Romney is Israel's Man, AND, So Is Obama...No Choices again!

Vatic Note: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I now truly realize there is no way to know who is your enemy and who is your friend anymore. It appears there is a battle going on right now between the Rothschild Israeli faction and the Rockefeller Citibank faction.  It became clear that the Israeli faction made the Government join  the whistle blower against Rockefellers Citibank law suit, resulting in a $158 million dollar settlement and NO DAMN JAIL TIME FOR THE CORPORATION SINCE THE SUPREME COURT RULED IT WAS A "PERSON", so that person should be going to jail for fraud.  

FRAUD, I said.   Yes, the law suit started by the whistleblower was about "fraud" and that is now settled since Citicorp had no witnesses, and did not put on a case at all.  They just simply settled, so I guess they will pick that amount up next week on the weekly drug run money laundering out of their bank.  Sheez.  Amazing what we have degenerated to.  And they make fun of us???  And they want to run the world?  At least we don't want to run the world.  We just want to run the bankers and Israel...... out of our country, that is.  If Iceland can do it, then so can we.   We just have more major crimes to prosecute them for and more crooks to corral.   

So the BIG QUESTION IS......
Just who the hell is Romney???  If he is Israeli owned, then is the Mormon Church also Israeli owned?   Its a legit question.  OR, is he a Sun Tsu kind of guy working a game that an  underdog in a battle would take on?   Pretend to be one of them until you get in, then dance the real tune gradually and effectively.   After Obama, its unlikely because the vetting process used by Israel includes blackmail or you get no where in politics.   So they are either bought off like Pelosi etc. or they are blackmailed like Obama and others. 

Something a Bit Out of the Ordinary

by;Gordon Duff, Senior Editor,  Veterans Today

To give us a minor start for the week, we are heading into Mitt Romney’s underwear drawer, things nobody is supposed to know. As some are aware, Bain, the company Romney works with or through, is and has been run by Israeli intelligence for many years. 
If you lived in the UK, you would be reading how they were sent to war, not by Tony Blair as they had thought but by Rupert Murdoch, a quasi-Australian but, in fact, head of the “yellow winged hawk” division of Israel’s ultra-nationalist Likudist regime.
This is the one run a former failed furniture salesman from Philadelphia named Bibi Netanyahu.
For those of you who don’t know, today Israel told all the “black folks” living there, 60,000, to “get yo nigger asses out of Tel Aviv” by nightfall.
Using milder words would be a betrayal.  If there is a strong reaction of outrage from American Jews over this, we will print it.
Covering for 9/11 and helping coordinate the illegal wars that have destroyed America but enriched Mitt Romney and the Bush family is the vast radio network known as “Clear Channel.”  Most American’s have heard about “mind control.” 
Clear Channel is focused mind control, aimed at the bored, the infantile, the fearful and the undiscerning.  Oddly enough, a very positive statement for America is that Clear Channel is universally despised by radio listeners across the country.
Neilson noticed and has been trashing “CC” continually, a huge corporate war.  The fun parts are these, “CC” is Bain, the Romney front for Israeli intelligence agencies, spying, staged terror threats and political coverups.  If it smells, it is “CC” and Bain and Neilson has loved reporting the smell.

The Rushmeister - Blowing Smoke Let’s talk about Bain, endless Swiss bank accounts, money laundering, every company they ever touched sold off, every job lost, every pension fund looted, all but Clear Channel, home of Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and the yellow bellied brigade of conspiracy nuts.
They are also responsible for turning radio into what we have today, a mix of lies and garbage, corporate music, imaginary news, you been living with. I don’t have to tell you.
“CC” is bankrupt, $50 billion in the hole and sinking fast but kept because the need to lie to millions is worth anything.
Well, let’s go a bit further.  This is what they don’t want you to know.  How are they staying on the air?
That’s a good question but the truth is, laundered cash, some American foreign aid to Israel, drug money, this is what allows a foreign country to control most of the radio stations in America the way Murdoch and Newscorp got control of Fox and so many newspapers, publishers, more mind control.
Ever hear of Neilson, the ratings guys?  Neilson is owned by KKR, one of those Bilderberger companies.  Thing is, Neilson is the company that prices radio advertising and they think Clear Channel is a dinosaur that should have been allowed to die long ago.
Thus, Neilson has made Clear Channel’s, and we really mean “Israel’s” nutty conspiracy stations, the combination of phony news, whacky commentators and bad elevator music, nearly worthless, actually less than worthless. 
Neilson is sticking it to Clear Channel and Bain, Clear Channel and the gang of Mossadniks who run the whole thing are squealing like pigs.
KKR’s plan is to push Clear Channel into total “fail” and buy them up for peanuts.  Seems like a plan, an American plan this time.
Good luck with that and Limbaugh can always come with us or perhaps he can drive for Romney’s four wives.  Yes, Romney has four wives, a family tradition and covering for this has cost millions.
This was, of course, picked up by one of our friends on Clear Channel’s board of directors.  Oh how that must hurt! Enough of the “financial page” baloney and down to some talk about Afghanistan.
India has been putting out propaganda that America has been begging them to come into Afghanistan and “take over” so America can run away with their tail between their legs.  One part of this is right, America wants to leave.
One part is wrong, America’s relationship with India is at an end.  India is, despite their huge army and space program of sorts, the most backward nation on earth.  As to issues like women’s rights, medical care, education and such, India comes in behind everyone. 
This is sad for a variety of reasons one being that most Indians I know are wonderful people.  The other part is they all want to leave, which, in some places works out well and others, not so well.

