for a new Christian Bible concordance, and was taken under the wing of the infamous Samuel Untermeier, who later became chairman of the American Jewish Committee, president of the American League of Jewish Patriots, and chairman of the Non-sectarian Anti-Nazi League.  Untermeier introduced the “useful idiot” Scofield to numerous Zionist and socialist big-boys, including Samuel Gompers, Fiorello LaGuardia, Abraham Straus, Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff.  These were the questionable people who financed Scofield's “research trips” to Oxford and arranged the publication and distribution of his widely read Bible concordance.  On the “Scofield Reference Bible,” John Wick Bowman says: "This book represents the most dangerous heresy currently to be found within Christian circles." (Ibid., p.588)

The outspoken John H. Gerstner, in his 1991 book, “Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth: A Critique of Dispensationalism,” states emphatically and without mincing words:  “What is indisputably, absolutely, and uncompromisingly essential to the Christian religion is its doctrine of salvation.  If Dispensationalism has actually departed from the only way of salvation, which the Christian religion teaches, then we must say that it has departed from Christianity.  

No matter how many other important truths it proclaims, it cannot be called Christian if it empties Christianity of its essential message.  We define a cult as a religion which claims to be Christian while emptying Christianity of that which is essential to it.  If Dispensationalism does this, then Dispensationalism is a cult and not a branch of the Christian church. It is as serious as that.  It is impossible to exaggerate the gravity of the situation.” (p.150)

Ernest Reisinger states in his article, "A History of Dispensationalism in America":  “All honest Dispensationalists would agree that the Dispensational system of theology has a different view of the grace of God, the law of God, the church of God, the interpretation of the Word of God and the salvation of God. That is, its teachings are different from tested, respected historic creeds and confessions .... Dispensationalism has a different view of living the Christian life of sanctification and, more specifically, how justification and sanctification are inseparably joined together in the application of God's salvation.” (p.3.

In a lengthy and in-depth article in the liberal, “Christianity Today,” Timothy Weber explains "How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend". He explores the history of dispensationalism in Britain and the United States and its influential contributions to world history and foreign policies.  Weber frankly admits that most evangelicals show little or no concern for Palestinian rights - which is rather ironic because there have always been far more Semitic Arab Christians in the Middle East than Jewish ones (Weber, pp.11-12). He further cites the constant human rights violations of the illegal Israeli state with their 1982 invasion of Southern Lebanon. He continues:   

“While the Jews have a right to be secure within their own borders, do they have the right to seize other peoples' land, occupy their territory, ignore their rights of self-determination, and bulldoze and/or blow-up the homes and businesses of Palestinian families? ... Evangelicals need to consider whether believing in Bible prophecy absolves them from grappling with the issues of right and wrong.  Does having a handle on the prophetic details allow them to turn a blind eye to injustice? Does the end justify the means, just because the ends have been prophesied?” (p.19) 

In order for the concept of a one-world government to become established in the hearts and minds of the faithful, this clever “doctrine of demons” called “Dispensationalism” was thus propagated, and promoted to the point where it was quietly foistered upon the world’s Christian community. 


Christians are at war and don't even know it, nor would they care even if they knew!  In fact the very opening words in the forward to Jesse-Pen Lewis’s classic, “War on the Saints” is . . “WAR ON THE SAINTS!  Why, most Christians do not even know there is a war on.”  The average “dumbed-down” Christian is at opposite ends from the sphere of world dominance and hasn't a clue because of a naive innocence that precludes them from believing how deliberate lies and intrigue can ooze from the pores of the skin as it does with some.  

Then there are those that deliberately resist the Truth of the Jew, because direct knowledge of their brand of eugenic evil may degrade them somehow and perhaps coarsen their delicate souls once they are forced to acknowledge it. Jesus often said that the cost of truth was high and may include the loss of family and friends - the price of which the large majority will simply not pay.  As a result, we are being herded like trusting sheep and gradually imprisoned by familiar, smiley faces with unbelievably evil minds, infinitely more sinister than anything produced by the communists of Russia. 

The Jews constantly reconstruct reality and legislate morality according to the needs of their age-old enterprise, that of the total destruction of White Christian Civilisation.  For example have you ever noticed how the overwhelming percentage of all of the experts that the news media refer for the so-called "objective" quote from some authority, are always Jews? It doesn't matter whether they are lawyers or judges, doctors or psychiatrists, actors or directors, journalists or reporters, politicians or highly placed governmental officials, if you will watch your TV closely, you'll see for yourself the endless parade of liberals with Jewish names.  

“The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self-created screen.  At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the International Bankers. The little coterie of powerful International Bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both political parties." New York City Mayor John F. Hylan, 1922

Jews now exercise complete control over the world’s banking community. They control over 90% of the worlds gold and diamond markets.  Endless names like Goldstein, Silverstein, Perlstein and Rubinstein dominate the highest levels of the billion dollar international "Jew-elry" business.  (VN: notice all those names are German Jewish, which is "KHAZARIAN", so when you see the word "Jew" or "Jewish", simply substitute the word Khazar)They completely control Hollywood and all of the major media outlets in every nation.  

They now own all the (once independent) principal Christian publishing houses in the U S, (where they wield editorial control in all modern Bible translations) and even fund to a degree, all the major evangelical Bible Colleges - directly or indirectly.  And where many orthodox Jewish Rabbis incredibly are now in many senior teaching and/or administrative-overseer positions.  Don’t believe it?  Then make the effort to check it out for yourself!

