Well, well, the British, who control the UN are coming to take back what they lost!

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That would explain all the videos we saw of Germans, Russians, Swedes and other troops training in the United States in house to house combat. That was done during the Bush administration under Cheney. But remember, Obama kept the same Secretary of Defense as Bush had and did so for years.   He only put Panetta in about a year or so ago. Its the final step in killing our sovereignty, Constitution, Bill of Rights and nation in favor of a "regional Union", that they will again do in the various global unions as they have all our countries, in about 70 years and that will be their justification for globalizing and bringing all these regions together.While this is not good news, at least we are finally going to deal with it in the open where we can make real choices.  Thank goodness for that. I am tired of all the lying, sneaking around like slugs, and leaving their slime behind them for all of us to see.  

Do NOT focus on the Government, focus on the bankers and take care of those pulling the strings of our elected reps including the President, Obama is the DISTRACTION so we don't focus on the real foreign controllers of our nation. We are simply occupied by a foreign power and that is who we need to purge from this country and claim control back. New Elections controlled locally with hand written ballots and local counting observed by all candidates reps.So, Prepare for Nibiru first and this second. Don't forget the blog we did on the 10,000 chinese troops 60 miles from Loredo, Texas.  Looks like Texas and Alaska are the entry points along with Denver.We here in Colorado will take care of Denver and the rest of you take care of Texas and Alaska.And somebody keep an eye out for those trains.   That is critically Important work.

OR is this just another little ditty to try and get us violent so they can declare their martial law, then excuses will arise about how Obama does not have enough American troops since they are all serving overseas, therefore he is having to call on the UN to help with troops to confiscate the guns. Should be interesting how this all plays out. There was a reason thousands of Russian troops are being sent here. Further, Kissinger visited Putin back in july 2009, "TO REASSURE PUTIN" that we would be under control by Sept 2009 and so the good news is, they are behind their schedule by 3 years. I also believe Russian troops are suppose to enter the US through Alaska, so our people there need to be ready. AND RECENTLY ABOUT A WEEK AGO, KISSINGER, THE SOS OF ROCKEFELLER, JUST MET WITH CHINA'S SECOND IN COMMAND ABOUT WHAT???? WHY DID NOT HITLARY GO?

This is the first time I have said,  "time to ready everything",  I have a feeling that if this disclosure does not stop them, then its coming soon.  Everyone get ready, but stay out of fear and out of denial.  Its just another bump in the road we can handle.  Besides, I bet your tired of your normal routine by now.  Just kidding. lol   

The Stage is Set for UN Gun Confiscations via Invasion into the US
Posted on  by Henry Shivley,  World Report.com

Railroads have always been a key factor in deciding the outcome of wars as they are the means through which the implements of war can be moved from one location to another in mass quantities using the smallest amount of energy.  Foreign corporations now own and have control over much of the US railway system.
The Canadian National Railway is owned by the Canadian government and Canadian Pacific Railway is privately owned by Canadian international elitistinvestors.  These two lines alone represent a system that cuts through the heartland of the United States.

