It's Time to Decide to Act. If You are Aware & Awake, this Is For You!

Vatic Note:   We have been saying this below for two years now, since we started the blog.  Truth is critical to finding solutions,  its how we deal with it that matters.  We have been saying, do not go into fear, rather, healthy anger or what is called Righteous anger based on love for others and love for the law and justice is better since its an action emotion.  

That is why Vatic Project tried to begin the People-to-People initiative, but we had very little response to that work in developing the project.    I believe it was because it was not time.  People were still unaware of the problems and the extent of those problems.   But now that has changed.  As he says below,  "Those of us who are awake......."  and that is many more than there was two years ago.  

So, we are asking all of you to revisit the people to people initiative and decide if its something you may well wish to pursue.   In the past we have relied on the "system" to fix things and that is no longer possible,  but we are SOVEREIGN, INDEPENDANT THINKING AND ACTING PEOPLE, so we are who is going to save us.  Are you ready to take the leap?  Before deciding, also revisit our music videos and watch a few of them to see how others believe in our own power to change our situaiton.  

If so, please respond to this blog in the comments section and if I get enough responses,   I will begin the process of contacting and organizing how we can impliment our mission and strategy and tactics.   Let us know if you can see the good in our project and if you want to contribute to refining it or changing it, let us know.  Its a viable option and we can seriously change our future from that which they have planned for us.

For Those of Us Who Are Awake We Have to Focus on the Solutions 

There is a danger when we become awakened...and that is to live in fear and by doing so becoming paralysed in our ability to believe we can alter the outcome.
I cannot stress enough how fear traps us, dis-empowers us, and thus prevents us from moving forwards towards the light, leaving the dark behind. And it can certainly be easy to become absorbed in the flow of information coming our way, especially when it comes from what we believe are trusted sources. 
There is nothing inherently wrong with fear if we use its energy to propel us to more productive vibrations. Yes, we are allowed to feel fear...but don't live there. And avoid dropping down into even more powerless states like grief, apathy, hatred, guilt or shame.
We can use the transitory emotion of fear to progress to far more powerful states like courage, willingness, reason, love, joy and peace. From these states we can then begin to turn our realities around and co-create a new outcome.
It is impossible to think of effective solutions if we live in the lower states of emotion, which are negative in their effects. This is where the darkness lives and this is how we have got into this position in the first place. We can easily witness the destructive effects of this by looking at the so-called elite and how they have helped bring the world to its knees.

But...they didn't do it all on their own. We all played some part in this co-creation. The world as we see it is just a reflection of how we have been thinking and feeling on the inside, both individually and collectively. None of us are disconnected from the 'outside' world because there is no such thing.  (VN:  Social engineering, taking control of our schools away from local control with Parental involvement, and finally Mind control through TV, Ipods, and other electronic tools, has played a huge part in our co-creation of this situation as it was intended to do when these evil barons created their social engineering document laying this all out based on the protocols.  We have to get rid of the TV, first and foremost and all IPODS that sell violence, murder, mayhem with no conscience or moral limits. We also have to get rid of the satanic music and other such gothic and satanic symbols found in our clothing.  Then agree not to buy from any of the satanic companies that have those same symbols. Lots we can do but first we have to decide....... let us know what you decide)
Ask yourself this; where do the people, places and circumstances of your life exist? The only place they can exist is inside your head and your consciousness. It cannot be any other way. 
For example, these words can only exist in your head...they are not outside of you.
This is exciting news because it demonstrates we have the means and the power to manifest different outcomes if we only grasped our real and incredible power.
The first step in doing this is to take responsibility...which is simply the ability to respond. Living in fear prevents us from doing this. It is a subtle form of ego-trap.
Being awakened to any degree can often seem like a semi-curse, as you can never go back to your old ways, even if you try. The knowledge of how things really are is often a burden and no matter how hard you try to lie to yourself you simply cannot escape that niggling and always present awareness. 
This can be especially true when it comes to discussing your new awareness with others who are still oblivious (often innocently) to the delusions of the world. But, and it's a big but, they are on their own journey and if they are not ready to begin the process of awakening we must avoid personally slumping into a less resourceful state.
The single most important and powerful thing anyone can do to make a difference in the world is to work on themselves and raise their own vibration and level of awareness. Who we are sends out ripples into the world and thus effects the manifestations which are coming into reality.
If we are stuck in fear then more fear is all we can create. We send it out and it will then return like a hangover (often magnified) back to us. It is law. The quantum soup has to respond to our vibration. My belief is we are seeing the spiritual detox of the world ego personified in the greed and darkness of the elite, and we should be thankful for this opportunity because without it we could not appreciate how far off track as spirits we have come.
This has happened because we needed it to happen if we are going to go to the next level of consciousness. There are no accidents. 
It's what we do now which really counts.
If you find yourself in fear immediately shift your state by asking yourself far more powerful questions. Here are some examples I like to use:
If I had a magic wand what would I do to solve this challenge?
What needs to happen for the opposite outcome to come into manifestation?
What's the single most important thing or action I can take right now to move me in the direction I want to go?
How can I serve and help the human spirit in the easiest and quickest way?
If you believe in the spiritual then it's hard to beat this one (courtesy of Edgar Cayce);
Lord, what would thou have me do today?
To understand what we are up against creates the opportunity to master it. 
To live in fear leaves us powerless.
So what potential solutions are there?
Over 25 years ago I read the following words and they have resonated with me ever since;
1. No person, group of persons, or government may initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual's self or property.
2. Force may be morally and legally used only in defence against those who violate point 1 (above).
3. No exception shall ever exist to points 1 & 2.
These simple instructions would seem to protect all individual rights, and prevent the darkness we see epitomised today by the elite.
As a starting point...what do you think?
Do you believe these simple 'laws' could change everything if implemented? 
More to follow....