The Jews exercise powerful influence over the governments and nations of the earth by means of the unbelievable wealth they have acquired - and they truly can and will use their extensive power, wealth and influence to ruthlessly destroy all their perceived enemies.  
“The great majority of the Senate of the United States...somewhere around 80 percent are completely in support of Israel . .  anything Israel wants! This has been demonstrated time and again, and this has made it difficult." The above media statement made on April 15, 1979 - in a moment of frustration and anger, ended the political career of the courageous James Fulbright, as powerful Jewish Interests collaborated for his subsequent removal. 


The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, or ADL for short, presents itself as an organization against ethnic, racial or religious intolerance. The very name suggests that it opposes "defamation." In reality, the Anti-Defamation League is an organization that supports Jewish ethnic and religious supremacy, and relentlessly "defames" anyone who dares to point out its own blatant hypocrisy. Whilst supposedly opposing ethnic segregation and ethnic superiority, the ADL ever supports Israel and international Zionism, which promotes not a vision of a "multi-cultural," "multi-ethnic" Israel, but of a strictly segregated "Jewish state," openly dedicated to the advancement of all things “Jewish.”  

 “Behind this mask of humanitarian public service hides an organization with links to organized crime, murder squads, a domestic spying ring used to “monitor” tens of thousands of Americans, and the Mossad, the secret police and assassination service of the Israeli government. With the help of a friendly media, the ADL has become the premier lobby for Jewish interests in America, and the source of hate crime legislation and curtailment of First Amendment freedom of speech through their attempted censorship of the Internet.”  David Duke in “The truth about the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.”  

The ADL was founded in 1913 as an adjunct to the international Jewish freemasonic order and secret society, THE INDEPENDENT ORDER OF B'NAI B'RITH - an exclusively Jewish organization that CONTROLS AND DIRECTS THE ONE WORLD PROGRAM FOR ALL LODGES, WORLDWIDE.

The Council on Foreign Relations is another little publicized, but extremely powerful group - a virtual shadow government, according to some. The clear objective of the CFR has been to form a world system in which capitalism could bring all of the world's currencies, banking systems, credit, manufacturing, and raw materials into one body, and policed by its own military. According to Rear Admiral Chester Ward, who had been a member of the CFR for 15 years, its purpose is to: "promote disarmament and the submergence of American sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government."

The CFR is THE establishment. Not only does it have influence and power in key decision-making positions at the highest levels of government to apply pressure from above, but it also finances and uses individuals and groups to bring pressure from below, to justify the high level decisions for converting the U.S. from a sovereign Constitution Republic into a servile member of a one-world dictatorship. In the most recent list of its 43 officers and directors - 47% are Jewish.

The Trilateral Commission was formed in the 1970's, with David Rockefeller unsurprisingly playing a prominent role. The Trilateral Commission is a non-governmental, policy-oriented discussion group of about 350 “distinguished citizens” from Western Europe, North America and Pacific Asia formed to encourage mutual understanding and closer cooperation among these three regions on common problems. Among their 103 members in the North American region, 85 are Americans, 12 Canadians, and 7 Mexicans - 25% are Jewish.

The Jewish Institute for National Security affairs is a kind of Fifth Column for Israel, made up of high-ranking American military men. This one think tank puts the U.S./Israel strategic relationship first - regardless! Of the 48 officers and directors - 42% are Jewish

It is now time for all of us who love freedom, to wake up and fight the Federal Reserve System, the C.F.R, our corrupt political establishment, Hollywood, The International Bankers, the United Nations and Washington D.C., all of whom are controlled either directly or indirectly by powerful and mostly liberal, Talmudic Jews!  Is there any wonder why the battle seems so difficult, when we see how Cabbalistic conspirators from within have systematically plotted against this nation from its very inception to the present hour?

If you really think about it, if the god of the Jews is the same one as to whom the Christian's give reverence, then why are the Jews the principal driving force behind the removal of prayer from our schools?

How have such evils like greed and conspiracy within our national leadership been able to rock our nation?
How has the Federal Judicial system become such a power cult that it is able to violate our human rights with total freedom?
How have such Biblically opposed acts such as abortion, homosexuality and other sexual perversions, become acceptable and even welcomed practices?
When did this people give up the right of freedom OF (and not from) Religion?
When did we say it was OK for the open practice of Witchcraft and Satanism within our government and in our own schools, while Christianity in any form is prohibited?
When did humanism and a host of New Age and occult philosophies replace Christianity as the Rock upon which this nation was supposedly built?

Well, it began when we allowed the soothsayers and worshippers of JaoBulOn to lay out our National Capital as a giant Satanic Talisman where the door was opened to the demonic world of darkness.

The following is a most revealing remark at the conclusion of a shocking and controversial taped INTERVIEW with Harold Wallace Rosenthal, former Senate staff member and aide to the then US Senator Jacob Javits. A concerned American, Walter White, Director and Editor of the monthly conservative publication “Western Front,” conducted the interview in 1976. Mr. Rosenthal, heavily involved in the workings of government in Washington, D.C., bluntly discussed in breathtaking arrogance, the various tactics that certain Jews have used in destroying Christian civilization and gaining control over peoples lives. This largely unopposed Talmudic tyranny he attributes to "the stupid goyim" who are so gullible they are unable to see who is destroying their own culture, and even assist their enemies towards these ends.   

“Dear reader - after the tape machine had been turned off, I accused Harold Rosenthal of not living up to our agreement in replying truthfully to my question as to the Jews being God's Chosen people. He replied: "We are god's chosen people, most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer, so I wasn't lying - and, we are his chosen people. Lucifer is very much alive." I was stunned. I had no further comment. I had watched this arrogant, boastful person change at times like a chameleon that changes its colour. Many times he showed a hatred - yes, even a venom. At the conclusion I felt unclean being around him.”

