Nuclear destruction of the WTC

Asks the question whether mini-nukes were used on 9/11.

Nuclear destruction of the WTC-- for more info see
or google "anonymous physicist 9/11 nukes"


Get "The Nuclear Destruction of the World Trade Center and The China Syndrome Aftermath" and "Quarantine: Mankind Held Hostage: The Ultimate Truth of Hiroshima, 9/11 & Man’s History" from the Anonymous Physicist at http://www.anonymousphysicist.com.

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john mccarthy said...


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Tritium and Deuterium, elements of Hydrogen, were found TOGETHER in the basements of WTC One and Two. Science tells us the only way for Tritium and Deuterium to be found TOGETHER is from the result of a pure hydrogen explosion.


A 105 ton configuration of steel from the outer shell of the WTC One was thrown in an arc for 350 feet and impaled in the Deutsche Bank Building across the street from WTC One. Collapsing floors cannot generate such a force.

The refusal of the current administration to "investigate" the events of 911 "makes them accessories after the fact".

"Looking forward, not backward" provides the excuse not to prosecute ANY CRIME brought before any court in the USA.

It is not a crime to challenge the government's conspiracy theory of the events of 911. It is the duty of every citizen to demand their elected representatives to perform their duties with respect to the volume of available evidence of the events of 911, even though the crime scene was destroyed.

Mass Murder is a viable charge for the events of 911 and there is no statute of limitations.

Someone, somewhere, must have the moral courage to bring an indictment before the proper venue for all events of 911. Such an inquiry must address the questions of the collapse of the WTC, the lack of titanium steel engines and wheel assemblies at the Pentagon, and the lack of similar debris in the hole in the ground in Shanksville, PA.

All Homicide Investigations begin with this question: CUI BONO? WHO BENEFITS? Without 911 there would be no Patriot Act, War Powers Act, Military Commissions Act (Bye Bye Habeas Corpus) and two preemptive invasions of sovereign nations who did not attack the USA.

There is something very wrong with this picture of the self righteous position of the 911 Commission which failed to address the events of 911.