Britain Controlled CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD Orchestrating Massacres in Syria

Vatic Note:  As you read this keep in mind that "All" the countries "leaders" on both sides are in on the scam of the world war they always need to fix their bogus fiat currency scheme and start over again. First its the weapons income/profits, then its the years of rebuilding in all countries, by companies they own and profit from. This is no secret and must be kept in mind as you read about how Putin or China are the good guys and we are the bad guys.  Bilderbergs just met and that agenda included a moving forward toward the World War... for their profit and gain and that is why our elected officials attending, is pure and unadulterated treason, and high treason at that.

"WE" are not who is doing this, its the foreign banking occupiers and handlers of a foreign nation and we all know who that is. You can tell by who we attack and what the agenda is.   Nothing we have done has benefited the United States in anyway, if anything, it has been extremely detrimental, but everything has benefited "ROTHSCHILDS" Israel and Great Britain who wants their global empire back again, in every way.  The British Illums and Khazars have used the US to front and cover for Israel's agenda using us as their implementer of their sick and sorry policies.  Just like they have done to the poor Jews in their name as well.    They used the same tactic in the ME countries that they have destroyed and taken over.  Pretend protestors working for the CIA and trained in VA  or England under MI6, with Mossad leading the actual provocateurs in the field.

They have gained control over canals,  land masses, water, oil fields, banking etc.....  Its the same country who pretends to be an ally and yet murders more Americans than all Muslim nations put together.  I do not understand how these commentators who have been around a long time cannot see this, but then he was educated at Harvard, & Wharton and we all know what it means when they are fully educated at the ivy league schools.  They are the trained perveyors of the illusions used to manipulate masses of humanity against their own best interests.  World war that they have ensured we would lose, is against our best interests.

I will withhold my opinion on his veracity until I am able to connect his "controlled opposition" to the agenda of the Illuminati Zionist satanists.  Are they trying to get us to hate our own country so we will not fight heart and soul for our nation and thus lose the war???  I don't know, but I do know that THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT OUR NATION,  THE PEOPLE ARE..... AND FOR THAT WE WILL FIGHT LIKE CRAZY CATS...... WITH NO MERCY.   There is no substitute for passion when it comes to war.  Technology will only carry you so far.... then you have to go underground to avoid paying for your sins.

NOW YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE 20,000 BANKERS THAT RESIGNED ALL OVER THE WORLD.  THEY HAVE ALREADY GONE UNDERGROUND.  Satanic Bilderberg has completed their blessing for that world war and this below will make you mad at the enemies who are designated new nazi's. Thats us and Israel.   I said before Israel plans on being nuked fully, so they can genocide the palestinians and and real semitic Jews, then relocate the khazars to Petagonia in South America, their new target for the fiat currency scam, to build up wealth and then steal it like they did here.  Its what they will do to China and Russia as well who are the designated winners of that WW.

CIA, MI6 Orchestrating Massacres in Syria

by Steven Lendman, Veterans Today

New reports have spotlighted the role of the West, Israel and some Middle Eastern countries in fanning the flames of the bloody unrest in Syria.

Two interviews I did:
1. According Syrian sources, Israeli airplanes are smuggling weapons into Iraq’s Kurdistan region, which are then smuggled into Syria with financial assistance from Qatar.
Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government President Massoud Barzani has facilitated the operations of illegal Israeli firms in the region.
The Syrian sources also revealed that Washington has trained 400 al-Qaeda militants in European countries. They are then reportedly transferred to Syria to carry out acts of violence.
Meanwhile, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin has lashed out at Saudi Arabia and Qatar for funding and supplying weapons to armed Syrian opposition groups.   (VN:  It sure makes a difference when you know this is all a game.  No one lashed out at anyone, rather they pretend for our benefit.  Only the sheeple will buy all this and they are declining in numbers rapidly through their awakening. Ask CNN who has had a drop of 50% in readership. )