"We Jews, who have posed as Saviours of the World; we are today nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners." - Oscar Levy

The root symbolic form   
The pictographic forms of various Masonic Lodge emblems

The interlaced triangles of the Hexagram and its core esoteric meaning, is at the root of ALL Lodge and other esoteric fraternity systems, as commonly depicted by their various logo’s, emblems and complex pictographs.  For example; the ancient Egyptian “Ankh,” also illustrates the conjunction of male and female genitals in a looped cross.  Similarly, the Order of the Rosy Cross or Rosicrucians demonstrates a similar theme in their emblem of the “Rosy Cross.”  The “Yin and Yang” is yet again a representation of the harmony of dualism in the mostly eastern/oriental tradition.  The importance of the Hexagram as represented in all Cabbalistic/occult systems past, present and future, cannot be overstated. 

The illustrations above are further examples of the symbolic root base behind that of a more complex emblem and clearly show how the compass and square pictographs are simply interlaced triangles with their bases removed.  Some Lodges quite openly display the Hexalpha outright to prove the point, as with the one on the right. 

The Rotary emblem is another classic example of a disguised Luciferic pictograph, showing the Hebrew Talisman – an encircled Hexagram, (the circle - representing Illuminism) at the root of this emblem.  Notice how the shaft key is at the 12 o’clock, or apex/capstone position.  Rotary is a powerful, worldwide organization and is strongly, but covertly linked to Freemasonry.

Apex is yet another seemingly benevolent community based civic organization, somewhat similar to that of Rotary.  The quoted aims of Apex, is to: “work together to serve their community's greatest needs by promoting service, fellowship and community spirit.”  Fine sentiment - but in reality, Apex is just another form of junior Freemasonry, where promising future “adepts” can be closely monitored.  The Apex emblem, regardless of its stated aims – clearly demonstrates its consistent harmony with other forms of Illuminist/Luciferic based sects, in Masonic belief and practice.

This logo for example, is used for the on-line Authorised KJV of the Bible and is ironically the one translation most purists hold dear.  Even God’s Word has Satan’s corrupting mark, in a very cleverly thought-out Freemasonic emblem - right down to the correct fire/water colour usage.  Tilt the picture 45 degrees right and take a close look and just marvel at the incredible consistency of it all. 

Just to confirm all this in your own mind, carefully look around at the number of company logos and other emblems that feature principally triangulate/Pyramidal root forms in one way or another and that predominantly use the opposite spectrum colours of red (spirit) and blue (matter).  I have collected literally hundreds of them over the years. The purpose of these and other Logo’s, is to psychologically prepare the world to gradually accept the “Mark,” using clever, preconditioning/subliminal imagery.  If you want to see more Judeo-Masonic symbols, I suggest paying a visit to:here or here. 
"Freemasonry, Judaism, and Occultism, whose alliance and reciprocal interpretation no longer require demonstration." (LÇon de Poncins, The Secret Powers behind Revolution, (1929).
As mentioned earlier, when a number is expressed in the Bible, words are used to do so. For example, the 153 fish that the disciples caught in John 21:11 is expressed as hekaton (a hundred) pentekonta (fifty) treis (three). However, in a form that is unique in the KJV Bible, the number 666 is also expressed simply by three alphabetical characters: (chi), (xi) and (stigma).  This form of "600 + 60 + 6" is interesting and invites speculation drawn from the Old Testament.  What if these numbers represent the relative power of certain avowed enemies of God, each of whom typifies Satan?  

In order of history, these enemies would be Goliath, Nebuchadnezzar, and the end-time Beast.  Goliath, the champion of the Philistines, taunted Israel for forty days before David killed him using a sling and five smooth stones (1 Sam 17:1-51). Spiritually, David's defeat of Goliath foreshadows Christ's defeat of Satan. Goliath's height is recorded as "six cubits and a span" (a cubit is about eighteen inches, a span about half that). Reckoned purely in cubits, we can say that Goliath was nominally six cubits high.

Some five centuries after Goliath died, king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon made an image of gold (Dan 3:1-5). It was sixty cubits high and six cubits broad, and was to be worshipped when any music was heard, particularly from six specified instruments (the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, and dulcimer). It is interesting to note that just as Nebuchadnezzar wielded far more power than Goliath, so his image is ten times Goliath's height. A spiritual parallel may be similarly drawn. In David's day, Satan's power over Israel was limited. However, by Nebuchadnezzar's day, it was much greater, as Satan worked through the Babylonians to defeat and exile God's people.

The real speculation, though, comes with the final number 600. If Goliath's power (representing Satan's limited power over Israel) is typified as six cubits, and if Nebuchadnezzar's power (representing Satan's greater power over Israel) is represented as sixty cubits (a tenfold increase), then the beast of Revelation 13 - who will overcome the church and rule all the world - is aptly scaled at six hundred cubits (a further tenfold increase).  This MAY represent a progression of Satan's culminating power over the church in the form "600 + 60 + 6" to also represent the beast's number. 

Further interest may also be stirred when it is noted that as we come to the beginning of the 6th seal of Revelation at the end of the 6th thousandth year, we have precisely 6 billion souls on the face of the earth, scattered among 6 major continents. 

The Six-Pointed Star or Hexagram, is called the “Tetragrammaton,” and is the symbolic representation of the Jewish/Talmudic G-d of the Cabbala – none other than Satan!  The Sephirotic Tree (ref. Gen 2:17) of the Cabbala, taught that the sum of the numerical values of Aïn-Soph (166, absolute empty) and Kether (500, unity) gives 666 - the Sun.   

