Whats going on with Ron Paul and the GOP (neocon's) race???

Whats going on with Ron Paul and the GOP (neocon's) race???
By Vatic Master,  Vatic Project
March 13, 20112

Corruption has been exposed fully to the light of day in many of the various caucuses, especially in Maine.  Further, Ron came in second in caucus polls  in 9 states, so what does this all mean? As the corruption is exposed, his delegate count is rising without MSM coverage.   Delegates of those candidates who drop out are up for grabs to Ron Paul's campaign as well as others.  So, the only way to find out what is really going on, is to check in with alternative news sources to get the straight skinny on the races and candidates.  We posted below, the vote count problem which fits with a blog we put up yesterday, about the criminal manipulation of the vote count in 2000, and I just read there are also irregularities in the NH caucuses and there may well be adjustments that could change the face of the  race.  Will update as soon as we get updated progress on the recounts and vote counting.  You may not be a Ron Paul fan but if you are for fair and open elections, then this should concern you.  Today its Ron Paul, but tomorrow it could be your candidate, so stand for fair and legal election vote counting and get rid of the  corrupt electronic machines.

Well, here are some videos that need to be watched and keep in mind the veterans and active duty personnel are rallying around the Ron Paul campaign as well, to ensure its either legitimate or "made" legitimate when foul play is caught as has happened in Maine.  How much corruption will we see before the national GOP convention?   Will the International Bankers control who our next President will be, like they did in 2008 by "selecting" a designated Loser from the GOP in order to ensure Obama's win?  Or will we decide?  It requires we get off our duffs and go out and do what it takes to make the system responsive to the people.  ITS ALWAYS BEEN UP TO US, WAKE UP AND TAKE THE TIME TO STUDY WHO THE CANDIDATES ARE. If you do not like the direction our nation is heading, then do something about it while the system is still available.  Before long it will be gone, if its not already according to the military, so go out and make it work.

Today its Ron Paul,  The next blog a day or so later will be about Romney, and  the third will be Santorum.   Stay tuned.  Keep in mind that the MSM usually tells us who the bankers want:  yesterday it was Rick Perry, then Newt Gingrich, and today its Rick Santorum.  Its appears the MSM does not like Romney or Ron Paul.  Now, we need to know who the PEOPLE want.

Video #1 - Maine Votes Corrected - Ron Paul may Win Maine!


Video#2 - Ron Paul Winner of Washington County Maine Caucus 2012


Video #3 - Ron Paul Wins US Virgin Islands Caucus


Video #4 - How Ron Paul Wins in 2012


Video #5 - Ron Paul Exposed!!! Is this the Man We Want to See Running the USA???


Ok, now its time to do what it will take to get the peoples candidate nominated and then elected (instead of the bankers candidate) and its going to take a commitment, time, VIGILANCE, and resources to do so.  Its always been up to us.

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