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Anonymous said...

For an article that offers solutions to dealing with fear, this website promotes way too much fear by pointing out all of the ways we have been subverted by the so called "Elite/Jewish/Bilderberg/All-Seeing-Eyes" I agree that TV must be turned off permanently. But the internet is GOOD! IPODS are harmless as long as the owner of the IPOD controls what he/she is listening to.
How about not giving credit to the enemy though. For example stop referring to them as "Elite" and start referring to them as the worthless idiot maggot garbage people that they are. The peaceful people are the real "Elites". This is a war of the mind, and there are many many ways we can (and will) defeat these useless and retarded bankers. In summary, less fear, more solutions.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous, I understand what you are saying and believe it or not, I have thought about this very very deeply and carefully. Let me put it to you another way.

Who is responsible for their feelings? Is it everyone who makes "you" feel a certain way? Can you control all those people? NO? So who can you control? You, right? If you agree with all of that then think about this.

What this site promotes is truth. No matter what. How "YOU" deal with the "Truth" is up to you. If you choose to go into fear, then you are right, its not good for you, but on the other hand is you choose to go into righteous indignation and anger, then you are activated. Its a much higher vibration than fear.

Remember, the Bible says "...You cannot have "fear" in your heart and love for God at the same time."
there is a reason it says that. Fear is the mind killer, but only you can control your own fear, not me or anyone else.

I have no fear whatsoever and that makes me extremely dangerous to the "worthless idiot maggot garbage people" that they are. So should I stop educating, and providing truth, so you don't have to deal with how you handle that truth?

I don't think you really want that. But I await your response since this is given to you in good intentions. I am not mad or angry at your comments, since many feel as you do.

I could have a lot more hits if I did not speak truth to power, and I would make a lot of money on ads, but that is not my purpose or mission in this battle. Its to build up knowledge which is a weapon of defense against the maggots you mentioned.

They die when exposed to the light of day and they become fearful and make mistakes in their reactions to such exposure and those mistakes are what we need to exploit. I hope this all makes sense to you.

Anonymous said...

@Vatic Master, You're totally right. I posted that last comment without thinking it through all the way. It is my own interpretation, and I shouldn't expect everyone to be on the same page (or chapter) as I am. Cheers and thanks for having the balls to host this content. The world needs this to be out in the open so they can decide what to do about it all. Cheers.

Vatic Master said...

You know, that was a very graceful and thoughtful response. I find courage in such. I believe I have the best readers on the net. We are not a fast food info headline type site and that makes it a lot less attractive to many, but those that do care enough to plow through all the reading, are the ones that are the thoughtful ones who really care and I am grateful that they saw fit to grace our site with their presence and contribute to our knowledge base.

I thank you for your comments as you allowed me to put into words that which I have struggled with all this time. I could not stop publishing what I found, yet I did not want others to become fearful and helpless.

So I tried to balance it with articles on how powerful we are and how we must use that power. Even in my strategy and tactics, the very first one is the push to see that power we have within us. We can literally use our hearts to make these "maggots" disappear. But we have been so indoctrinated into believing otherwise, that its been hard breaking through all that.

Having said that, I must say, I am seeing movement like never before, and I am more encouraged than I have ever been. I believe we truly are waking up and that expands the light and the spirit into realms of change and power like never before. I can see why they are afraid of us and its more than just our numbers.