The Black Nobility Bloodline, Part IV - Windsor Genocide

*** In line with the Illuminati series, this delves deeper into the sub divisions within and this is called the "Black  Nobility"  Blood line which is also German.  We would like to ask the British people, what is the likelihood you may wish to form a republic and do away with the monarchy.  It would save the world if you would consider it.  Thank you in advance... you should not have given up your guns. 

Vatic note:  This is part 4 and in my mind, the worst of the worst.  This is what the British are celebrating in the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeths 45 year reign.  No way do we want this woman and her productivity-challenged relatives having anything to do with this nation's governance.   We already have had too many of our elected officials who are related to her and its been a disaster for the nation.  You will be disgusted with how Prince Phillip handles wild life given his so called penchant for preserving wild life.... He is part of the World Wildlife Fund, but wait til you read what he does below that is in direct contradiction to the supposed purpose of the fund. 

When you read this below, you will understand why I said this and immediately came back to provide this indepth series on this mysterious family of German/Khazarian decent.   As I said before, I simply had no idea although I had began having tweakings when I read what the British government did to American indians... it wasn't Americans, as we got along with them very well.  

It was only afterwards that the British showed up and began the genocide you will read about below.   This is why it may well ve prudent to fight to the death in this situation. Don't forget the satanic ritual murders of the Native American Indian children in Canada going on even in modern times by these same royals.  Like I said,  "Class" is not about position, its about character and that leaves them out.   I keep saying "Remember Bill Cooper".  Anyway, check this out all the way to the end.  Some serious disclosures in here even toward the bottom. 

The Black Nobility Bloodline,  Part IV - The Windsor genocide
Bibliotecapleyades, Chapter 18

The numerous Anglo-Dutch alliances and intrigues are, in truth, nothing to do with the British and Dutch people. If we are going to stop being duped, we have to stop screaming “It’s the British”, “It’s the Dutch”, “It’s the Americans”, “It’s the Germans , Its the French”, “It’s the whites”, “It’s the blacks”, “It’s the Jews”, or even “It’s the reptilians”. It is not all these peoples that are involved, it is certain bloodlines and factions within them.

Blaming one race, nation or belief system is precisely what the Brotherhood want us to do, because if people are divided amongst themselves they will become disunited, quarrelsome or even become warring factions. Divide and rule.

Manipulation comes from a network of bloodlines and their ‘gofers’ who work through all these countries and groups while keeping the population in ignorance. The close cooperation between ‘Britain’ and the ‘Netherlands’ means the British and Dutch wings of the Black Nobility. This is definitely the case with Prince Philip, the consort of the Queen of England, and Prince Bernhard, the consort of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands until she stepped down for her daughter, Beatrix.

Philip and Bernhard are from the same reptilian bloodline and both have a Nazi view of life and people. Philip and his family are steeped in Nazi connections and Bernhard was a member of Himmler’s murderous SS. 

He was born a German in 1912, the cousin-in-law of Princess Victoria of Hohenzollern, the sister of Kaiser Wilhelm. He was recruited into Nazi Intelligence at the University of Berlin in 1934 and worked for the SS operation within I. G. Farben, the chemical giant which had such close connections with the Rockefeller/ Farish Standard Oil and British companies like ICI.

Bernhard’s background caused a scandal in the Netherlands when he married Queen Juliana of the infamous House of Orange, to become the Netherlands equivalent of his bosom buddy, Prince Philip. Bernhard helped to found the Bilderberg Group which officially met for the first time in 1954, and in 1961 he co-founded, with Philip, the World Wildlife Fund (now the World Wide Fund For Nature), funded in part by the Mellons.   (VN:  Read below how Philip treats the animals he is supposedly trying to protect, what a joke!) 

Lets get one thing straight here. The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) was not created to save endangered species. Its record on that front is quite appalling as a suppressed report by the Oxford professor John Phillipson revealed in 1989.42 A few months before Philip launched the WWF, he was with the Queen on a royal tour of India. This included a tiger shoot in which a tiger was lured into range by tethered goats to be shot dead by Philip the ‘conservationist’43

This later caused worldwide outrage when the story and a photograph of Philip standing over the tiger found its way into the newspapers. On the same tour, this time in Kathmandu, Philip was in a shooting party with Alec Douglas Hume (Lord Home), the Conservative Prime Minister, Bilderberg Group chairman and bloodline of the Scottish Brotherhood families.

