Is This a Sign our Power Is Working?

Vatic Note:  This is  up in this slot as part of "We are powerful" series.  Why?  Because its our first example of such power working.   Think on this a minute, when was the last time you heard of ANYONE IN BANKING getting arrested for their crimes?   They do this stuff below all the time, its a crime and jail time if convicted.  I keep remembering that mother that brought her baby back to life in only two hours, so this below could happen in even less time.  The real miracle here is the MSM covered it in the news.  wow!

My normal thought would have been,  Oh, so we are finally getting their attention and they are beginning to sacrifice the small fries instead of the bigger fries.   But we have been working on this since either the 2nd or 3rd and guess what,  they got arrested yesterday, the fifth, Right? THESE GUYS NEVER GET ARRESTED AND DO INSIDER TRADING ALL THE TIME.   

That is how fast this can happen.  Now, I am not saying this is what did it, but what I am saying, its sufficient evidence to begin to ask yourself,  "did we do that?".   Now comes the process of building FAITH, then belief, and then "Knowing".  I am at knowing because I went through such a process with the satanist and witch, remember?  I have inserted into this vatic note additional proof things are moving and changing since I only just discovered this that was never covered on MSM here in this country or any other commonwealth country.  So what is Britain trying to hide?

Here is an additional proof ( besides the article below) that its working.  I got this at this link

Spain Protestors Evict Police Amid Wave Of Police Brutality

In a rare scene during days of unchecked police brutality a crowd of protestors force Spain police to leave a protest against the banker bailout in front of Congress.

If you haven't been following the Spain protests online it is unlikely that you are aware that the police in Spain have gone on an unchecked spree of violence literally beating everyone that crosses their paths. (please watch this link before the video as it shows them beating unarmed old people, women, children anyone they could get their hands on.  They must have been trained by the splc and ADL  like our homeland security is doing in training our police in how to murder 84 year old women who are unarmed and sitting quietly in their own home, and the police got the wrong address and that woman had to die for their mistake because she had lost her right to "life" in favor of a police state. I will never forget that, I keep that image of her in my mind whenever I feel like giving up on this mission along with the images of those who jumped on 9-11, its what keeps me going.)

See: http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/10/06/spain-police-beating-message-amer...


The miracles could no longer be denied, so this is up as part of this process to ask you to begin looking at it as a potential evidence this works.   Then, begin the mantra seriously all the time that you are not working, or thinking about other things and if you will promise to do that we will hear more and more and prove this works.    

Make sure you ask that those at the top be brought down and be specific about the crimes, such as pedophilia, satantic sacrifice of babies, drug running, money laundering.  Lets pick one and give it a shot.  Pass this on and ask others to do the same thing.   Lets have someone in power arrested for drug running, someone high up.  Its a next level event, and eventually we will get to the much more serious crimes they are committing.

The CEO's and Boards of Directors that have committed financial crimes under the RICO act, which means we can confiscate all assets and pay down our debt without the slavery austerity they want to dump on us.   Please give this a shot, like the mother who saved her dead baby,  IT CAN BE DONE.   

Wells Fargo Banker and 9 Others Charged With Insider Trading  (VN:  yahoo!)

The Securities and Exchange Commission accused a Wells Fargo investment banker of insider trading on Wednesday, saying that he and others took advantage of nonpublic information he obtained about merger deals involving clients.

The agency said that the banker, John W. Femenia, 30, would pass along information to a friend, Shawn C. Hegedus, who worked as a stockbroker. The two tipped other friends, who in turn passed along the information to other friends or family members, the civil complaint said. All told, the group garnered more than $11 million in illicit profits trading, the agency said.

“Here you have an investment banker who clearly knew better that inside information can’t form the basis of trading decisions,” William P. Hicks, associate director for enforcement in the S.E.C.’s Atlanta office, said in a statement. “Instead he basically started a phone tree of nonpublic information to enrich friends and others.”

Mr. Femenia is accused of tipping others about four merger deals included the acquisition of the Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation by the Rock-Tenn Company and the sale of the Shaw Group to Chicago Bridge & Iron.

The agency said that Mr. Femenia, who works for Wells Fargo Securities in New York, obtained most of the information about the deals when he worked for the firm in Charlotte, N.C.

“Wells Fargo has detailed policies and training programs on the handling of confidential information, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for the misuse of such information,” a Wells Fargo spokeswoman said in a statement. ‘We learned about the underlying allegations yesterday and are assisting and fully cooperating with the S.E.C. and other agencies in these proceedings.”

According to the S.E.C.’s civil complaint, the recipients of the tips traded in the stock and options of the companies being acquired in the deals, and at least one trader provided a portion of his profi
ts to Mr. Femenia in exchange for the information.

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