Hawk & Steve Quayle Alert: Massive False Flag Has Begun

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Vatic Note:  I have not been able to confirm this below.   It is either true, or a blatant attempt to instill fear into our population.   I definitely recommend reserving your reaction until we get some evidence that this is true.   If we do, then we can prepare and possibly avoid such an event.  

Sometimes when things such as this get exposed, they stop doing what they had planned, since it then becomes obvious who the felony perpetrators are and that puts them in the spot light, which they hate very much.    Darkness is their domain.

The evil ones are getting desperate and that is why this has shown up.  Either   They will use the Vaccines to pass on a truly deadly pandemic to the general population like they have "TRIED" to do in the past or they will try to get us to act out of our lizard brain from the fear they are feeding us and in either case, its not good for us to be too hasty.

We know it now, and we can watch for the signs this is being done...... or it will stop their attempt, or it was never valid in the first place.   You read and decide.  I am going to hold my water til I get an additional confirmation from a reliable source.    

Hawk & Steve Quayle Alert: Massive False Flag Has Begun

By Susan Duclos

What’s getting ready to happen will be much worse than you think it might be” – Hawk

We have a twofer here ladies and gentleman, with alerts coming from all directions over the plans which have already begun for the next false flag, with headlined news, witness accounts and the Hawk video below, we see that 13 years after the first Anthrax false flag attack here in America, according to Hawk, anywhere from 75 to 86 people at the CDC have been exposed to anthrax.

 The numbers are ranged because the “official” reports keep changing, starting at 75, then increased to 86 and the latest showing 84, according to Hawk.

 First the Steve Quayle alert from someone who received a “training alert” on June 19, 2014:

Is a false flag scenario of Anthrax attack in the works? The scenario was a massive Anthrax outbreak and the setting up of numerous vaccination distribution posts. The scenario was just over the top in being outrageous

Dear Steve,

I just read your recent alerts. I am a volunteer for the (REDACTED) in my state and received a training alert yesterday. These alerts come through occasionally with various disaster scenarios and locations within the state and the goal is to see how many volunteers would be able to respond at any given time. The one that came via email yesterday really alarmed me and is related to the recent posts on your alert section.

The scenario was a massive Anthrax outbreak and the setting up of numerous vaccination distribution posts. The scenario was just over the top in being outrageous for any real life situation unless the intent was to promote fear or the set-up for some type of false flag event.

I couldn’t believe the coincidence after reading the alerts you posted today along with the recent cost and lack of availability of Tetracycline. Tetracycline in the past has been one of the cheapest and most readily available antibiotics on the market. SQ NOTE-REMEMBER TETRACYCLINE IS ALSO USED TO TREAT THE BUBONIC PLAGUE-OH THE WICKED PLANS OF THESE GLOBALISTS RELEASE THE PLAGUES AND CHARGE YOU FOR THE CURE! 

In the video below, Hawk first delves into the anthrax false flag from 13 years ago, pointing to the similarities of what we see happening now, specifically highlighting the anthrax used then came from a laboratory that produced “military grade,” anthrax….. weaponized.  (VN: I remember that, it was from the Ames, Iowa bioweapons lab and that was why those 89 microbiologists were killed, since they had DNA sequencing where they could tell us from the sequencing, which bioweapons facility the bug came from)

The portion about the anthrax false flag starts at the 9 minute mark.


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