Ian MacPhail, the WWF’s first international appeals director, told a British television crew how a mother elephant and her calf came into range. Philip shot the mother and her calf ran off in terror. MacPhail said he helped to cover up the incident because the WWF was about to be launched and he believed the Fund would benefit wildlife conservation. He later thought differently:
“...with a heavy heart I have to report that I was wrong. The rhino, the elephant and the panda missed the boat, and the new Noah’s Ark sailed on without them.”44
It has always mystified the public to see the contradiction between Philip, the founder and driving force behind the WWF, and Philip the killer of animals and birds for the sheer enjoyment of it. The same with WWF ‘conservationist’ Prince Charles
riding with the hounds to tear a fox to pieces. But there is no contradiction, that’s the point. Philip, like Bernard, doesn’t give a stuff about animal welfare. The WWF was created for very different reasons. It is a vehicle for controlling wildlife parks in Africa and elsewhere in which terrorist groups and mercenaries can gather, train, and cross borders to bring genocide to places like Rwanda and Burundi.

The WWF coordinates and funds the systematic slaughter of people and animals and has made a fortune from the illegal trade in ivory it was supposed to be trying to stop. Much of this is being paid for by donations from the public who think they are supporting wildlife and collected by fund-raisers in the towns and cities who believe the same. The best contribution you can make to the protection of wildlife is to stop funding the WWF in my view.

Sir Peter Scott, the celebrated conservationist, was another founder of the WWF and in 1972 he commissioned a report by a big game hunter, Ian Parker, into the illegal trade in elephant tusks and rhino horn. Parker produced evidence that the family of the Kenyan President, Jomo Kenyatta, was at the centre of this trade.

He also named Kenya’s most prominent ‘conservationists’ as the poachers. Within hours of handing his report to Scott, Parker was arrested by Kenyan Special Branch, beaten for three days, and told if he did not shut up his wife would be killed.45 Parker’s report was never published by Scott and at around the same time Prince Bernhard, as WWF International President, awarded Kenyatta the ‘Order of the Golden Ark’ for saving the rhino!46

I need do no more than list some of the names in the WWF’s 1001 Club to show where this organization is really coming from. This is an exclusive group, formed by Prince Bernhard in 1971, to raise money for the WWF’s ‘activities’. The members, recruited by invitation only as with all the Brotherhood secret societies, give a large annual donation.

Here is a flavor of the membership of the 1001 Club over the years:
  • Conrad Black: agent for British Intelligence and head of the Hollinger media empire which was originally formed by his father, George, a British Intelligence operative. Black is a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group
  • Prince Johannes von Thurn und Taxis (deceased): one of the most prominent Venetian families of the Black Nobility and the Holy Roman Empire. Close associate of the Rothschilds. His father, Max, founded Hitler’s Allgemeine SS which had its headquarters at the family’s Regensburg Castle in Bavaria, home of the Bavarian Illuminati
  • Tibor Rosenbaum (deceased): Mossad logistics operative and head of the Geneva-based Banque du Credit International (BCI), the forerunner to the notorious BCCI which was dubbed the Bank of Crooks and Criminals. Life magazine exposed Rosenbaum’s bank as a money launderer for the Meyer Lansky US-based organized crime network and Rosenbaum was also a backer of Permindex, the assassination unit of British Intelligence which was at the centre of the assassination of John E Kennedy (see .. And the Truth Shall Set You Free)
  • Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield (deceased): British Intelligence agent who fronted the Permindex operation
  • Robert Vesco: sponsored by the Swiss branch of the Rothschilds and part of the American connection to the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia. Last heard of on the run, possibly in Cuba
  • Henry Keswick, chairman of Jardine Matheson, one of the biggest drug running operations on the planet. His brother, John Keswick, a backer of the WWF, is chairman of Hambros Bank and a director of the Bank of England
  • Sir Francis de Guingand, former head of British Military Intelligence, now living in South Africa
  • Sir Kenneth Kleinwort: a member of the banking family behind Kleinwort Benson
  • King Juan Carlos of Spain: Black Nobility and founder and president of honour of WWF-Spain
  • Prince Henrik: President of WWF-Denmark
  • Dr Luc Hoffman: vice-president of WWF International and director of the Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffman-LaRoche
  • John H. Loudon: chairman of Shell Oil until 1976 and chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell. Given knighthoods by both the British and Dutch royal families and Bernhard’s successor in 1977 as International President of WWE 47
Yes, sounds like a bunch of conservationists, doesn’t it? Martin Palmer, an advisor to Philip on environmental matters, said the WWF was a “missionary organization” 48 It is, too. The first wave of missionaries began the destruction of Africa and South and Central America, and now the latest wave, in the guise of operations like the WWF, are seeking to finish the job. The environment is being used as a central plank in the Brotherhood Agenda and I speak as someone who saw the movement from within when I was a national spokesman for the British Green Party in the late 1980s.

