Some Good News: Humanity Declares Checkmate Upon The Banker’s NWO.

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Vatic Note:  There are just some blogs that do not need commentary and this is one of them, with one exception.

I will say that I am finally at a point where I am looking forward to seeing all the dual Israeli Zionist citizen traitors in the same position as we see in this photo below.  Treason deserves harsh treatment, due to the impact on the humanity of those that are victims and the inhumanity of those who are perpetrators.

I do believe this time ROTHSCHILD has met his waterloo and his  just desserts.   This was not the country to try to take down.  It would have been better to wait on us.   We are unbeatable when we have nothing to lose.  I suspect he will find the same thing in Europe as well.

As for the Chinese or Russians,  I suspect they are watching all this, since we are getting hits from both countries, and they know the role the bankers played in this game,  and also, can see who got sacrificed at the Nurember trials and thus are figuring out who will be the sacrificial lambs when it comes their turn.   The Chinese are not dumb, and will be ready for their turn when it comes.  I consider this good news. 

Humanity Declares Checkmate Upon The Banker’s NWO. 
by  Volubrjotr,  Political Velcraft

mussolini rothschild

What is the line between confidence and acknowledgement of victory?
As humanity exponentially wakes up to the plans of the [Rothschild] global elite (those in power, the ruling class, the “Illuminati” or whatever you want to call them, when will it officially become common knowledge that, yes, we are in trouble as a species unless and until we put a working system in place that holds all politicians, government and private corporations accountable for their actions?

VENDETTA anonymous
This expected new level of accountability is the mass awakening and official paradigm shift we have all been waiting for and I suggest that we are mighty close to at this point in history.

As the secluded and secretive government elite continue to struggle to push their global agenda only to run into increasing mass opposition, those at the very top of the control structure are now double worried that their time is up.
They must know how humanity works as do we. Humanity generates thoughts which we share with each other.
Governments are nothing more that organized thoughts and agreements among a set of people who also have logistical control and means to enforce their agreements (laws and statutes).

Thankfully, grassroots movements, humanitarian efforts, and passionate displays of moral human consciousness also have a life of their own and ultimately have shown to have never-ending effects on humanity throughout history.

Anonymous Republic
Fact is, humanity applauds those who have stood for morality, justice, and peace more than it esteems warmongers and tyrants. The jury was in on this issue long ago.

Thankfully we do not have to debate on the meaning of what is wrong and what is right on a personal level. The argument for war, killing, torture, and oppression of humans is only offered to humanity from a political perspective barring the rare religious fanatical belief that promotes this ideology which we now know, in this generation was and has been an engineered radicalization of groups now known to have been sponsored, armed, educated, radicalized, and trained by the very corrupt secret government and individuals who we are now fully exposing.

In other words, we now know that the radical (Muslim) fundamentalism which has been alleged and has led to supposed violence around the world in our times was and is politically engineered.
With no clear justification for the atrocities that the U.S. Empire and the new world order has brought on the world, the global elite stand alone, hoping that humanity simply doesn’t wake up politically to their agenda.

We, the truth seekers of our time, are here to destroy that hope; the hope that the globalist had, that their Bilderberg meetings would remain secret.

Yes that hope. The hope that the global elite had, to keep the masses believing their constant lies and their constant false flag operations in order to keep everyone in fear. That hope is now dwindling to nothing as humanity wakes up.

The globalists were hoping the 9/11 truth movement was going to go away; instead it grew into a worldwide phenomenon with more and more people waking up to the easy (9/11 was an inside job proving) 9/11 science every day.
Then there was the hope that the global elite had to keep the NSA spying a secret, and that hope was shattered by Edward Snowden as the world now is fully awakened to this evil agenda of spying, recording, and filing mass records into fusion center databases.
  1. We are all now well aware of the drone killing programs paid for and approved by the Obama administration;
  2. the power grab to suppress free-speech even at the Internet level;
  3. the push to take guns and gun rights away;
  4. the implementation of a global ‘climate religion’ carbon tax and international environmental laws to subvert and trivialize individual, local, and national sovereignty;
  5. the militarization of police nationwide including in states and towns with little to no crime.
Supreme Court Roberts
We are now aware of how evil Obamacare is and how it will be used to force the globalist style control grid on all forms of human activity here in the United States. People everywhere are going into their own ‘shock and awe’ seeing and understanding what Obamacare is really all about.

Activists nationwide are working on solutions to these now very clear problems, solutions to disempower the federal government and return the power back to the people.

America has experienced this before, we were all due for a tough challenge; we all knew from history that freedom is not free and that the only people in the world who deserve freedom are those willing to fight for it.

I now hear the wake-up call nationwide. I see and hear the voices of freedom that make me feel like I should be doing more. More than ever before people are wondering what they can do to make a difference. This is a good sign for America and for our future.

We may not see it yet, and the road ahead may still look dark. We all expect things to get worse before they get better. Deep down, however, many of us are now realizing this is the cycle we were waiting for.

Things must get worse in order for more people to wake up. This is the reality we must all see before we truly realize we are all in control and where this is going.

genocide birth control planned parenthood
With that said, I believe humanity arguably may be declaring ‘checkmate’ on the globalist elite. They are losing and we are winning the battle of information.

We must prevail and we will prevail. We have the historic facts on our side and more importantly, we have a source of human energy and a natural form of human conscious progression on our side that cannot be reversed.

Rothschild Too Big To Jail? Russia, Egypt, Iceland, Iran, China, & Hungary Say No!

Viewed holistically, this battle between freedom and fascism, controlling governments versus the people, good versus evil, and love versus hate seems to be the story of our lives and perhaps the central purpose of our journey on earth.
  1. The ruling class uses slavery, labor, intimidation, fear, coercion, and forcefulness to convert the existence of other humans into wealth.
  2. The wealth is then used to maintain this control.
  3. The rest of humanity on the other hand just wants to be free from this control.
When simplified to its most elementary form it is and will not be very difficult for most humans to see this rational and to recruit their cooperation in a plan that involves creating a solution for the human race. Who doesn’t want this?

Unfortunately for the global elite, they are the only ones in this planet who don’t want this and because of this they will eventually stand alone in their quest for full control.
A good chess player often knows several steps before the end of the game if he/she has the game clinched.
In chess they call it checkmate.

In this game of life we can call it anything we want.

The most important thing is the concept which is now very clear to me. Looking back many years from now I believe many of us will be honored and thankful to have lived in times where we faced a historic and unprecedented real-time battle for freedom.

This quest for freedom will be looked back upon as the driving force of our generation and to some like me, a candle of fire that lights our way.

Bernie Suarez
PakAlert Press
declaration of independence
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