The murder of Latin American (world) populations has begun

Vatic Note:   This is one of the very best analysis I have ever read about what we are seeing right now in our breaking news on weather and population impacts.  FOR THE SERIOUS INVESTIGATOR and truth seeker, this is a MUST READ.  Also tie this in with Zbig Brezsinzki's early book written in 1976 when he was newly the NSA manipulator of the Carter administration,  called "Between Two Ages", wherein he broached “the theme of weather control, which he regarded as a form of broader social regulation”.  This observation was made by a Russian Scientist, Dr. Areshev.   Then Zbig writes the Grand Chessboard in 1997, published in 1998 which then ties the original "weather manipulation" into the larger Geostratetic Imperative of the International Banker elite relative to the Eurasian continent, and control of its enormous untapped wealth.   That is Empire building by "Class" rather than "Nation".   Because the international elite cross all borders,  they have no country pre se themselves, even though they have the wealth they have stolen that is the equivalent of a 2nd world country,  they still needed a nation to act as surrogate for them and that is the US Gov and they did it by putting one of their own who is not an American in as President.  VERY CLEVER indeed, so they act through him to empire build, using our wealth and human resources as fodder for their wars to bring other nations into line.  This is not our "people" doing this, its the illegal and illegitimate Government owned and controlled by Rothschild, head of the international bankers.   Zbig is his policy wonk man on these issues. 

In the process Zbig makes it clear that while manipulating such weather weapons to control Eurasia,  it was also imperative to absolutely dominate through any means possible, the rest of the globe TO ENSURE NO ONE COULD ARISE TO CHALLANGE THE EMPIRE AGENDA OF THE ELITE who are using the US and her wealth to achieve their global domination of the planet.   Globalization was about forming a government of the ruling elite who have no boundaries,  which would then reflect reality.   No nationalism, no loyalty to a country or a people.  Only complete and total control of the globes massive wealth by a very elite few.  Combine that with Israel's agenda of moving Christians and muslims into a slave cattle workforce for their benefit and you have a perfect storm for this that is happening now.  In that context, all that Dick discusses below begins to make sense as to why this is happening. 

The murder of Latin American (world) populations has begun -=- "Starvemageddon" = Clandestine Weather Modification
Commentary by Dick Eastman,  Yakima, Washington, USA
August 9, 2010

Tropical vegetation dies fast in snow and tropical fish die fast in cold water. The extreme cold in South America this season has been caused by prolonged wind from the Antarctic during the southern hemisphere winter.

Is someone behind this?

Winds can be redirected or prevented from modifying direction by controlling high and low pressure by heating or cooling surface regions along side the paths of the wind by creating cloud cover or by steering clear air to locations where heating of the surface is required.

Wind blows anti-clockwise around lows (right hand rule) and clockwise around highs (left hand rule) in the northern hemisphere and the opposite in the southern hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere to create a stream of wind headed north (from Antarctica) over a region of South America arrange for higher pressure to the west and lower pressure to the east of the stream, that is block sunlight to the west and leave sky clear to the east. This is Clandestine Weather Modification.

Snow in Brazil, below zero in the River Plate,


tropical fish frozen
Power consumption sets new records

5 Aug 10 - For a second day running it snowed in Southern Brazil and in twelve of Argentina’s 24 provinces including parts of Buenos Aires.

In Argentina the phenomenon extended to Northern provinces (geographically sub-tropical).

In Patagonia and along the Andes snow reached over a metre deep, isolating villages and causing yet undisclosed losses to crops and livestock. Temperatures went as low as minus 10C, even lower in snowy regions. Maximum temps ranged from zero to 7C.

Power consumption set new records in both Argentina and Uruguay, and hundreds of industries suffered blackouts.

In Uruguay the lowest temperatures were registered in the north and west: minus 7C.

In Bolivia, temperatures in tropical areas in the east plummeted to zero causing “millions of dead fish” in rivers that normally flow at 20C.

Santa Cruz governor Ruben Costas said the province was suffering a “major environmental catastrophe” and warned the population not to make use of water from rivers (because of the dead fauna and flora) promising to send drinking water in municipal trucks.
Clandestine Weather Modification

Dick Eastman March 16, 2001

Defender, I just know about the facts I have run across, so can't say anything about your barium idea. BUT I certainly have found reason to support your other idea: "more of the same (or similar), strategic biological/chemical attacks to affect world market? And the band plays on."

