Nibiru? 'Major Threat Alert' From ARC

Vatic Note:   We have already seen the debri arriving and the news was calling it the Leonid meteor showers , but they don't arrive until October.... There was an arial explosion of a meteor that entered our atmosphere.   Vatic Project has been reporting regularly on this issue.   The resignation of 20,000 bankers world wide this recent past, and last year over 100 CEO's resigned from major Corporations that we also reported and then a week later over 100 sheriffs resigned.  We speculated back then about why  and of course,  the brown dwarf star twin to our sun was the subject of that speculation.   

We recently speculated again when the bankers resigned and everyone thought they were being prosecuted and outted for their criminal activity but we NEVER bought that transparent and illogical explanation.   We stated from the beginning, they resigned because they were going underground to set up or finish setting up their facilities for the rest that will be coming.  We understand it will be millions all over the globe that will be needed to support and sustain the piglets that have created all this horror  when they could have been leading us into how to prepare and survive the coming winds and heat.  Please read this below and as usual, make up your own mind, but at least you know.   Let me also say that I hope to high heaven that I am wrong about all this.  I mean it.   But right now there is too much circumstantial evidence to point otherwise. 

By the way, we have also been reporting the efforts by the gov to coverup the sunsets and we reported the Antarctic stations watching this coming in from the south.  So there is plenty of disparate info on the blog about this issue.   So check it out when you can.   Caves will work if they are deep enough..... if you use a cave WATCH OUT FOR BEARS.  As I said DO NOT OPERATE OUT OF FEAR, but rather out of hope.  That means this entire system of horrors that we have been experiencing WILL BE LONG GONE and good riddance.  If they are underground, we who survive can see to it they never come up.  That is a whole other blog for later. 

Now, what about this ARC organization?  Is it for real and why do they exist and how serious are they about all of this???  Well, here is something that shows how serious they are.  Watch this video and then decide for yourself whether what you read below is credible given the messanger.  I did, so I posted it.  Not saying its true, just saying the messanger is credible, but could be wrong.  You decide


Nibiru? 'Major Threat Alert' From ARC
Posted by Barracuda,  Before Its News
Originally Posted On Wednesday, March 28, 2012 By .

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on anything ‘space’ related, but when I received this email I just had to share!

As you may or may not know, I found some interesting information on underground bunkers (ARCs) that are being constructed in the US and even reached out to the company for more information (click here for video). As a result, I was put on their email distribution list. All this was way back in September of last year.

Last night I received the first Alert from the company and although there’s a lot of information going around on the internet about Nibiru, Planet X, Wormwood or whatever you want to call it, I personally feel that this being sent by ARC tends to lend more credibility. Again, this was the first communication since being put on their distribution list back in September.

NOTE: My 2 Cents… Please remember that our indigenous cultures all tell us that we have been through several world ages and those that live in their heart, in a place of love, and of appreciation for Mother Earth and each other SURVIVE. No one knows for sure what the future will bring, including potential earth changes. I am not sharing this out of fear, but to further cement the need for each of us to stay in that place of love and to prepare, in the ways we each see fit, for the changing times.

Stay Safe, Stay Informed!

The following is the email in it’s entirety.
From: ARC FirstALERT [mailto:arcfirstalert@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 8:08 PM
To: ‘ARC Bunkers’

Hello fellow American and concerned Citizen – -

This is a MAJOR THREAT ALERT brought to you by American Reassurance Communities (ARC).
You are receiving this alert because you have requested to be notified in case of an impending emergency. ARC has only issued one previous “ALERT” to our members and we will continue to ONLY notify you in extreme circumstances when a true threat exists.

After careful research, ARC has compiled the following official informational videos in an attempt to educate and warn all members of this pending but eminent threat.

You and I have something in common; we both believe that a major planet-wide change is about to happen; and we’re not alone… this email is going out to over 11,000 people, who have each (you and me included) inquired about subterranean community shelters over the last year.

And each of us believe something different is about to occur; some think terrorist, some believe the Mayan Calendar, some think an economic collapse is eminent or that the sun will hit us a massive CME, and these are all valid possibilities, however, the main reason ARC was established three years ago, was to prepare for the return of a brown dwarf star that enters our solar system once every 3657 years on an unusual orbit.

This star has many names and is mentioned in every religion on earth. The Bible calls it Wormwood (which NASA scientists have dubbed it Wormwood also) and other religions call it Nibiru, The Destroyer, Planet-X and many other names. (Google these names but read with caution, lots of disinformation)

What is most concerning is the arrival date!

News agencies have been banned from reporting this event; even though CNN slipped-up in August 2011, it was quickly forgotten about and all Internet postings were removed from CNN’s website. 

However, some people recorded it and it is being continuously re-posted everytime google takes it down. If this link is dead, then just google, “brown dwarf CNN” and watch the 30 second video.

CNN reported on it a few months ago; here’s a link to the broadcast…

Beware of disinformational content; concerning the brown dwarf star, there is more bogus information than there is legit. Here are a few links that have it as close to accurate as we know.
Here’s a link detailing when scientists first discovered it:


This guy has a very good explanation of the brown dwarf star…

The arrival date will be sometime after October 2012. Earth will be passing through the brown dwarf’s debris tail starting October 28, 2012. No information is being provided as to what will happen a month before or after the star passes Earth. At its closest point the brown dwarf will be 30 million miles away, however the debris tail is over 80 million miles long and is full of billions of basketball size meteorites (about 70 talents). 

NASA says it will rain meteors for 2-3 days (like hail falling) and increase the ground temperature to 200-275 degrees for several days each time we pass through the debris tail; so in order to survive, we must be underground during these fly-throughs.

Here’s a link from a NASA official streaming live video of the brown dwarf’s orbital path to an ARC Director:

The dates are unclear, but the orbit of this brown dwarf star has been confirmed. This has been a worldwide event since the beginning of our solar system. It occurs like clockwork every 3657 years and it’s due this year. Research what happened 3600 (1650BC) years ago, then 7200 (5200BC) years ago, and you will be astounded by the results.

We have always survived as a species and I expect we will again. But the reason you are not hearing about this event, is because you have not been listening to the right people. This was me three years ago. If you get your news from TV, then you only get the news you can live with, anything else creates uncertainly, which leads to mass panic. Not everyone panics, but it only takes one to get it going.


This brown dwarf star, which may or may not affect Earth, will not affect an ARCommunity. Our bunkers are designed to withstand much more stresses, so you and your family will be safe and comfortable.

Best to all,

It is the responsibility of ARC to report credible issues that may affect the status of an ARCommunity to all members. If you are receiving this email in error or would like to be removed from the, “First Alert Mailing List”, please respond to this email with the word, “REMOVE”, and we will not send any additional emails. Thank you.

Source Inspirationgal.com

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