Update: 12-18-13 -  David's site was taken down after we had scheduled this blog below and you can read about it  here.  So, he is either legit and they are  now harassing him, or he is working for them, and this takedown was a ploy to distract us or drive us away from him as a sellout.  You decide which it is. I personally believe David is legit, since they have done almost the same thing to Vatic Project and to Jim Stone....  http://www.davidicke.com/headlines/davidlcke-com-and-the-peoples-voice-taken-down-at-the-same-time-yesterday-was-it-something-we-said/

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Vatic Note: I know that David Icke is controversial, but I agree with Zen on this one.  David took some of the worst abuse for his positions way back when he first started out and some of it was public, which humiliated David.   But he stuck with the truth no matter what and that takes courage, commitment, and a true love of humanity and "truth" to do.

None of us are sure how we would have reacted when humiliated as David was by the Press at that time.  Today,  he has been proven right back then and now has the respect he deserves.  Am I right about him?  I don't know, obviously none of us do at this point in time, but given all the evidence I have seen, I am going with believing he is a good guy, until proven otherwise.

I keep an open mind, so if anyone else has something to contribute to this with credible links, I am more than willing to listen and reconsider.  But until then, this is my position,  read this below and see what you think.

by Zen Gardner, 

by Zen Gardner

One figure in the alternative or Truth movement, if you will, that I deeply respect and who has influenced me probably the most profoundly is David Icke. His brave, bold, even brazen stance and proclamation of the fundamental principles of Truth and Love and his always upbeat, empowering conclusions have so enlivened and influenced my personal awakening I cannot begin to articulate it.
But I’ll try. I’ve just felt moved recently to give this brave, big-hearted man my personal thanks and appreciation.

His story is each of our stories. The ridicule, the change of paradigm, the battle to inform. His example has led the way while many others were stuttering with uncertainty. Not that anyone is better than another, but when someone has the guts to keep on against unspeakable odds in a very public setting of scoffing naysayers, I think that’s pretty damn remarkable.

The Icke Effect

Be it compelled, propelled, repelled, or impelled, you won’t be the same after confronting David’s information and passion. I have one dear alternative activist friend who told me he was just plain shocked and knocked back by a David Icke book he read early on during his awakening. Understandably. The information he freely offers is some pretty amazing fodder for the mind and soul.

This remarkable friend whom I know, love and implicitly trust eventually became co-creator of one of the most passionate, respectable and well informed alternative websites on the internet. The rebound has been phenomenal. He, of course, is an avid reader and researcher of his own right, but when discussing this with him a couple of years ago that story stuck in my mind.

This is not a unique event. I’ve spoken to  many who’ve read David’s books that were clearly having their calcified minds busted up and awakened and 3rd eyes squeegeed, as dear Bill Hicks would say.

I’ve met many others who’ve also been “challenged” by the Icke effect, usually citing the reptilian agenda as their stumbling block. Good. I’m glad there’s something to sort the wheat from the chaff, as they say. If one thing anyone says turns someone off to a resource, they deserve to be diverted in my opinion. They don’t grasp the deeper magnificence of what we’re staring at, and are looking at the button off Mutt’s vest at the least to justify their own fears or narrowed perspective or lack of aware understanding.

Fine. Can’t see the forest through the trees, in other words. They’ve got some learning to do, but that’s how it works. A few more rounds and maybe things will make more sense to them.  Hard to say, everyone is so different and we’re all on so many different levels.
But don’t start with the condemning. You have no flipping idea what you’re talking about.

We’re talking heart here.


Activism Pays

David taught me a lot of things, and continues to do so. He and others took their knowledge to the streets. Like he says, he put out 3 to 5 chairs for a talk he would give at the beginning of his journey, sometimes a group he was hoping to address was the “size of a phone box”. That’s commitment to conveying your message.

That he has the viewership he has today I doubt was his intention. His intention was to get the message out there and let it have its effect.  And that’s what’s happening.

David’s example of standing up for the oppressed is, to me, something to live up to. He relentlessly exposes not just the overall elite scumbags, but specifically targets the horrific child abusers, the Zionist bankster warlords, and the political sell outs, to name a few categories. And with such clarity and persistence it is nothing less than a dogged commitment that we all should emulate if we’re serious about seeing some change and defending the defenseless.

And always with an emphasis on infinite conscious awareness and its profound answer to everything. I admire that so much and have sought to live up to this type of conviction in my efforts to contribute to the awakening.

And David taught me so much about this. How it applies, how it permeates everything, how it affects our vision of everything about us. We’re here to help each other and bring the light of Truth to a darkened world. That’s the call of conscious awareness, the yearning of our Creative Source. He reflects that awareness as I and many others also endeavor to do.

Thank you, brother. You won’t take credit as you, too, are just doing what you’re supposed to be doing.  But I want to encourage you and heartily thank you that the ball you are rolling is having the desired effect.

Keep On Keeping On

As they chanted during the Chicago demonstrations in the 60′s while the police were tearing into the kids on live TV, “The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!”

Big brother thinks he can shut the cameras down, but he can’t shut down the indomitable spirit of an awakened, conscious free humanity.

That fire will never go out – it will only continue to spread. Thank you for doing what you do David Icke, and to all others doing the same.

We all are the true Dream Team!
To a truly great man, with all my heart,
In sincere loving gratitude,

Zen Gardner
- See more at: http://www.zengardner.com/the-david-icke-effect/#sthash.lzlEeTvu.dpuf

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