Russia Is Sending Troops To The US To Learn American Military Tactics

Vatic Notes:  WHAT???  I thought they were already here?  Just kidding!   I am trying to get up from floor because I am laughing so hard.   We did several blogs on China and how we are helping them too.  Or I should say "Israel and her dual citizens" are helping China, using US military equipment,  weaponry, AND THEIR TRUSTED POSITIONS WITHIN OUR PENTAGON, etc.   WE did a blog on stolen military weaponry  about a ship stopped by Finland and confiscated, which was on its way to china.  Courtesy of Israel.  The poor dears, they needed the money so they sold OUR TOP SECRET WEAPONRY to the countries they are trying to get us to start a world war with us as the designated Losers.  Gee, I feel like Senator McCain.

Unreal.... and now we are going to help the Russians as well???  What?  Then we start a world war with them and trained them so they would know our military tactics and then they could beat us????  Oh, my, this is beyond insane,  its beyond treason,  it's now in the realm of slapstick comedy.  Any minute I expect to see Andy Borowitz's name associated with this article.    Unbelievable.   

Save this article, this blog since its now evidence of high treason by our leaders.  If we go to war against China and Russia, then definitely this is classic high treason by all those involved.  They all look like robots, it makes me wonder what the bankers did to the citizens of Russia once they took  them over in 1917.  Is it what they have planned for us???  Or those of us remaining?  The idiocy of this is beyond discussion any longer.  Read it and see if you  can see the treason in this given all the drum beating lately, about Russia and China.   

Russia Is Sending Troops To The US To Learn American Military Tactics 
Eloise Lee | Apr. 25, 2012, 5:14 PM ,  Business Insider

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Russian paratroopers will meet up with American forces next month for an unprecedented military exercise in Colorado, according to RT News.
It's the first time Russian service members will be invited into the United States for a joint drill.
A Russian airborne task force will "exercise with U.S. special service weapons," an announcement by Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Col. Aleksandr Kucherenko revealed.
The official purpose of the joint training is to practice airborne tactics and anti-terror operations, such as dropping into a hostile area and conducting a "terrorist camp raid." 
"Soldiers of the two countries will hold a tactical airborne operation, including reconnaissance of an imaginary terrorists' camp and a raid," said Kucherenko.

It's worth noting the Russians will have access to U.S. military weapons training at the Army's Fort Carson — "Home of America's Best" — ahead of the scheduled May 24-31 drills. They'll also be trained to understand and operate hardware used by U.S. forces in airborne missions including "parachuting, operation planning, reconnaissance, assault operations and evacuations by helicopter."

This announcement comes at a time when Russia actually has troops working in cooperation with China.  (VN:  Gee, what a surprise....lol  this is what I was talking about above in the vatic  note, now how come our leaders are so buddy buddy with the so called enemy that we are suppose to go to war with???  Its all just a big game for a bunch of wealthy people with too much time and money on their hands.  If they actually had to work for a living,  and do something productive, they would not have time for this garbage.)

A joint naval drill in the Yellow Sea is currently underway, with Xinhuanet reporting the military exercises are focused on sea-to-air defense, anti-submarine warfare, recovery of hijacked vessels and shooting down aerial, maritime and underwater targets. 
With 25 vessels and 13 aircraft deployed for the drill, it's reportedly one of the largest Russian-Sino drills in recent history. Xinhuanet reports:
Four Russian warships from the Pacific fleet, including the aircraft carrier Varyag are also participating in the drills. Missile destroyers, missile frigates, missile boats, a support vessel and a hospital ship gathered from China’s side for the drills.
But while Russia and China join forces for this week's Yellow Sea exercise, America isn't standing by idly. The U.S. military is conducting its own annual drills and war games in the Asia Pacific region — much to the displeasure of Chinese officials.
Philippines and U.S. Marine Corps service members provide cover during a 2011 boat raid exercise.
Manuel Mogato at Reuters reports U.S. Marines, partnered with Philippine troops, took part in a drill simulating an "assault to retake a small island" — a little too close to reality for China, which has been embroiled in a dispute with the Philippines, and other neighbors, over contested territory around the South China Sea. 
Mogato reports China warned that the US-Philippines war gaming would "raise the risk of armed conflict."
But so far there's no official word from Beijing about what it thinks of its Russian ally traipsing over to Colorado next month. Perhaps the Chinese government has a keen interest in the upcoming American-Russian drills and is keeping quiet for the sake of learning something from Russia following the U.S.-hosted exercises at Fort Carson.

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Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/joint-us-russia-military-drills-2012-4#ixzz1tCuPixB8

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