"Protocols of Zion" -- Damage Control

"Protocols of Zion" -- Damage Control

July 29, 2010
By Henry Makow Ph,D.

Mankind is slipping into a permanent coma according to a terrifying plan that has been public knowledge for over a century.

When The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" were leaked in the 1890's, Masonic Jewish bankers did effective damage control.

They tricked the gullible goyim into believing it was a "forgery" written by "anti-Semites."

The bankers couldn't exactly admit the truth, could they?  (Their whole system is based on deception and secrecy.)  Thus they turned a disaster into an advantage by using it to incite "anti-Semitism."

In the Protocols they admit anti-Semitism is used to "manage the lesser brethren" by ensuring that all Jews are blamed for the bankers' actions.

By conflating their demented ambitions with Jewish people in general, they cleverly shifted the blame onto unwitting Jews, and used them as a Trojan horse, human shield and human sacrifice.

But everyone is implicated in this diabolical plan. The Protocols' world government is the British Empire repackaged.  British imperialism was always a marriage of English aristocracy and Jewish finance under the rubric of  (Cabalist) Freemasonry.
Freemasons, organized Jewry, Christian Zionists and virtually everyone who rises to prominence in government, business or culture today are collaborators in the Illuminati bankers' fraud.
The world is a stage play written by Illuminati bankers and staged by their actors in media, government, education and the social sciences.

The bankers want us to think humanity has achieved a kind of Nirvana, the "end of history," a level of reason and sophistication that renders obsolete the forces that have caused war and suffering.

These historical forces have disguised one satanic force which has emerged triumphant. This is the conquest of mankind by Cabalistic  bankers who have a satanic need to own and control everyone. They have bought the world, and the birthright of future generations.  Selling out is a condition of "success." The banksters reward complicity.

The bankers' fraud lies in the fact that currency is created in the form of  debt to them. No one can own currency. It is a medium of exchange like beads or shells. But they want to leverage  their ownership of currency into ownership of our souls. 


The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" repays constant rereading because it eerily described one hundred years ago what is happening today. Most versions are based on a 1920 translation by Victor Marsden, the Morning Post correspondent in Moscow.

I have been comparing it with a typescript version found by Stanley Monteith in the Edward Mandell House papers at Yale University. This one dates from about 1914. Although House was one of the conspirators, the typescript originated with people opposed to Jewish banker domination. This is indicated by sarcastic footnotes. For example, one lists some of the Jews and crypto Jews in power at the time.
I have already described some differences between the Marsden and House versions.

The Protocols were originally written in French and delivered at workshops of the Mizraim Lodge in Paris.   They were translated from French to Russian and then from Russian to English. There's room for error.

For example, the Marsden version says they will create class conflicts, and dupe and co-opt the poor. The House version says the opposite. They will play on the "hatred" of gentile elites for the poor. 
Marsden:  "Then will the hour strike when not for the sake of attaining the good, not even to win wealth, but solely out of hatred toward the privileged, the lower classes of the goyim will follow our lead against our rivals for power, the intellectuals of the goyim." (page 159, end of Protocol Four)

House:  "Then, not for the sake of good, not even for the sake of riches, but only owing to the privileged class hatred towards the lower classes of the GOYS will follow us against the intellectual Goys, our competitors to power." (p.13, end of Protocol Three; Protocol Three in Marsden is entirely missing in House.)

In fact, the bankers co-opted both the rich and poor of the goyim but it is significant that the Protocols actually speak of co-opting the rich, not the poor.

Think about this next time you wonder why Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are pooling their money to vaccinate Africans, and all the foundations, mass media and corporation sing from the same New World Order/ diversity song book.
It seems counter-intuitive that the rich would seek Communism, but Communism is really a method of institutionalizing inequality. Government is the ultimate monopoly and monopoly capitalists want to run it. Thereby they extend their credit monopoly to power and thought itself, i.e. tyranny.

Unlike Marsden, the House version actually uses the word "Communism."

House: We will govern the masses "by means of cunningly constructed theories and phrases, by rules of communism and other traps not understood by the Goys..." (p.15)

Marsden: We will govern the masses "by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbiage, by regulations of life in common, and all sorts of other quirks in all which the goyim understand nothing..." (p.161)

CONCLUSION: Many Jews, (especially Zionists/Neo Cons/Communists/socialists/liberals and feminists,) became agents for the Illuminati bankers. The bankers tricked them into "changing the world" into a socialist utopia. Unfortunately this utopia is a mask for the tyranny of monopoly capital (i.e. Communism.)I speak for Jews who weren't privy to this plan,  suffered and oppose it. It was concocted by bankers and Cabalist rabbis centuries ago and revised in the secrecy of Masonic lodges. These self-appointed Jewish leaders put all Jews in jeopardy.  They are stealthily establishing a world tyranny by manipulating world events, re-engineering society and controlling perception. Jews will be blamed for their disproportionate role in executing this plan.

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Anonymous said...

Good article, I wasnt aware of the leak a hundred years ago, but You hit the nail on the head,It's exactly what they are doing now .