I have just discovered powerful corroberation for the clandestine weather modification thesis. Not only does the NSF have the EOS system to collect the necessary real-time data; and the cruching power to process that data fast enough for identify weather interventions timley enough for weather modification (i.e. identify interventions within the limited time frame or "window of control ability" before repeated interactions among
variables sensitive to the "way out" significant figures in the various data makes prediction and control a practical impossibility.)

Now we find that NSF, Carnegie Mellon and a host of other establishment research institutions have been developing and elaborating the specific science that determines the economic effects of weather modification.

Carnegie Mellon in the early 1990's used the ICAM-3 super computer to model the economic and social effects of various factors of storms and other weather events.  They created formulae for determining
how weather events affect economic and sociological variables.

Also in the 1990's the NSF has sponsored modeling of ecological distortion that results from even minor changes in  atomspheric and oceanographic conditions.

If one view weather modification as an instrument then these researches provide the road map, the target, the payoff  (destructive as well as constructive).  The new name the NSF has given this research into the effects of specific weather changes upon the economy, the environment and public health is "The Biocomplexity Initiative."

NSF director, Rita Colwell, the "Alan Greenspan" of strategic scientific information,  identifies the goal of the Biocomplexity Initiative as developing "tools that can help us predict environmental changes" and understand the "ramifications" of "human actions"  on "life-supporting environmental processes."

Most ominous in this mix, is the NSF-supported combined meteorlogical and microbiology research work in
New Mexico, which identifies the invasive paths of infection, for example, the induction of virus outbreaks by wetter- than-normal-early spring or, I might add,  warmer than usual waters in the Indian Ocean.

See http://www.nsf.gov/  to learn how the Biocomplexity Initiative is seeking to specify the exact conditions
that must obtain to effect the collapse of natural  fishing stocks.  (VN:  now the Gulf begins to make more sense, fish stock depletion, which is brain food, combined with the massive research the Israeli's are doing on brain restructuring, DNA splicing and dicing to change our basic nature as "humans" into a devolved species, and other such "frankenstein" evil horrors, we can only imagine given their history for a total lack of humanity)

I am not saying that the scientists working on the various projects mentioned here are aware that what they are doing may figure destructive clandestine weather modification operations. In fact there is strong reason to believe that there is not.

In fact, under Colwell, government-managed research into interactive natural and human-derived environmental-system interaction, utilizes scientists who have been narrowly focused and fragmented, and puts these researchers who have never collaborated, i.e., who are not part of a dynamic scientific community/culture and uses them for only one year, before cutting them off. None of the researchers ever get the full picture. (It would be a courageous act for such researchers to now step forward and confirm this to an uncertain public.)

One more important and revealing juxtaposition of facts in the public domaine:   The Trilateral Commission is on record as considering major disasters as a means of moving people to consent to limits on democracy and the wide-spread sharing in economic growth and development.

"We have come to recognize that there are potentially desirable limits to economic growth.  There are also potentially desirable limits to th3 indefinite extension of political democracy ... A government which lacks authority .. will have little ability, short of cataclysmic crisis, to impose on its people the sacrifices which may be necessary."

--Report on Governability of Democracies to the Trilateral Commission"

"The Crisis of Democracy, 1975"

But according to Discover Magazine this month (3/2001) Carnegie Mellon has found that "slowly changing environmental conditions" (i.e., the global warming scare) do not motivate people  to address such changes (and respond with acceptance of) important public policy implications."

In other words, it takes CWM-disasters and not "global warming" junk-science half-truth scares to get people to surrender political power and accept smaller shares of global wealth. And, maybe that is what the chemtrails are doing there,  and why humanity is going through environmental hell since the early 1990's.

(More later.)

Dick Eastman
Every man is responsible to every other man.

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The Rothschild Cabal and Weather Control

"Just as the people of Iceland, Venezuela, Iran and China are all asking what is causing their problems with supposed nature, there are issues which are simply not discussed or even broached in the Rothschild controlled media. One has to do much research with alternative media sources to even begin to arrive at some ideas on what is happening around the world to cause such enormous trouble with the several nations which thought to speak out and oppose the ruler ship of the Rothschild Cabal masters and their US puppet."
China admits to employing over 30,000 people in the field of weather modification, while the USA admits NOTHING.
Weather modification conducted against "Old Europe" in secret as an extension of coersive measures in foreign policy.

Richard Eastman letter to President Bill Clinton July 1, 2000 regarding Clandestine Weather Modification Usenet alt.crime
Sabotage of 2011 World Food Supply Is Complete

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