India-Afghanistan flag pin
In 1996, India decided to send in spies to help organize the Northern Tribes against the Taliban.  The rationale was to employ them to attack Pakistan, not to actually help anyone.
But when America invaded after the Bush/Israeli attack on 9/11, I do so love just putting the truth out there, India held out her hand in seeming friendship to America.
India was allowed to open 200 “consulates” in Afghanistan. But these weren’t consulates at all, they were terrorist training camps, places where attacks on Pakistan were planned, and carried out from.
Between 2000 and 2010, 35,000 Pakistanis were murdered in these terror attacks planned by India and $68 billion in property and income was lost.
What makes it even more interesting for America is that the Bush government not only knew about this, they also knew the terrorists were using Indian built IEDs and RPGs that accounted for the majority of American casualties as well.
Helping India in Afghanistan were Israeli snipers, shooting Americans then hiding in Kabul using their German passports issued by the DVD and “Ferkel” Merkel, the commie queen of krautland.
When you are the Taliban and what we love calling “Al Qaeda,” and someone imagines they are going to walk 200 miles to attack Pakistan or 10 miles to kill Americans, what do you think their choice will be?
Thus, America’s second enemy for the last decade in Afghanistan has been India.  Bush even allowed Afghan troops to be taken to India to be trained.  We have seen how that has worked out, how many have turned on their American “allies.”
Now the notice has gone out, the consulates must close, the training and supplying of terrorists to attack both Pakistan and American troops has to end and India, now that Mr. Putin is back in power, can go back to their history as Soviet bloc puppets.
Our next subject will be Israeli also.  This one is another rebuke to half baked activists who are suckered into crying for poor Dr. Asssad, had to leave his medical residency to go to Syria from Britian where he became a mass murderer.
The next quote came from the Pentagon Earlybird.  This is a collection of “dumbed down” propaganda fed to Pentagon morons each day.  It reminds me of the things we got in our Weekly Reader when I was 6.
This is the first Pentagon apology to Assad from the Washington Post, or, more appropriately, from Israel in support of the Syrian slaughter, sent to the Pentagon:
Washington Post June 17, 2012 Pg. 1
Embattled Assad Embraces Pariah Status
By Marc Fisher
More than a decade before the Arab Spring, there was the Damascus Spring.
In the first months after Bashar al-Assad took over Syria in 2000, a wave of free expression broke out after he sent signals that were interpreted to mean that he planned to relax his father’s autocratic control. Dissidents formed 70 dialogue clubs, met openly and published two critical opinion magazines.
Then, as suddenly as the new era had begun, Assad’s forces cracked down. Those who spoke out were arrested, and economic reforms stalled.
“We saw that the Spring was only a way to have the people accept the transfer of power from the father to the son,” said Mohammad al-Abdallah, a Syrian activist who took part in the dialogue, only to find himself and his father and brother arrested months later. “It was clear Assad was no reformer.”
Today, as Assad’s government responds with unrelenting force to a popular uprising of the sort that has brought down regimes across the Middle East over the past 18 months, Syria’s ruler has embraced his image as a global pariah. He will not flee and will not bend to foreign pressure, he has said publicly and privately.
In Assad’s mind, his presence and control are the only protection from mass killings for his Alawite clan — a Shiite sect that makes up about 12 percent of Syria’s population.
“He has no illusions about how he is perceived around the world,” said the Rev. Patrick Henry Reardon, pastor of All Saints Antiochian Orthodox Church in Chicago, who met with Assad for 90 minutes in December. “But he sees it as an almost metaphysical necessity that he must hold his country together and, to do so, he’s got to knock a few heads.”
When Assad took over Syria after the death of his father, longtime autocrat Hafez al-Assad, the new president was widely perceived as a reformer, someone who might apply Western ideas of modernity and openness to ruling an Arab state. After all, he had lived in London, married a British-born woman and become an advocate of new media technologies. He was a big fan of Phil Collins, ELO and the Beatles
The second in the series of Israeli propaganda in support of Syria comes from Rupert Murdoch’s London Sunday Times, the most discredited and biased rag in the world today.  Murdoch, under investigation for actually starting the war with Iraq, jumps in, as an Israeli citizen, supporting Syria and claiming that the “rebels,” better know as “the people” are all terrorists:
London Sunday Times June 17, 2012 Pg. 25
Jihadists Pour Into Syrian Slaughter
Foreign fighters are adding to the carnage that has forced the UN to suspend its peace mission, reports Hala Jaber in Damascus
HE WAKES at dawn and disguises himself as a peasant to cross the river from Lebanon into Syria. There he joins fellow militants in a “holy” war against President Bashar al-Assad.
When night falls, Sheikh Saad Eddine Ghia, 50, creeps back home to north Lebanon after burying his weapon on Syrian soil. He will retrieve it for action the following day.
Jihad is a familiar routine for the sheikh. He fought side by side with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq, and has no time for the secular rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).
“As chaos escalates, the regime will be weakened and so will the FSA,” he said. “In the end, the people will join the jihadists.”
Ghia is one of hundreds of foreign Sunni fighters said to have crossed Syria’s borders to fight the Alawite-dominated regime.
Many are extreme Salafist jihadists who combine respect for Islam’s sacred texts in their most literal form with a ruthless dedication to attacking the perceived enemies of their faith.
As well as the Lebanese contingent, Tunisians, Algerians, Libyans, Saudis, Iraqis, Egyptians, Jordanians and Kuwaitis have swollen the ranks of the jihadists. Dozens have been killed, including two British men of Algerian origin.
Some are sympathetic to Al-Qaeda’s ambition to create caliphates in Syria and the wider region; others are merely intent on avenging the killing of Muslims by Syrian forces.
They have contributed to an escalation of violence that prompted the United Nations to suspend its peace mission yesterday because its observers could no longer do their work.
One might wonder by Israeli press is so keen on supporting Assad.  Is it because they are so similar, Israeli’s and Syrians running mass murdering police states?
Is it because Israel is afraid of having democracies around them when it has become so obvious to the rest of the world that Israel is a military kleptocracy?
What I will do here is publish the entire Pentagon claptrap from yesterday.  Please no ice pick lobotomies for those who find this a bit too much “Dick and Jane.”
If you had wondered how stupid and why, this will help:

C U R R E N T   N E W S

E A R L Y   B I R D An Idiot’s Guide to Military Thinking

June 17, 2012

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American Action Report said...

Actually, voters DO have a choice, but people have been conditioned to believe that any vote other than one for a Democrat or a Republican is wasted.
The truth is, any vote for anyone other than the candidate we favor is both wasted and counterproductive. Each election's results serves as a benchmark for planning future elections. For that reason, whatever we vote for, we are offered more of in the future. Whatever we vote against, we're offered less of.
Well, what if we vote for a non-Establishment candidate, and the Establishment deliberately miscounts it?
Yes, they can do that. They can lie about how we vote, but they can't lie about what we wear on election day when we vote.
When we vote for someone other than Romney or Obama, we can wear green as a traditional statement against tyranny. Let Election Day 2012 be a day for "the wearing of the green!"

Anonymous said...

why would the above AAR advocate voting? to vote is to accept rule over you. why would a supposedly free nation do that? when you vote, you imply acceptance of what they do. so, by whom have you been persuaded? if you BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST, why would you accept man's rule over you? By voting in any election, you have rejected His rule, and accepted man's. which of course, leads to where we are today. it is little surprise that we find ourselves without an anchor, having rejected God's rule. When we vote for any human, by that action, we imply that God's rule is not good enough, so why are we mouthing lies about how we "trust in God"? If we trusted in God, we wouldn't leave such important matters to proven liars, hoping that this time, maybe, they're not lying?
GOD NEVER LIES. EVER. that is why He can be trusted

American Action Report said...

Others would argue that not voting is acquiesce in the results. The Lord gave us minds and hands. The Bible (Romans 13:1)tells us to submit to authority of earthly rulers and to pray for them, though let us note that the word "submit" used in that passage doesn't mean the same as "obey." (Some translations fraudulently us the word "obey.")
That's a far cry from saying that submitting to earthly authority is tantamount to rebellion against God.
Some have argued that participating in a fraudulent election process is to lend legitimacy to the fraud. They have a point. Perhaps they and I can find common ground.
Those who vote for someone other than a Wall Street candidate for President can wear green to display his refusal to cave in to the system. Those who refuse to vote in a bogus election can wear green to display his refusal to cave in to the system.
In either event, "the wearing of the green" can hardly escape public notice and must be seen as a "vote" (as such) for liberty.