“666 is the occult number of the Hexagram, the symbol of the Sun, for a single line of the Hexagram contains three equal parts, each of which may be represented by the number 1, so that every line can be symbolised by the number 111. There are six lines in all, so that 111x6=666, the most Holy Number of the Sun. Each angle of the Hexagram is 60 degrees. 60 is the number of the Hebrew letter Samekh, which is the letter of the Holy Guardian Angel or the Solar Self in Man. Six angles of 60 degrees each equals 360 degrees, and 360 is the number of the Hebrew letter Shin spelled in full. Shin is the letter of the Sun and of 666. Also 666 is the number of a "Man" who lives in the Sun.” Thelmic Numbers and Words by David Cherubim (Frater Aurora Aureae). The Order of the Thelemic Golden Dawn:

From The View Over Atlantis” by John Michell: “666, the predominant number at both Stonehenge and Glastonbury Abby, has always been recognized as a solar number.  Its traditional character is confirmed by its obvious significance as the sum of the numbers in the square of the Sun and it is the number of TEITAN, an ancient Greek name for Satan.”  

According to the fundamental doctrine of the Mysteries, as brought from Pergamos to Rome, “Teitan,” or Satan, was recognised as the one and ONLY true god.  Now if you add Teitan in its Greek numerical values for the letters we get: T=300 E=5 I=10 T=300 A=1 N=50 with a total of 666.  Now since the Sun-god, (the Heavenly Bull) brought both light and darkness as he rose from east to west, he was worshipped also as both good and evil. He was venerated not only as a good and evil “god,” but both male and female at the same time. The reasoning behind this Pagan philosophy is that the Sun-god was believed to be the source of all things. So since there is good and evil, and male and female, the Sun-god also had to be good and evil and hence double-sexed, because men and women were created in the image of their “god.”  Here again another consistent and clear representation of Satan as the “double divinity” of the Six-Pointed Star. 

666 was thus the symbolic representation of the ancient pagan mysteries connected with the worship of the Devil.  It is still today the secret connecting link between those ancient mysteries and their modern revival in Spiritualism, Theosophy, Freemasonry, Talmudism, etc. The efforts of the eternal enemy are now being directed towards uniting us all into one great whole. The media everywhere, are full of schemes actively promoting such a union.  "Reunion" is in the air. The various societies for the regathering of Christendom, and the endless conferences for the merging of the Churches, are like parts of the same great movement, and are all signs of the coming Apostasy.  During this age, "Separation" is God's word for His people, and is the mark of Christ; whilst "union" and "re-union" is the mark of Antichrist.  Regarding this union or transcendence, Miriam Donner comments thus in her “Esoteric Astrology and the 666.”  

“The triple-six, or 666, "The Number of the Beast", is the final struggle within "self" to control and then totally transmute the instincts, desire nature, and the emotions from its lower state (emotional imbalance and self-centeredness) and turn it into "wisdom" and a "pure heart" which expresses love in action. The battle between self-serving desires (lower animal nature, greed, etc.) and desires for self-sacrificing service for the good of all wages in everyone. It is often a terrific battle, but every soul on Earth must move through this experience before evolution in "consciousness" (both personal and universal) can continue, and we become "superindividuals."  Therefore, 666 represents the challenge of change (transcendence) from selfish willfulness and emotionalism, into a being of wisdom and most of all—love; that love that "unites all races.”

"... I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints. For certain men whose condemnation was written about long ago have secretly slipped in among you. They are godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality and deny Jesus Christ our only Sovereign and Lord."  (Jude 3,4)  Read this Scripture again carefully!

The Jewish mystics of the Cabbala practiced the "messianic mystery of awakening" which for them was akin to the Great Work of Alchemy.  For them, a woman was a “door of G-d, through which one enters into G-d."  The “coming’ of the Messiah, they believed, happened in a purely personal, rather than on a collective level, and could be occasioned via sexual union – the ultimate perversion.  Salvation was not some external condition granted by a gracious Saviour, but occurred only through a direct “experience” of God based on personal Gnosis.  

Talmudic Cabbalists believed that direct knowledge of God exempted them from strict adherence to Mosaic Law.  Personal Gnosis could be gained only through engaging in sex, the union with man's "other half" – woman, and the dirtier the better.  Thereby plunging man into degeneracy and lust, enabling subtle control of the individual through gradual demonization – the key to it all!  The Interlaced Triangles of the Hexagram, is the ultimate representation of Sex and Religion as being one.  Therefore all sex-acts become a “Divine Union” between God and Man.  The Orgasm therefore becomes holy absolution, a form of “Atonement” with God.  A sick, deliberate and satanic counterfeit of the pure Love of God!

All occult traditions, venerate sexuality, and view coitus as the highest expression of spiritual union with the combined male and female aspects of the Absolute.  This is precisely the reason that sexual immorality has been so consistently rampant in the various branches of paganism, for it is the direct result of mankind’s universal rejection of the knowledge and Love of the True and Living God and man’s consequential decline into the worship instead of the mystery of creation. (Numbers 25:1-3; Romans 1:18-27)

Of all the goddesses of ancient pagan mythology, none was more widely venerated than the goddess of sex. The Greeks called her Aphrodite; the Romans worshiped her as Venus. In Homer's 'Iliad,' Aphrodite is said to be the daughter of Zeus and Dione, a Titan goddess. Meaning “born of foam,” this pagan goddess venerated in the ancient Biblical city of Smyrna, was considered the ancestral Goddess of the Romans - recorded by accident or design in the city's name, 'Roma,' which is 'amor' (love) when written backwards – a common occult practice. Aphrodite (from where we get our word Aphrodisiac) was also widely venerated as a nature goddess and because she came from the sea, sailors prayed to her to calm the wind and the waves. The colour RED (the fire of love) and the red rose were dedicated to Aphrodite. Aphrodite’s mystic number was 666, and at its centre was the figure of the hexagram.
The poets of Greece and Rome never tired of singing the praises of their sex goddess. Sculptors carved countless figures of her and the most famous one that remains today is the beautiful and priceless - 'Venus de Milo', now in the Louvre in Paris. Other names for her are Aphrogenia, Anadyomene, and Astarte. It is often written Ashtoreth, particularly in Bible references to Philistine idols. The name may have also been derived from that of the Assyrian goddess Ishtar.  Hermaphrodite, was the offspring of Hermes and Aphrodite.