To those who condemn environmentalists as ‘eco-fascists’ I can tell you that, like all the organizations used by the Brotherhood, including the Freemasons, the vast majority would be horrified at the thought of playing a part in the Agenda I am exposing. Most of them are decent people, incredibly naive and sometimes incredibly arrogant, but certainly not fascists. Once again it is the manipulating core who are fascists that we have to identify and we won’t do that by screaming abuse at everyone who talks about conservation.

The same is true of the so-called New Age movement which is being manipulated beyond belief. One of the New Age heroes is the Dalai Lama, yet another world figure who is not what he seems to be. Nancy Nash, the former director of the WWF, was transferred to become the Dalai Lama’ s minder and controller. In .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free, I detail the manipulation of the global environmental movement through organizations like the Club of Rome and individuals like the Canadian oil millionaire (and the rest), Maurice Strong.

Not surprisingly, Strong has been a member of the WWF 1001 Club and so has Alexander King, the co-founder of the Club of Rome in 1968 with Aurelio Peccei, the Fiat executive and number two to Giovanni Agnelli, one of the foremost members of the Black Nobility and an inner circle member of the Bilderberg Group. Strong is also close to the Dalai Lama and an advisor to Kofi Annan, Secretary-general of the United Nations.

The environment is being used in many ways to further the Agenda through problem-reaction-solution. If you are looking to impose global ‘solutions’ you need global ‘problems’ and the environment is perfect for that. It allows you to pass international laws and create centralized, global organizations to police them. It allows you to move native peoples from their ancient lands to create wildlife parks and ‘conservation’ areas all over the world, particularly Africa and the Americas, which then come under your centralized control. It gives you footholds in strategic areas from which you can launch ‘freedom fighters’ to start civil wars.

The advantages are endless. Transnational agreements like the Biodiversity Treaty are handing control of large tracts of land in the United States and elsewhere to United Nations control.49 The situation is the same as in Africa where the parks are administered by outside agencies over which the people have no control. The ‘Global Biodiversity Strategy’ was launched by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) the Swiss-based organization formed by Sir Julian Huxley in 1948 with a constitution written by the British Foreign Office.

This sits at the centre of a network connecting 68 countries, 103 government agencies and 640 non-government organizations. It worked with others like the Rockefeller-funded World Resources Institute in the United States headed by Lester Brown (CFR), and its strategy was presented at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit by... Maurice Strong, the Windsor-Black Nobility leg-man, who with his wife, is also seeking to play the same scam with the New Age Movement. One of his vehicles for this is the Dalai Lama.

The Club of Rome was formed by the Brotherhood at the Rockefeller estate in Italy in 1968 to launch the environmental movement on the world. All the major global environmental reports saying there is an environmental crisis and something must be done, have been funded and fronted by the very people who are dismantling the planet’s ecology and killing the wildlife. Maurice Strong is a major voice in the Club of Rome.

Canada is still a Commonwealth country and it acts as a massive centre for Windsor-Black Nobility operations. This is why so many Canadians, including Strong, Conrad Black, the Bronfman gangster family, and prime ministers like Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney, are involved in the game. Strong is also part of the Rockefeller organization, leading representatives of the Windsor-Black Nobility in the United States.

Strong served with the Rockefeller Foundation which shares a common leadership with all the other ‘independent’ foundations in the United States like Ford and Carnegie. His main role in the past 20 years, however, has been to front the manipulation of the environmental movement. Who was the first head of the United Nations Environment Agency? Maurice Strong. Who was the head of the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil? Maurice Strong. Who compiled the highly influential environmental report called Our Common Future, better known as the Bruntland Report?

Maurice Strong’s Canadian associate, Jim MacNeil, an ‘advisor’ to the Rio Summit. Who compiled the document called Global 2000, Report To The President, during the Carter administration in America? Cyrus Vance (CFR, TC, Bil) and other Brotherhood personnel. Strong is a member of the infamous Aspen Institute in Colorado formed by the Bilderberger Robert O. Anderson of Atlantic Richfield Oil (ARCO).

His company has a pyramid with a missing capstone as its logo. Anderson was a funder of the environmental group, Friends of the Earth, which, at the highest level, interlocks with others like,
  • Greenpeace
  • WWF
  • the Sierra Club
  • Survival International
  • Earth First
  • World Resources Institute
  • the Zoological Society of London
  • Royal Geographical Society
  • Nature Conservancy
  • the Flora and Fauna Preservation Society
  • the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),
....and many, many others.

These provide another web of national and international agencies through which to organize covert operations which often have no connection to ‘conservation’.

The assault on Africa and other developing countries by Prince Philip and his WWF is part of an ongoing operation. The Royal Geographical Society, which was founded in 1830 and given a royal charter in 1859, sponsored the expeditions into Africa of Doctor David Livingstone and Sir Richard Burton which helped to open up the continent to exploitation and takeover by the European Black Nobility.

