Vatic Note: The CIA was not around during the end of the war when Mengeles was ferreted away by submarine to South America after serving a stint with the nazis in our government.... (Prescott Bush and Zionist bankers ring a bell?)  It was MI6 and Mossad who controlled Mengeles, but at least they admit Mossad was instrumental in this act of barbarity since Mengeles was forced to continued his experiments if he wanted to live and be free.

They could not do away with children here for his experiments as people made a huge fuss if their children went missing, so South America became the third world country they decided to use instead, where poor and impoverished children were plentiful for his work.

Parents there did not mind losing another mouth to feed when there was so little for them.  Even our military did a report on the brutality and unethical works of Mossad and they called them extremely dangerous to AMERICAS BEST INTERESTS. That has turned out to be true of just about every group and organization associated with Israel and their khazar Zionists.

by Aangirfan admin,  Sept 2008

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Did Mossad protect Josef Mengele, in order to please the CIA?  (VN: No, they did it on orders from their superiors since the CIA was not around at that point in time.  They were created under truman, so there is no connection until after the creation of the CIA BY MI6 WHO ALSO RAN MOSSAD.  The controlling interest is the British Monarchy which is controlled by Rothschild in London.  Lets start speaking the truth to power for a change.  Truth shall set us free.  It was the British and her collaborators in Israel that decided to set him free and as Truman said before  he left  "I wish had never created the CIA since I have no idea what they are doing and they do not report to me"  He also said he did not know who they were working for.  Well its the same British that killed Diana for OCCULT REASONS.... that gives you a hint where we are going to end up if this continues.).

Rafi Eitan, former boss of the Israeli security service called the Bureau of Scientific Relations, has been speaking to the AFP news agency about Josef Mengele and Adold Eichmann. (AFP: Mossad scrapped 1960 plan to nab Nazi 'Angel of Death': minister )

Eitan was in charge of the Mossad operation that led to the capture of Adolf Eichmann.

According to Eitan, Mossad, in 1960, cancelled a plan to capture notorious Nazi doctor Josef Mengele in Argentina.

Reportedly, Mossad had found that both Mengele and Eichmann were living in Buenos Aires.

Eichmann was captured by Mossad and eventually sent to Israel. Several days after Eichmann was snatched, Mossad boss Issar Harel put forward plans to catch Mengele.

Eitan now says: "I opposed the plan... We did not have sufficient knowledge for the Mengele mission."

Harel then agreed to scrap the plan to capture Mengele.

Eitan says: "After Eichmann, I returned to Argentina but Mengele was gone and we lost his tracks."

Allegedly, Mengele died in Brazil in 1979. But this may be disinformation.


Mengele may have been living in the USA or Canada rather than in Argentina or Brazil.  It has been reported that Mengele worked for the CIA.  Allegedly, Mengele helped the CIA with MKULTRA mind-control experiments.

According to this source: http://www.angelfire.com/ut/branton/green.html, "MENGELE told my informant THAT HE personally did the training on Oswald... Oswald was trained as a 'patsy' only."

Reportedly, Mengele lived in Montreal during 1962, 'suspectedly to work in setting up MKULTRA experiments at the Alan Memorial branch of McGill University in Canada.' - Cached

According to this source: http://www.mengele.dk/, Dr. Josef Mengele, during Nazi rule, tortured men, women and children.  (VN:  Many of Josef's "eugenics experiments" were documented funded by Rockefeller during WW II and he is still funding Eugenics today.  Now that is a man who should have been put in jail decades ago, but then BETTER LATE THAN NEVER).

Some victims were put into pressure chambers and some were frozen to death. Children were exposed to experimental surgeries performed without anesthesia. The doctors made injections with lethal germs and removed organs and limbs.

"At Auschwitz Josef Mengele did a number of medical experiments, using twins. These twins as young as five years of age were usually murdered after the experiment was over and their bodies dissected.Mengele injected chemicals into the eyes of the children in an attempt to change their eye color. He carried out twin-to-twin transfusions, stitched twins together, castrated or sterilized twins. Many twins had limbs and organs removed in macabre surgical procedures, performed without using an anesthetic."

From this source: http://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_crime&Number=293213627, we learn that, "according to the Times, the torture experts at Guantanamo are able to seek advice from a group called the Behavioral Science Consultation Team."

The Lancet disclosed that doctors and other health professionals were complicit actors in the torture that took place in Abu Ghraib as well as in Afghanistan and that they were collaborating on the design and practice of psychological and physically coercive interrogation.

After World War II, Anglo-American fascism seemed to continue:

1. In 1946, Project Paperclip secretly brought more than 1,000 Nazi scientists to the US. Among them were: Kurt Blome, who had tested nerve gas at Auschwitz, Konrad Schaeffer, who forced salt into victims at Dachau.

2. Experiments in mind control via drugs and surgery became part of the CIA's Project Bluebird.

3. Japan's Dr Shiro Ishii, who had experimented with prisoners in Manchuria, came to Maryland to advise on bio-weapons.

Dr D. Ewen Cameron

Cameron used technique of “psychic driving,” by which unsuspecting patients were kept in a drug induced coma for several weeks and given electroshocks, while electronic helmets were strapped to their heads and repetitive auditory messages were transmitted at variable speeds.

Many of those exploited were abused children from the Roman Catholic orphanage system.

John Marks, author of The Search For The Manchurian Candidate, tells us: “The frequent screams of patients that echoed through the hospital did not deter Cameron or most of his associates in their attempts to ‘depattern’ their subjects completely."

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Tim Baber said...

Yes to most of the above from personal experience. I met Mengele and one reason no-one found him was because he shrunk in height thanks to 2 known bone diseases. When he was in his early 90's, still fleet of foot and cheery, he chuckled and laughed as he poked me in the throat after removing a pristine brown leather glove he was down to 5 foot 2 inches. Yes it is possible, and I explain it all at msbnewsextra(dot)wordpress(dot)com and at bhmversusmengele(dot)tumblr.com
I prefer not to say much more because it seems to be he was sequestered for the Western powers
but unfortunately I can't shake off what I know now, and I think I know where this might have gone, in the sense it is not necessary to kill people if they can be inhibited, or the reverse, which is trying to be fair to the world as it is, and the world as it might become. It might be the end of warfare, but somehow I fear this , if things get competitive..to prevail or just survive...is going to end very badly. Do't be fooled by the smooth it aways, this is a bigger worry than the holocaust.
The meeting was in context, a month into research into Monarch Programming which I am a tall poppy at then and now, and I even think the Villa Almarin in Mougins near cannes might well have played a role in acquiring Hollywood Cannes subjects greater than my efforts and intentions to get into the literature this most difficult and toxic subject that might be through the media and motifs I could index, now, be the end of most of us all.