It is almost impossible to imagine a time when images of the erotic were not part of everyday life. Sex is the not-so-secret weapon used to promote anything from ice-cream to cars to TV newsreaders. Most of all, sex sells itself: we are bombarded with self-help manuals, videos, magazine features and even personalised coaching, aimed at improving virility, performance and satisfaction between the sheets. 

But our wise GOD, placed restrictions upon human sexuality, because He well understood the tremendous corrupting power of SEX.  Physical Intimacy was limited between a man and a woman who were joined together in marriage; anything else was BANNED under the penalty of death!  This included sex outside of marriage, prostitution, rape, incest as well as Homosexuality let-alone nasties such as, Bestiality, Necromancy and other flesh perversions freely practiced today!  

Violators were to be stoned to death and their bodies burned - no questions asked!  Today, almost anything goes and is becoming more and more morally acceptable.  Homosexuality and lesbianism are gaining greater mainstream acceptance, where adultery and swinging couples are experiencing a renaissance!  The Sex Industry for example, with its sales of pornography, sex toys, aphrodisiacs, etc., are at an all time high, with a huge $10 billion dollar a year industry and one of the few, financially successful ventures on the Net.  

But where is all of this leading us?  Back, back in time-- to the ancient Pagan and Gnostic rites and perverted sexual rituals of ancient Babylon and also to a righteous and holy God that is becoming increasingly angrier!  Because of the teaching of “once saved always saved,” grace has been taught as a license for immorality for so long, and without challenge, that when Scripture is quoted, such as 1 Cor. 6:9,10 or Rev. 21:8, it is disregarded, and the giver of God's Word is falsely accused of teaching legalism, bondage, works, etc. This reflects how truly dark are the days in which we live! 

Fornication is Satan’s trump card and has been running rampant since the beginning of time. It is one of the oldest and most commonly indulged-in and accepted sins of any society, where the temptation to succumb is powerful and universal. It was so common in the Apostle Paul's time that when he wrote the letter to the church at Corinth he was moved to say, "now the body is not for fornication, but for the Lord." This same warning needs to be sounded in our day, where there have been great advances in this sin within the society in which Paul lived, so that sexual promiscuity is now widely encouraged, publicized and glamorised. 

WHEN was the last time the media ever told you the truth about sexual sin? Notice how no one on TV or the movies pays the price of illicit sex. No one in fantasyland gets Herpes, Hep C, or AIDS when they jump into bed with their current ”fun” partner of the moment. 

Nobody that sings the songs connects their "I want your sex" life-style with constant pain, crazy rages and suicide attempts. No one on the screen gets hurt, blown apart at heart or devastated when they casually throw away their future with the loss of their virginity. MTV plugs sexual songs, cultivates sexual situations, pushes you into "safe sex". Then it offers the almighty cure; use a condom. "Sex cures loneliness. Sex makes you feel good about yourself. Sex makes you happy. Sex is like a box of chocolates . . . ?

On the silver screen everybody is pretty, everybody looks good, everybody has great sex with anybody at anytime with no consequences. Pretty Women marry millionaires – of course there's no sequel, because the marriage only lasts as long as the credits. The script always assures that the "sexually active" athlete gets the girl and they always live happily ever after.
However, the contrasting BIBLICAL TRUTHS are these: 

Sexual sin defiles your body and damages its ability to fulfil God's purposes. Sexual immorality is unique, in that it is committed against our own bodies (1 Corinthians 6:17). Our bodies function as temples of God's HOLY Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:12-20). When we use our body for sex sin, we dishonour and defile God's temple. We're also defiling the people with whom we commit that sin. Our lack of respect for our body, (and for God) harms our relationship with Him.

Sexual sin grieves God's Spirit. Any sin we practice will grieve The Spirit of God (Ephesians 4:31). It puts out the "fire" of the HOLY Spirit in our life (1 Thessalonians 5:19). The more we quench God's Spirit, the less we will be inclined to live a changed life in righteousness, which ultimately leads to our salvation.

Practicing sin forms a stronghold for evil in our lives. When we repeatedly sin, we give evil an increasingly protected place in our lives. The more we give in to our sinful lusts, the more they have control over us. Paul described this as slavery to sin in Romans 6:16. Sexual strongholds are particularly powerful, since they involve our body, soul and spirit.

