Titanic deliberately sunk by JP Morgan, same criminal zionist banker khazar that ruined Tesla

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Vatic Note:   Remember, all leaders on both sides of the World wars were in on the Rothschild, Zionist banker scam to gain profits and power as well as control, slowly, gradually and ultimately, over the globe.   Now, how do we know that both sides are in on the scam for WW III?   Check this out and understand why JP morgan would do something like sink the Titanic without regard for all human life on that vessel.

All fighting between them is fabricated by the zionist owned press, and we are getting educated on just how sold out that press is.   Boy that docket at the Nuremberg trials is going to be crowded when adding the press into it.   Aiding and abetting treason carries the same penalty as the act of treason itself.                                                      
Did you know that the false flag sinking of the titanic led to the creation of the Federal Reserve???  Did you know that, "coincidentally",  the three main powerful men in opposition to the creation of the federal reserve, all died on that trip?     I did not know that either.  What we are certain of now with this photo above is that there is no quandry, fight, or dispute between the two sides of this planned World war III, which is to be used to depopulate the planet.  Well, lets figure out who should go first..... I have some suggestions, and Photos.  hehehe

These khazar Zionists have been doing these false flags for their agenda, for a very long time, and because they are never held accountable for their actions, they grow up to be criminals of the worse kind, with no conscience, no humanity, no integrity, no empathy, or honesty.   What a waste of brain power.  

Titanic deliberately sunk by JP Morgan, same criminal Jew that ruined Tesla
by Dallas Clark,  Jewish Terrorism

Which Ship is This?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor —

We thank readers (of www.sott.com) for the video referral.  Though entertaining and enjoyable, there is a dark aspect of this century old mystery.  If “they” could do then what we see them doing, and a very strong case is made, what is done now?

As Veterans Today is in the business of examining such things, the history of conspiracies is very much “up our alley” as it were.

(VN: this video below is unavailable and cannot be found at this location, so please just read below. Youtube is at it again, censoring, using copyright infringement.  Thats why they have it, so they can censor what they don't want us to know.  Thanks) 

 – Veterans Today -

As hundreds of millions await the end of the world, supposedly only a bit over two weeks away, there may not be another chance to put our “Titanic lore” in perspective.

You can’t do that if we are dead, either a planet splitting event or a mass of brain sucking zombie Martians.

Once, long ago, I read a paper that brought forth the hypothesis that Moses, in order to have crossed the Red Sea and to have been “lost” for as long as is represented in Exodus, had, if one were to accept what was supported  as “conclusory proof,” the real “holy land” or “Israel” was actually Yemen and not Judea.

However, this is not “one of mine.”

I have enough areas of commonly accepted history that, at least I believe, can be totally debunked with little effort.

In fact, the average professor of history, is subject to instantaneous humiliation at the hands of any cable TV junkie.

Anyway, enjoy the video and enjoy the holidays.

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Anonymous said...

Vatic Master; Good Post. Yes! Judeo Masonry is Servants of the Jews as well as being the Ram Dodders and Enforcers of the NWO ZOG AGENDA!

American Action Report said...

The link wasn't working, at least not over here; but I found a 55-minute video called "The Deliberate Sinking of the Titanic." Before I watch it, I'd like to make a comment or two.
Before Smith became captain of the Titanic, he was captain of the Olympic. The Olympic was under insured and badly damaged due to Smith's carelessness. The only way Morgan could recoup his losses was to pass the Olympic off as the Titanic, sink it, and collect insurance on the Titanic's account.
There were an incredible series of anomalies connected with the sinking of the "Titanic." I'll mention just two: (1) On the day the ship left for its voyage, there were six pairs of binoculars available for use in the crow's nest; the following day, there were none. (2) There were 55 last-minute cancellations in first class; one was J. P. Morgan.
I'm not surprised to read that three of the dead had been major opponents of the Fed. "Those people" usually have multiple agenda.