Rh negative and psychic ability

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Rh negative and psychic ability
by admin, Divine Answers, August 7, 2013

Individuals with rh negative are believed to possess greater psychic abilities. The supernatural ability is given to rh-negative individuals as a condition of their blood factor.

Rh negative individuals are more attuned to psychic awareness because it is believed that they posses a genetic factor apart from this world, that they were descended from a crossbreed of human and a kind of cosmic astronaut.

In its barest sense, an alien life force, the result is a human with extra sensory power that lends itself to psychic ability. Rh-positive individuals are not as psychic because they are descended from rhesus monkeys that have only the positive factor and no link to the cosmic influence.

Genetics cannot explain rh-negative factor, as genes are hereditary, although some theories state that the Rh factor was a mutation and was then passed on. This theory has no precedent in fact. Yet, there is no definitive proof of where the negative Rh factor originated.

Interest has been shown on studies of Basque people, they are a group of people that have the highest percentage of rh factors. They have a unique language and culture that is not common with similar cultures of Europe and Spain.

Their percentage of rh-negative factor is highest even in their recessive gene. They are believed to be descended directly from an outside source and that is the reason their culture; language and blood are distinct from other human beings.

The alien force colonized with the Basque people, interbred and left the planet.
It is a genetic fact that the rh-positive factor exists in the rhesus monkey. The theory states that man is evolved from primates. There is no presence of the rh-negative factor in primates.

The genetic argument is further proven by the Rh factor incompatibility. Mothers who are rh negative must have a blood transfusion if their unborn child has an rh-positive factor. The antibodies of the mother will reject the unborn child.

This phenomenon appears in donkeys and horses when they are crossbred. Since donkeys and horses do not breed in the natural environment they are not supposed to produce offspring.

The question becomes, because of this are rh-negative factor are individuals more psychic because of this outer world link?

Blood type is a scientific certainty. It is tested and proven without fail. Logic would dictate that if aliens held ability outside the realm of physical knowledge, it exits and could be tested, but psychic ability is not a hard and fast proof. Degrees of psychic ability range between individuals.

To prove that psychic ability has precedence in one blood factor has limitations in proving psychic ability in any individual. The sense cannot be measured with scientific certainty.

Rh-negative blood has been associated with an alien force and even the theory that rh-negative people have been descended from a reptilian alien. Theories on Rh factor origins continue to evolve, but the proof that they carry more psychic ability than their rh-positive brothers has yet to be determined.

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Anonymous said...

What about the theory that rh- people got their bloodline from the watcher angels who took human wives and thus was thrown into another dimension as punishment by god. I am Rh- also and I possess powers of sensitivity thats literally saved my very life countless time.

Anonymous said...

I think it's all a bit strange there's to many people with different therories I've looked at my blood group rh negative and who knows what it's is something's are better left alone thanks

Lisa Hall said...

I disagree. We should definately be digging and taking a closer look into this mystery. Come to think of it, in the process of doing just that for myself, I have found out every President since Eisenhauer has been Rh negative (except George W). I also received word from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend - and maybe it was just a rumour - that "royals" don't really want to share their blood with "rhesus positives."

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous 1, Same here. In fact, one time, I ignored the warning and it cost me dearly, so now I never ignore that warning. I don't care if I can't explain it, I do it anyway or don't do it anyway, depending on the warning or good news.

Vatic Master said...

Lisa, I am with you, sticking our heads in the sand is not an option in these perilous times. The reason George W is not RH neg is his father was LIBERMAN. Mrs Bush admitted to the world that he was not GW's child and after really checking it out, its probably why he is not RH neg.

Ally said...

I have only recently become intrigued in researching my blood type upon learning how very rare B rh negative is. If anyone can share their stories with me I would be extremely interested to hear!
My email is ally-bryant@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

I am rh- and I have always had premonitions that turn out true.

Beau Blanchard said...

i am RH/A- and have been studying my blood type for over 10 years and has lead me to the pleadians , other studies i have done is that the only other species on this planet that is RH/A- are all feline , and any untamed feline will come strait to me and sit at my side ( look into your blood type and find out what star system you are from