When the European invasion of Africa began it was also achieved through organizations chartered by the British Crown, including the British South Africa Company of Cecil Rhodes, the British East Africa Company and the Royal Niger Company. The operation was a mirror of what happened in America with the Virginia Company. One of the leading lights in the Royal Geographical Society in the last century was Francis Galton, founder of the eugenics (master race) movement which continues today under the heading of ‘population control’. This is a favourite theme of Prince Philip and his American paedophile and Satanist friend George Bush (see .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free).

The Zoological Society of London was founded in 1826 by Sir Stamford Raffles, the Brotherhood’s Viceroy of India and founder of Singapore. Prince Philip is a former president of this organization and it connects with the Zoological Society of New York and Frankfurt, two other major Brotherhood centers. The boards of these two organizations and the WWF are virtually the same.

The Sierra Club was founded in 1892 by John Muir with funding from the American bloodline family, the Harrimans, who also funded Galton’s eugenics movement. It was the leaders of the Sierra Club in Canada who started Greenpeace in 1971 and David Ross Brower, former executive director of the Sierra Club, was the founder of Friends of the Earth in 1969.

Ross Brower moved to England in 1970 with funding from Rothschild interests, the billionaire financier and Rothschild cousin James Goldsmith, and the zoo owner John Aspinall, who, with Goldsmith, was a close friend of Lord Lucan, the missing earl still wanted for the murder of the family nanny.

Friends of the Earth reached its peak of prominence in Britain under the directorship of Jonathan Porritt, the son of the former British governor-general of New Zealand, and later an advisor to Prince Charles. The founder of FOE in France, Brice LaLonde, was a partner in a Rockefeller law firm and became environment minister to the French president, the high level Freemason and friend of the Rothschilds, Francois Mitterrand, under whose reign the black glass pyramid was erected alongside the Louvre Museum.

As with Prince Philip, people were surprised when the late Sir James Goldsmith became a ‘born again’ environmentalist after a lifetime of financial manipulation and ‘investment’ which served both the Brotherhood Agenda and devastated the environment. Again, there are no contradictions when you understand the plan they are working to.

Goldsmith, formerly Goldschmidt, had a German-English father and a French mother. His father, Frank, was a friend of Winston Churchill and became a Conservative MP. The Goldschmidts had joined forces with other Rothschild cousins, the Bischoffsheims, to form a banking partnership which financed the North in the American Civil War.50 Goldsmith’s family were part of the Black Nobility financial web in Europe and there is no doubting the source of Goldsmith’s ‘inspiration’ when he suddenly sold all his stocks just before the enormous stock-market crash of 1987.

He further served the Brotherhood by launching the Referendum Party in Britain to hijack the anti-European Union opposition and lead it to failure. It also split the Conservative vote in key constituencies which helped the Brotherhood choice, Tony Blair, to become Prime Minister. Part of this strategy involved the former Conservative Party Treasurer, the Satanist and paedophile, Lord McAlpine, making a very public transfer to Goldsmith’s party and he later became its leader. Goldsmith’s elder brother Edward, ‘Teddy’, founded The Ecologist magazine and has connections with the WWF.

According to published reports, Teddy and James Goldsmith have long had close ties with the Wall Street banker, John Train, the brother of Russell Train, the president of WWF USA. Russell Train is also the top trustee of the African Wildlife Foundation, and intimate of Prince Philip and George Bush. John Train comes from a bloodline family and his grandfather was a founder of the J. P. Morgan banking group. He married into the Venetian Cmi family and his, now divorced, wife was the daughter of Vittono Cmi who played a major role in the fascist movement in Italy in the 1930s. Train has deep ties with the intelligence community and is a ‘gofer’ for both Bush and the Windsors.51

The environmental network is just part of the web through which Prince Philip and his WWF genocide operations can work and I stress most emphatically that most of those who work for and support the WWF are genuine people who have no idea of the Agenda they are unwittingly serving. The Crown companies which stole Africa from its people in the 19th century spawned many of their modern day equivalents who continue what people like Cecil Rhodes began.

The Lonrho (London-Rhodesia) company, headed most famously by the late Tiny Rowland, was a subsidiary of Rhodes’ British South Africa Company and has been responsible for much of the genocide and war in Africa which has kept the people divided and ruled. At the time of writing, Lonrho has 640 subsidiaries in 48 countries. It is the biggest food producer in Africa, the biggest distributor of motor vehicles, and the biggest producer of textiles. It even produces 90% of British, sorry, Her Majesty’s, postage stamps.82

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