Vatic Master said...

If you want a real experience, go and read the protocols all the way through. All 24 of them. Its like they are discussing where we are today. Very spooky.

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in this book should kindly see wikipedia regarding the origin and history of the Protocols, which is very finely documented.

Israel Koti said...

Your fan club is very illuminated by your fake comments about Jews. Not only is your choice of subject matter revealing, but your choice of the word "Goyim", a derogatory word for non-Jews, tells it all. It tells that you are seeking to incite people because YOU believe this nonsense, and are willing to see the consequences resulting from these lies towards Jews. It doesn't matter to you that its a lie, and it doesn't matter to you that Jews who are not guilty of any plot will be hated as a whole.

You are very irresponsible in that you don't qualify that the Elders of Zion may be a fake. In fact, YOU CLAIM it to be authentic, and thus, creating discord towards Jews. That is a smear against all Jews which foments hate of the likes seen in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

I guess you are willing to stir the pot all over again and watch Jews being rounded up and hated again only because YOU believe in this false assertion.

It is your kind of lies that creates hate rather than fosters knowledge and harmony. Your kind of lies are evil in their motive.

Vatic Master said...
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Vatic Master said...
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Anonymous said...

Racist comments are not allowed. What colossal b.s. Your home page lists Commie psychos based upon there having Jewish blood. You cite the Protocols as being genuine when in fact, hundreds of passages were plagiarized from Joly's 1864 "Dialogue in Hell..." book. You are another tool of the Illuminati. By blaming the world's ills on "the Jew," you relegate the Patriot Movment to a fringe neo-Nazi movement. If you're not controlled opposition then you are retarded racist scum, no better then the NWO Jews you rail against. Neo-Nazis and COINTELPRO have rendered the Patriot/9/11 Truth movement null and void. You have infected the freedom movment. Nice freaking job.

Vatic Master said...

Anonymous #3. Truth is a pain, isn't it? I am so glad you gave me another opportunity to prove so much that has been hidden for so long. Don't feel bad, I was taken in just like everyone else.

Fortunately research has verified so much that people like you used to use Racism to hide. No more. If you weren't in the middle of destroying our country like you did Russia and Germany in the past, I would never have known what I know today and what I share to educate others and its working, I am happy to say. PROTOCOLS WERE PROVEN TO BE AUTHENTIC, by two reliable sources.

- in 1919, the US Military and Congress confirmed, through hearings, original documentation and sworn testimony that not only were the protocols real, but that zionists were a threat to America's national security. You can find that report in the library of congress. Its now proving to be true.

- In 1938, in a court of law, the court ruled that the protocols were real. You can check the court case yourself.I have all the references to these facts on the blog for you to follow up on. So instead of name calling, PROVE OUR FACTS ARE WRONG..... OK? Name calling is you guys #5 of your disinfo tactics that you use to train paid trolls on the net to visit sites like this one.

Also Veterans today proved that Wikileaks is no longer reliable since Israel's cyberwarriors have taken over editing to favor their positions.

Since then, in reading a copy of the protocols numerous times, all that they laid out and planned is now in place except for the final one which is world domination by the khazars over the goyim, with your "iron rod" master ruling the planet which is Rothschild, your king, a flaming satanist. Thank you very much.

Vatic Master said...

Israel Koti, you have some understandably rational comments, so I will address them with the same respect. First of all, I highly recommend you read my blogs, since I continue to point out all the time, that these are not real Jews who are doing all this.... these are khazars without a drop of Jewish blood and who are not religious, rather pagans using the Jewish religion as you so well stated, to cover for their actions in trying to bring down the US.

Goyim is not my chosen word, its the word used continually in the protocols outlining like a blueprint the call for world domination of the "goyim". These are not lies and if you truly care about the truth, then step out of denial and read and verify everything we have put up.

I am in the process of losing my country and the reason is partially clear as a bell and I will fight to the death to save it. I hope you have the same commitment if you live in this nation and were born here. If not, then you are welcome to go back to where you came from and do whatever it is you do, over there.

Vatic Master said...

I forgot to ask why a wonderful Jewish person such as Henry Makow would be lying in this article? What does he gain by such lying? What he says is true. Right in the protcols it says to use anti-semitism to blunt the exposing of "truth" to cover for their movement toward their agenda.

Further, why did this rabbi write this letter to the Zionist, notice I did not address the perp as a Jewish person, since that is not the issue, its their Zionist "religion" that is pagan/satanic based..... these were not Jewish religious wise nor DNA wise and we have said that millions of times. These are khazar Zionist bankers. Period, its blatantly out there.

Further, why do real semitic and sephardic Jews have to seek asylum from Israel? They are beaten, battered and harrassed by the khazar immigrants from Russia, in their own land??? Don't try to lie out of that one, since we have videos not only of some of the beatings, but of the testimony of many of these religious Jews who had to leave Israel. We would love an answer to that one.

Vatic Master said...