Canadian National Railroad Map
The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, which is owned by Warren Buffet.  In 1999, Burlington Northern Santa Fe and the Canadian National Railway announced their intention to merge and form a new corporation entitled North American Railways to be headquartered in Montreal, Canada. The United States’ Surface Transportation Board placed a 15-month moratorium on all rail mergers, which ended this merger.
However, The BNSF Railway directly owns and operates track in 27 U.S. states. The railway also operates a small amount of track in Canada, including an approximate 30-mile section that runs from the U.S.-Canada border to Vancouver, a yard in Winnipeg, and approximately 70 miles of joint track with the Canadian National Railway, which runs south to the U.S. border.
A special dispensation through the state governments has been given to theCanadian government to come in through the rail service and secure the railroadproperties for themselves.  The Canadian government railroad police now occupy and control militarily strategic railroad bridges and lines that run straight through the heartland of the United States from Minnesota and Michigan south to the Gulf of Mexico.
The Russian government has told the United States that it will attack missile batteries in Poland if the United States puts them in place.  The Russians have warned the United States that any Israeli or US attacks on Syria or Iran will result in retaliation Yet, beginning May 24th through May 31stRussian paratroop units, complete with Russian ground support units, will be conducting operations in Colorado.  (VN:  I don't know about anyone else, but this paragraph to me screams "Treason" by someone who invited the Russians here to occupy our soil while Russia is also threatening us with retaliation.  Something stinks to high heaven in Denmark, and its not the fish.   Didn't Kissinger just meet with the Chinese Leaders about Jeb Bush becoming the next President?  So, does that mean, they intend to do away with Obama??? Nasties.... he did their dirty work and they are going to throw him over the wall, nice!  Watch out all you  who have worked to help these bankers.  They are untrustworthy, just ask Obama.) 
Since the beginning of 2012 the insurgents (VN:  Foreign terrorists, and they don't care that we know now.  So "endgame" is close at hand. )  within our government have put in place the NDAA with Sections 1021 and 1022, HR 347 Trespass Law, Executive Order National Defense Resources Preparedness Act, and Executive Order Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation.
All of the elements to bring the United States under the control of an international dictatorship implemented through the United Nations are in place.  Now all Obama needs to do is enact the United Nations Small Arms Treaty through his executive order – Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation, for international security of course, and follow up with a full scale international invasion of the United States, using the foreign troops in NORTHCOM and the Russian Troops in Colorado, which will be the spear head for further Russian and Canadian troops to be brought in through the transnational, Canadian government owned, rail network to work in conjunction with the hundred thousand Mexican national troops in the south.
In a blitzkrieg and if the invasion is successful, it will cut the United States in half.  This will all be done in the name of gun confiscations to achieve international security, followed by the activation of the US totalitarian soviet socialist dictatorship that has been plugged in and needs only to be turned on.
Everyone had better wake up and be ready.  The aforementioned scenario cannot be considered an impossibility, as a lot of money has been spent to schedule so many high profile events to occur in such a short time frame.  I hope they are not this diabolical, but then again, I know they are.
God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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Anonymous said...

unless i missed it, where is the link/story concerning the british behind everything? surely you mean the rothschilds/rockefeller syndicate?, and if so, newsflash, they aint british

Vatic Master said...

Well, we did several different series of blogs on that subject, but here is the link with the blog connecting the Queen to the UN.


See for yourself, then you can google "Vatic Project - The Black Nobility Bloodline" and you will find a 5 part series just on that blood line which includes the queen.

Enjoy the read.

Anonymous said...

ty VM, i'll get reading. Am a brit, but pretty anti royal and anti gov, and taken a keen interest in your stuff here, started when I looked into rh neg blood, and havent stopped looking here since ;) anonjon

Vatic Master said...

Welcome, Anonjon, we are very happy to have you here. I love the British people but hate your royalty and leaders of government, but then that is the case here as well and in Australia. Poor Aussies had given up the guns only recently and see what happens??? Not in America... no sirree.......lol

I had no idea about your British Royalty, but I did love Diane, she was real people and yet the epitamy of elegance, class and royal bearing, but then she was a true British royal, wasn't she??? She had more of a right to the throne than the currently sitting khazars do.

If you wish, share with us anything going on in Britain and we will publish it. There is an email on the blog in the right hand column if you should get an urge to write up an article on something going on in your country, or any advice to your fellow countrymen. Its time all the people of the globe chased the filthy bankers out of all their countries.

France gave it a damn good start when they kicked Mossad run sarkozy out of office. That was a real serious victory. I love the French, what did they do when no one would listen as they said "NO to GMO by Monsanto???"

They burned all the GMO fields. I loved it. But then I am a bit biased since I am part French. LOL