Congressman Rangel (D) made the oddest statement. Did anyone catch it? Very Telling in what is happening to the Country.

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Vatic Note:   What she has shown us is something we needed very much to see..... its the game they play.  Both parties are sold out as we see everyday when both parties vote for the Rothschild agenda items that are not in the best interests of this country or the American people.  I worked inside the system at one time, and I saw how it works.  AIPAC comes up to a group of GOP senators and says "I need you to vote for this or that". 

Many in the caucus have Israeli dual citizens as constituents and so no problem, they agree to vote for it, since a big chunk of their campaign contributions come from AIPAC, and they also show the khazar constituents who to vote for.   So, the senator sells out the nation.  However, there is a congressman or senator whose constituents would kick him out if he voted for it.

He does not want to lose those campaign contributions, so he finds someone else he can arm twist to vote in his place, who won't be affected by his vote, or he has 4 years left on this term, and since American voters have a short memory,  He votes for it, but then has an excuse that would be acceptable, ready to give his voters should the need arise.  That is how the game is played on both sides, and that is why I quit after only 3 years on the job.  There was no difference between the parties, and people with integrity were squeezed out.

Who knows what this below is all about.   It could be a planned event, OR it could be another fear production to get us out of our rational mind into our emotional angry mind and we then would make mistakes that would allow the evil ones to take our guns.   Having said that,  I am positive, at this point, that no one will readily give up their guns, since that would be a death sentence for those that do.  Hitler and Nazi Zionist Germany proved that fact.  Even the Russians tell us "Do not give up your guns like we did".  

Congressman Rangel (D) made the oddest statement. Did anyone catch it? Very Telling in what is happening to the Country. 
by Sherry Questioning All,  June 22, 2014

I have been reading how Congressman Charles Rangel who is the longest serving Congressman in D.C.  He is from New York, Harlem district and has been serving since 1971.  He is 84 years old now.

His district is now 52% Hispanic due to immigration so he has a tough primary.

I was reading the story on Washington Post when I read something Rangel said that is at the least very odd and very strange besides telling in what is happening and where this country is headed.

Here is the paragraph that hit me very wrong:
“For the nation, these next two years are going to make history,” Rangel told the packed room at his birthday gathering. “These next two years are not the years for someone who just has pride and ambition, it’s for someone . . . who has the experience to guide the ship into the dark for the next two years.”
Do you see it?
"....who has the experience to guide the ship into the dark for the next two years.” 

He wants to guide the ship (U.S.) into the dark??????

I believe that is a very negative thing to say, besides a slip of the tongue.  Is that where all the D.C. people want to lead us with Obama?

The first line bothers me too...... "Next two years will make history."  Really? How?  What are they planning?

Are we going into the dark now?  Haven't we been in the dark?  Isn't it light that we desire and deserve?

I believe his opponents should run with that sentence against Rangel.

I believe every single career politician, no matter the political side should be kicked out as Cantor was.

So, there you have it.... Rangel wants to make sure we are led into the dark for the next two remaining years of Obama's presidency and they will make history.

Update 6/25/14 - Too bad, Rangel won his primary.  Why do people continue to vote in the most corrupt politicians?  Why aren't people waking up?!

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