Sexual sin can bring a curse on you, your partner and/or your children. Sex sin gives Satan a right to oppress us and our descendants through curses (see generational curses). The scriptural basis for generational curses is found in Exodus 34:6-7 and several other passages. Promiscuity, adultery, divorce, infertility, frigidity and other reproductive problems can sometimes be traced to curses arising from sexual sins of the past. (Numbers 5:11-31

Sexual sin can give evil spirits a foothold in your life. Romans 1:28-32 provides a vivid account of how sexual promiscuity and idolatry opens the door to many other forms of evil. The Bible offers plenty of additional examples of sex sin and the ensuing consequences (see Bible Sex Sin Examples). Perhaps the most famous is David's sin with Bathsheba. His adultery with Bathsheba and resultant murder of her husband produced continual family strife, the death of his precious son and opportunities for enemies to blaspheme God. (2 Samuel 11-12)

Sexual sin can bring spiritual confusion. Spiritual confusion begins when we start pursuing certain pleasures and disregard our conscience of what is right and wrong. The more we pursue this sin, the more our conscience becomes dulled (1 Timothy 4:2, Titus 1:15). A dull conscience causes us to be susceptible to the enemy's lies, which will draw us progressively further away from God (James 1:14). 

Eventually we may not even think our actions are sinful and our ability to repent can be hindered (Hebrews 6:1-8). Two examples of sex-related spiritual confusion are found in Romans and 1 Kings. The people in Romans 1:24-32 sinned through sexual immorality and idolatry and were filled with all kinds of evil. 1 Kings 11 illustrates how Solomon, the wisest person that ever lived, descended into spiritual confusion through sexual idolatry with his many pagan wives.

Sexual sin can cause emotional confusion. Sexual activity creates emotional bonds ("soul ties") with our sex partner. These bonds will vary in strength depending on the relationship. God intended this emotional bond for marriage partners. When we bond with people other than our spouse through sex, emotional confusion results.

Sex sin can destroy marriages and families. Adultery destroys marriages and families. The husband and the wife will suffer emotional, spiritual and even physical damage when the bond of fidelity is broken. Major healing will be needed to repair the breach. Memories created during a marriage break-up can last the lifetime of the family and the effects can be felt up to four generations. Viewing pornography is a form of adultery (Matthew 5:28), and it's potential to damage a marriage cannot be underestimated. Too often it is justified as a harmless necessity by the addicted, suggesting that it is not as damaging as physical adultery. This is a blatant lie! 

Sexual sin can lead to an unbridled pursuit of lust and perversion. Sex sin usually feeds a growing fire of other lusts in our minds. If we continue to feed that fire, we can easily drift further and further into decadence.  Paul described this state as indulgence in every kind of impurity, with continual lust for more (Ephesians 4:19, Romans 1:24-28). 

Sex is never JUST sex. God says sexual sin is like nothing else in the Book. It can hurt you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - screwing up your life in ways you would never have dreamed. The life of one who bows “At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry,” has made the act of sex his god, it’s as simple as that.  Many people sincerely believe they are worshippers of The Most High, but in reality, it is something or someone else who receives their adoration. Jesus said that God, The Father, must be worshipped “in Spirit and in TRUTH.” (John 4:24) This means that any so-called worship that is not done in “Spirit and TRUTH” is both false and perverted. It is this TRUTH,” that quenches the fiery darts of lust, and destroys the demonic passion that drives it.  We are to KNOW the Truth – i.e., to act on its wisdom and THE TRUTH will set us free.

I once knew an old Navy man who had traversed the seven seas many times in his long life. His simple advice to me as an inexperienced rating was, "always trust your compass." The most common problem for green sailors, he said, was their tendency to lose confidence in their compass. When you lose sight of familiar landmarks due to bad weather, especially at night, your mind fills-in the darkness with false images. 

 You see what you want to see, not what's really there. A people who are too timid to trust their moral compass, or too fearful to resist the comforting certitudes of self-anointed holy men, will soon find themselves lost in a fog of moral chaos. Today, the ship of state is steered by demagogues who strategically place magnetic lies of propaganda around our moral compass, to force the needle to point wherever it profits them to take us.  The world is adrift, under gathering storm clouds and we seem to have abandoned our moral compass. 

The Scriptures have been readily provided for our learning and when they differ from “the traditions of men”, those traditions must be discarded.  The first Biblical mention of a “Star” is in Amos 5:26 where the primary religions of the day (just as now) were in fierce competition between God, The Father of our Lord Jesus, with that of the Baals of Canaan.  

The Canaanite’s religion centred on a fertility cult that appealed to the sexual urges of the people, leading to their separation from the true God and to their ultimate destruction.  In her authoritative work ”The Plot Against Christianity,” Elizabeth Dilling comments that demonism and their veneration in paganism, was the essence of Baal-worship: “Baal, meaning lord, or master; the demon-god of male procreative powers associated with the Sun in Biblical times and with a goddess of female procreation, called variously: Venus, Astarte, Mylitta, etc.  It involved mass nudism, fornication, sodomy and mad knife-slashing rites, including the burning of children – were all features of this so-called worship.”  

While it is certainly true that King David would never have allowed Baal worship or anything resembling either a five or a Six-Pointed Star to exist in his day, let alone any idols associated with it - that was not so however of his son King Solomon.  In 922 BC, King Solomon spectacularly backslid and converted to the fashionable occult religions of his day, by being enticed by his one thousand ethnically diverse wives and concubines that God warned would lead him astray, a warning of which he duly ignored. (I Kings 11:1-13, 26-36)  

As a result of Solomon’s heart being turned away by his affection directed elsewhere, he erected an altar to Satan's false god, Astarte and to Molech, even after God appeared to him twice and commanded him not to do such an abominable thing.  This was the beginning of the end for Solomon, as God raised up a number of “adversaries” that eventually, forcibly deprived him of his kingdom.  A sad and ignoble end to a once great and honourable man of God, something of which we should all be aware, lest our own hearts be drawn away to become darkened through disobedience and fleshly overindulgence.  