The unrest in Syria began in March 2011, with demonstrations being held both against and in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government.  (VN:  You can thank Israel and MI6 for that one)
The West and the Syrian opposition accuse the government of killing protesters, but Damascus blames “outlaws, saboteurs, and armed terrorist groups” for the unrest, insisting that it is being orchestrated from abroad.
The following is a rush transcript of Press TV’s interview with Stephen Lendman, author and radio host, about the issue:
Press TV: Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said it, as it was: financing of illegal armed groups, support for extremists, hiring mercenaries and fanning the flames of sectarianism. Which [are those] countries and why haven’t they stopped?
Lendman: He is talking mainly about Washington. There is no question this is a Washington-orchestrated war. (VN:  There is no question this is a GREAT BRITAIN ORCHESTRATED WAR.  I think we all know that now.  Where ever he says "WASHINGTON" SUBSITUTE "LONDON" AND YOU WILL BE RIGHT ON).  It is a low-level war to the extent that NATO has not gotten directly involved. But it is exactly what happened in Libya last year. An insurgency began; Washington orchestrated it; insurgents were recruited; they were funded; they were armed; they were US special forces, British special forces, CIA, MI6, Qatari special forces. (VN:  Notice no mention of MOSSAD? Now why is that?)  They are in Syria now; they are directing these massacres, these killings. They are funding, they are training; they are picking targets; they are leading these dead squad games to places like Houla [and] Takiba. They are picking up who to slaughter. They go after pro-Assad loyalists.
You always have to ask, when terrible incidents occur, whether it is car bombings, whether it is massacres of civilians, cui bono, who benefits?  (VN:  Who benefits is always Israel and Rothschild or London which is his city/principality)  Assad gets nothing from this. Only the opposition gains. Assad is the victim. The victim is being blamed for the perpetrator’s crimes. But again make no mistake. The nexus of this struggle emanates from Washington, (VN:  Britain/Israel) doesn’t matter whether it is Obama, [former US President] George Bush or anybody else. (VN:  Both puppets of the Goldman sachs dual Israeli citizens who are Khazar Zionists, running our country) Syria, and other regional countries, have been targeted (VN: by Israeli/Britain/Rothschild) for regime change for years, at least a decade. It was only the question when each one would come up. Syria’s turn came up and violence has been raging since early last year.
Press TV: Sergey Lavrov also accused some of these countries, including the Arab countries and some Western countries, that they are trying to undermine this six-point peace plan and of course, along with that, we have threats of civil war that is being echoed from different corners from officials. So, is that something that is the goal when it comes to these countries for backing the opposition, that they want to undermine the six-point peace plan; they want to make sure that it fails in order to achieve their goals? 
Lendman: I have written about Kofi Annan. I have written several times about him. During his tenure as UN Secretary General, a decade, a solid decade, he never did a thing to stop imperial wars. He is not doing it now. His so-called peace plan puts the onus on a side. He barely mentions these insurgents, these death squads, these killers.
And Ban Ki-moon is the same thing. He and Annan are imperial tools. Let me make the key point, the most important point of all: What is going on in Syria now; what went on in Libya last year; what is going on in Iraq [and] Afghanistan, is the ugly face of imperialism, Western imperialism, US imperialism, Israeli imperialism: human lives don’t matter. (VN:  Gee, he left out Rothschilds Great Britain) Ravage them. Body counts don’t matter. Who bothers? Who keeps count? Conquest, dominance: That is what matters. Israel wants no regional rival. America wants no global rival. The [Persian] Gulf Council states, others of the region; Turkey is a NATO state; [also] Jordan; they are allied with the West; they are allied in these dirty wars against innocent people. The ones who suffers most are civilians. They are dying every day.
Let’s point fingers the right way. Assad is the victim. Washington, NATO, their criminal Arab League partners, they are the villains. (VN:  Remember, washington is run from London.... Rothschild and the Queen)  The only way to beat them is to expose them and spread the word and get as many people as possible to understand what is going on. Truth is the weapon to defeat them. We do not have the military might. We are not violent but we can beat them through truth and that is why Press TV is so important and [so are the] programs like News Analysis and everything else that Press TV does. All of us can play some role; I try to do it on my own, on my own radio program. This is the vital thing. So, let’s point fingers where they belong.
2. An American author says agents of the (VN:  British controlled....)CIA and MI6, (VN:  And Mossad) are directing armed groups to carry out massacres inside Syria, Press TV reports.
Stephen Lendman, writer and radio host from Chicago, (VN:  Rahm Emmanual ring a bell?) said the CIA and MI6 “special forces” (VN: And Mossad)  are in Syria now, directing massacres. (VN:  I hate having to clean up his information lack.... Mossad is part of the British global intel pact, of MI6, CIA, and all other intel agencies under the illuminati's control).
“They go after pro-Assad loyalists,” Lendman stated in an interview with Press TV on Saturday.
“There is no question this is a Washington-orchestrated war.”  (VN:  "Great Britain" Orchestrated)
“It is a low-level war to the extent that NATO has not gotten directly involved. But it is exactly what happened in Libya last year. An insurgency began. Washington orchestrated it. (VN:  Great Britain orchestrated it using Washington) Insurgents were recruited. They were funded. They were armed.”  

(VN:  Something needs to be straightened out here,  Washington does nothing, its like Obama, simply a front man for the real power which is GREAT BRITAIN, HOME OF THE ILLUMINATI FAMILIES IN CHARGE OF FINANCE AND ECONOMICS, WHICH IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT. If there is a nazi enemy, its the racists monarchy illuminati black nobility bloodlines as we learned from the series we put up.   He knows this too.  If we know it, he knows it.  THEY ARE PREPPING US FOR WAR AND YOU CAN TELL because all these exposures have come out since Bilderberg has met and decided the focus and agenda for this year.  The target for us are those families and then after that, the minions who profit from working for them.  Remember the bilderberg members as they left or entered the meeting gave us the finger more than once.  Time to give it back to them.)
The American author stated that Syria has been “targeted for regime change for years, at least a decade.”
Lendman also referred to the six-point peace plan presented by the UN-Arab League envoy to Syria, Kofi Annan, in March.
“His so-called peace plan puts the onus on a side. He barely mentions these insurgents, these death squads, these killers.”
“I have written about Kofi Annan. I have written several times about him. During his tenure as UN secretary general, a decade, a solid decade, he never did a thing to stop imperial wars,” Lendman added.
He made the comments on the same day when the opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) elected 56-year-old Abdulbaset Saida, a Kurdish activist, as its new leader during a meeting in Istanbul.
Saida replaced former SNC leader Burhan Ghalioun, who resigned in May.
Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister said in a press conference in Moscow on June 9 that Russia “will not sanction the use of force (against Syria) at the United Nations Security Council.”
Lavrov added that the Annan plan had begun to “seriously falter,” but that there was “no alternative” to it.
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