Oops, forgot to give you the link. http://www.nkusa.org/Historical_Documents/tenquestions.cfm Here is the link to the questions asked by the Rabbi in 1948 about the role the zionists sitting out the war in europe most comfortably in Switzerland, and betrayed the Jewish people that cost so many of them their lives? Also read what the REAL JEWISH Rabbi said about how you treated the imprisoned, and finally released REAL Jews from camps. It was an abomination what the zionists did to the real Jews after WW II. Shame on you for that one.

Anonymous said...

The hatred for Jews stemmed from the "Protocols of Zion". It is a blueprint for control. Most people like yourself think these documents were written by Zionist Jews, but former Jesuit Alberto Rivera exposed the Roman Catholic System and the secrets of the Vatican when he revealed this before he was poisoned to death with acid:

"Before World War I, a strong force of wealthy Jews was maneuvering to regain control of Jerusalem. The Vatican was furious. Once again, the Jews were blocking their secret attempts to move to the Holy City. So we Jesuits constructed a master plan that would not only annihilate the European Jews, but would turn the world against them. We were instructed that the Jesuits directed certain Jews who were loyal to the Pope to write a document called 'The Protocols of Zion'. When it was published, the Europeans went wild."- Former Jesuit Alberto Rivera, "The Godfathers", "Behind the Dictators", By L.H. Lehman pgs. 10-15

"Let's go back to the preparations for World War II. Just after the first world war, Germany was in a terrible depression. Certain pro-Catholic Jews were ordered by the Vatican to buy up the land from the broke and hungry Germans. The money was supplied by the Vatican. At the right time, the Jesuits would use this incident to stir up hatred against the Orthodox Jews. The battle cry would be that the Jews showed no mercy to the Germans when they stole their lands during the depression"-Former Jesuit Alberto Rivera, "The Godfathers"

The Vatican has always wanted to move to the Holy City Jerusalem but was always blocked by the Jews, that is why the Vatican has always hated the Jews. After the temple was destroyed in 70 A.D., the Pope and the Black pope(Jesuit General) came up with an Arab prophet concept for the purpose of rallying many Arabs together in an army to do their dirty work for them, i.e. killing the Christians and Jews who would not convert to Catholicism and take Jerusalem away from the Jews. That's why the Vatican created Islam. In the Islamic Shi'a Hadith work entitled Hayatu'l-Qulub' on the authority of Abu Talib (Muhammad's uncle), it is written that a CATHOLIC MONK NAMED NESTOR said that Muhammad is a prophet and said "Congratulations to whoever believes him". Muhammad was then mentored by Khadijah's cousin, a Catholic Priest named Waraqua. The Vatican's Catholics who were directly influencing Muhammad were the ones teaching him to hate Jews, that is why the Islamic Qur'an slanders Jews quite a bit (example: Qur'an 5:51).

"It is a crime in Sharia law to insult Hitler (PBUH)!" stated Abdul Ali Aziz in a Muslim street interview. "We have been listening to this kind of blasphemy from the Left ever since the Zionist puppet Bush got elected. The infidel teacher must be tortured and beheaded!"

The ones killing people today, beheading, bombing, stoning, oppressing women, marrying little girls, etc all of these bad deeds, are coming from Islamic countries-by Muslims. The facts are that the Jews are not out there committing atrocities, it's the Muslims, yet the world blames the Jews. This Zionism agenda doesn't make sense when you look at it truthfully.

SOURCES about the origin of Islam and the plans of the Jesuits:

"The Prophet" by Alberto Rivera


"The Godfathers" by Alberto Rivera


"Hadith & Qur'an PROOF the Vatican created Islam"

Vatic Master said...

First of all, you are right, the real Jews had nothing to do with the protocols and we have stated that many times on here. In fact there are two documented incidences which proved the protocols were real, but in fact, written by the international congress early in the late 1800's and finalized by the Khazars through Rothschild. Further if you read them, they clearly wrote out that they recommended blaming the Catholics and the Masons for whatever they were intending to do. That is when the infiltration of both organizations began. The York lodge was the beginning of going after the masons. It was created by Rothschild through the Chatham house in England, and did not have a single stone mason in the entire organ. It was all the khazar elite that joined and ran it.

A 1919 Congressional joint study with our military intel investigated all of this and filed a report that currently resides in the Library of Congress for you use and reading. Then in 1938 during a court case, after all the evidence was taken, the judge ruled that the protocols were real. And as you so cogently point out, they have turned out to be a blueprint for the take over of the globe. It was first used in the take over of Russia who was resisting Rothschilds fiat currency system. he had to go. Then Germany was next with WW II, and now finally the lst war leading to final globalizing with the Zionists controlling it all.

You are wrong about why the "Khazars" are hated. Its because of their murderous thieving, especially of the Palestinians and other Muslim countries who have done nothing to them. The youngest and richest country in the middle east is Israel run and controlled by the satanic pagan khazars whose talmud makes a dirty sex book look clean. We have done numerous blogs on here showing who is who and recently DNA studies have proven that the Khazars are not Jewish. Not religious wise or by DNA.