The Hexagram is THE most wicked and THE most powerful, of all symbols in cabbalistic magick. It is the foremost representation of the elevation of Lucifer/Satan to god-hood in man with bondage through sexual perversion as the key.  This now is the real “Illuminated (demonised) Man,” one who is in totally enslaved to all forms of moral degeneracy, depravity and sin and who is eternally destined for the fiery pits of hell – professing Christian or not!
In a nutshell, God - The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, IS LOVE in all its purest forms. Satan’s counterfeit is SEX in all its most degenerate forms as symbolised by the SIX POINTED STAR.
As hard as it may be to believe, it was from the worship of Astarte (Ishtar) and her Six-pointed Star that the so-called Christian festival, named after her in the English - Easter, originated.  At the festival of Astarte, or Easter, (Eostar Sabbat) this sex-goddess asks her followers to worship fornication and fertility which is represented by the Sign of the Rabbit and the Astarte Egg.  She had her pagan followers celebrate the first Sunday after the first full moon, after the Spring equinox (March 20-23) and at a time when day and night are in balance, with the light mastering the darkness as believed by Wiccans and Celtics. 

Incredibly, Christmas also originated from Babylon, where the SUN was worshipped as the supreme god.  As the year progressed and the days grew shorter the people feared the sun was leaving them. On December 22 the shortest day of the year, they began conducting long rituals and sacrifices to the sun god, appealing for it to return for another year. On December 25 they could determine the day was getting longer again and on this day they held a great celebration rejoicing in the re-birth of the sun!  Yule was the original Pagan holiday when the Moon Goddess gave birth to the SUN God.  You can see quite clearly the similarity to Christianity and to the birth of the SON OF GOD, showing this was and still is, ancient Pagan ritual that has continued from Babylon to this day.


So then, is there a command anywhere in the Scriptures that someone should cut down a tree from the forest, set it up in one's home at the time of the Winter Solstice, deck it out with gifts, trinkets and various colourful decorations, and then place a five or six-pointed star on its topmost part to show an association of the tree with the signs of the heavens? There is, of course, no such command, nor suggestion that such a thing should ever be done.  However with some sort of twisted reasoning, the church authorities tell the ignorant faithful that all these pagan customs are innocent enough as long as they "put Christ back into Christmas" with their worshipful adoration for the nativity of the Christ-child. But the problem is, how can the church leaders "put Christ back into Christmas" when He was never in Christmas in the first place?

Here now is the true origin of that jolly individual in the red suit, "Santa Claus." It certainly was a stroke of demonic genius that produced such a charming and attractive figure for our children to enjoy, and straight from the dark pages of Pagan mythology.  “Thor was the god of the peasants and the common people. He was represented as an elderly man, jovial and friendly, of heavy build, with a long white beard. His element was the FIRE, his colour RED. The rumble and roar of thunder were said to be caused by the rolling of his chariot, for he alone among the gods never rode on horseback but drove in a chariot drawn by two white goats (called Cracker and Gnasher). He was fighting the giants of ice and snow, and thus became the Yule-god. He was said to live in the "Northland" where he had his palace among icebergs. Our pagan forefathers considered him as the cheerful and friendly god, never harming the humans but rather helping and protecting them. The fireplace in every home was especially sacred to him, and he was said to come down through the chimney into his element, the FIRE.”  [Note 70: H. A. Grueber, Myths of Northern Lands, Vol. I, New York, 1895, 61ff.].

Another interesting exercise to prove the Pagan point even further, is what we get when we unscramble the cleverly worded - “Santa Claus.”  Santa is obviously S a t a n, and Claus is L u c a s, from the Roman name Lucius, meaning “luminous or white,” which is derived from Lucifer or the “bringer of the light.”  Now we can see clearly why Santa Claus is also called “Old Saint Nicholas,” because Nicolaus is the same name as Nicholas, or “Old Nick,” - the Devil himself.  If we stretch our imagination even further, every time Santa says “Ho-Ho-Ho”, he is really saying “666.”  Each word "HO" has 6 letters between the H and the O, where you get...H i j k l m n O,  then HO HO HO here equals 6 6 6Now, using A = 6, B = 12, C = 18, .... etc., the name S A N T A  C L A U S also adds up to 666Do you get a picture of brilliant supernatural consistency here, or am I slowly going nuts?

The Six-Pointed Star or “double divinity” is identified as the Seal of Solomon, as is the FIVE POINTED STAR in some instances.  Deceivers among us have been attempting to convince us through the legitimacy of the widespread use of these symbols, especially on our nation’s flags and elsewhere, that the Six Pointed Star (the interlaced triangles) is the “Mogen David,” and is somehow associated with the great Biblical patriarch, and is something to be admired and even revered, especially by Christians – a dangerous and deliberate lie.  

This symbol has nothing to do with the great patriarch and prophet King David - but instead has mostly to do with that of an Ashkenazi Jew - Menahem ben Duji, who changed his name to David Al-Roy. This man was a leading 16th century “Zaddikim” or Ba'al Shem, a leading Cabbalistic sage, who also claimed to be the “Messiah.”

From “The Plot Against Christianity” by Elizabeth Dilling comes this: “The six pointed star, called “Davids Shield” or “Mogen David,” has been used for magical amulets for centuries for pagan purposes and then “hung” on to David.  Only in this last century did this commonly come to be used as a symbol of Talmudism.  The five pointed star also used for pagan sorcery was then “hung” on to Solomon.  

Together on the RED FLAG you may note, both David’s Shield and Solomons Seal were used to make a red flag, with which the Jews met King Mathias of Hungary in the fifteenth century.  The Bible has an uncanny way of prophesying what Satanists will do, as a doctor predicts the run of a contagious disease in advance.  The Babylonian power of the future red government of the world is represented as BLOOD RED”. (The Red Dragon of Rev. 12:3-4, & The woman astride the Scarlet Beast of Rev. 17:3-4) – 

[Red is the colour of Esau who is Edom, and has generally represented Communism with its insatiable appetite for blood.  Biblically, red applied to blood (2 Kings 322;22), a heifer (Numbers 19:2), pottage of lentils (Genesis 25:30), a horse (Zechariah 1:8), wine (Proverbs 23:31), the complexion (Genesis 25:25; Cant 5:10). This colour is symbolical of bloodshed and death (Zechariah 6:2; Revelation 6:4; 12:3)]

The god, Saturn, and the number 6 are found on the Talisman of Saturn, which has the Six-Pointed Star on one side and the Pentagram on the other.  "On the first face is engraved . . . a pentagram or a star with five points. On the other side is engraved a bull's head enclosed in a SIX-POINTED STAR, and surrounded by letters composing the name REMPHA, THE PLANETARY GENIUS OF SATURN, according to the alphabet of the Magi." (Christian, p. 304-5)Rempha is precisely the false god referred to by the first Christian martyr, Stephen, in his sermon to the Council of Jewish establishment leaders, (mostly Pharisees) in Acts 7:43 and earlier by the OT prophet Amos 5:26-27.

The book, “Encyclopaedia of Occultism” by Lewis Spence, calls the Six-Pointed Star the occult's "chief magical diagram."  None of the references you will ever find anywhere to the origin of this Star will indicate any positive, Godly or Christian meanings at its root.  In fact the Hexagram figures prominently in Tarot readings and is on the lid of the box for the Tarot deck.  It is also the highest sign of the Sabbath of Witches, often called Halloween and is enthusiastically celebrated on the same day all over the world, even by some Evangelical Christian Churches. 

Their ignorant congregations dress up their children as goblins, skeletons, and a host of other disguises, and send them out into the “All Hallows Eve” to play out the witch's role of "Trick or Treat," a childish combination of blackmail, bribery and theft. Halloween is considered by witches to be the one-day of the year most suitable for magic or demonic activity.  

The deliberate murder of the first-born was a common ritual for those under the power and authority of Molech.  Today, that ritual is dutifully carried on by medical ABORTIONS lawfully done under the sign of the serpent on the staff – the Caduceus, a symbol of divinity in Phoenicia and Babylonia.  

The majority of abortions now permitted in most countries, sanctioned by their courts and performed on the “seed of the woman,” is promoted most widely by those whose loyalty and allegiance, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is to the two interlaced triangles and to the cruel hermaphroditic god that it represents.  

The Six-Pointed Star has long been used in magic, occultism, witchcraft, and astrology, and has been found at the scene of so many occult crimes, that the state police in California, recently issued a directive to all schools warning children to be cautious of this particular symbol.

Satanic sacrifices of innocent young people that are cold-bloodedly murdered in frightening numbers world-wide under this candle-lit sign, are the real reason for the large majority of missing children that are never seen again.  

Most police forces everywhere know this as plain fact, but because of the heavy influence of career altering Freemasonry and its “loyalty–to-the-brotherhood” mindset throughout the constabulary and judiciary systems especially, the mere mention of any occult involvement is at best glossed over and usually explained away.  The English press reported in February 1998, that the leaders of Britain's Freemasons had been ordered to lift the cloak of secrecy surrounding their organizations and name members involved in infiltrating and corrupting the police force there.  Unsurprisingly, nothing has been heard since.  

This would account for the fact that there are around 340,000 Freemasons in England and Wales alone, where their considerable influence reaches even into the British Royals.  In fact, of all the professions, the law enforcement and intelligence community, have the highest percentage of members who are Freemasons.  This is no coincidence as Freemasonry intentionally seeks out new recruits that can be the most useful for its specific purposes.  

Unfortunately organised crime and the occult has long been aware of this, and the more sophisticated criminals and adepts have ever used the cloak of Freemasonry especially, in their continual attempts to corrupt the justice system and to gain the ultimate “edge.” “You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him...It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations.” Ronayne Handbook of Masonry, page 183
Continual sexual abuse and murder of children, together with the ever-increasing incidents of Paedophilia around the world, all point to the involvement of a highly organised NETWORK of elitist, pro-establishment type criminals who are at the apex of principally the law enforcement and judicial systems.  This has been proven time and time again and is THE reason why Paedophilia will never be totally eradicated. 

Our many textbooks describe adnauseum; excruciating details of Jewish persecution yet stop short of telling readers why they were so persecuted.  Countless books on the subject of Jewish suffering repeatedly enlighten us that Jews are hated for whatever they are, when in fact; Jews are really hated for what they DO. 

For example, the KOLNIDRE is a Jewish absolving prayer named from its opening words "All vows" (kol nidre) and is based on the declaration of the Talmud: "He who wishes that his vows and oaths shall have no value, stand up at the beginning of the year and say: 'All vows which I shall make during the year shall be of no value.” (NEDARIM, 23a-23b)   
It would be nice if we could declare that this is merely one of the curiosities of the filth and darkness which envelopes the Talmud, but the fact is that Kol Nidre is not only an ancient curiosity - it is also very much modern practice. One of the most important aspects of this “prayer” is that it suborns or excuses perjury in the Courts – especially in the case of Jewish witnesses, whose testimony is knowingly rendered worthless by it.  

Below, is a copy of the sworn, OATH OF THE ILLUMINATI which is a partial derivation from the older, Oath of the Jesuits. It is now interesting to compare the similarities of the above Jewish Kol Nidre, with the renunciation of the vows portion of the evil, blood curdling oath of The Illuminati:

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