Rothschilds Ring of Power - Part I, Bill Cooper's Majestic 12 - Part II (the Gulf?)

Vatic Note: Part I of this presentation is about the WHO and WHY of the Gulf false flag done by Rothschilds Goldman sachs owners of BP and Nalco toxic disbursement chemicals used in the Gulf. This is the most detailed analysis of the Rothschild cabal I have seen so far. Please watch it and understand about all that has happened to us. Its a progression over centuries of how we got to this point in time as planned by this family back in last 1700's and Its time to understand who is controlling all that is happening to both us and the rest of the world in our modern day trauma. Part II of this will be William Coopers excellent writing back in the 90's where this all is going and how predictive and right he was about where we are today including the depopulation efforts of these people. Its why he was killed. Be sure and watch for this one because what he wrote will blow your socks off.   It will be part IIa which is about his biography and murder, and Part IIb will be his predictions and results of his research over many years and you will see how prophetic (vatic) this man was.

Rothschilds Ring of Power - Part I (Bill Coopers Majestic 12 (The Gulf?) Part II.)
Now lets look at the history and modern look at Rothschild and what that family has done over these past centuries that ended up in the destruction of this great gulf of Mexico and why. The first part is about the family so it gives a context to the second part of the presentation.

Watch this first video to understand just how evil these people are. Listen to Rothschild and how he supports Browns actions (remember Brown had to resign when his pedophilia at high levels of gov came out and was exposed). Notice how he passes on blame to the lowest levels of the system and yet they were the puppet masters in the bringing down of the American financial system. Notice how he "feels sorry for the pensioners" after his Goldman sachs extracted trillions from the retirement funds. How psychopathic can you get???


Now see the background and history of this man's family and how he is continuing their plans laid out centuries ago. Its why family generational training works over time.

Part 1a - Talks about Rothschilds connection to America's robber barons.  Remember when you see how Ansel gathered 13 men to discuss the take over of the world, those were and are the illuminati families that you hear about, but notice who controlls at the very top of all of them?  Rothschilds.  So the target is clear. 


Part 1b - covers how clever he was in manipulating early british stock and bond market in the Napolean war on the continent. It made his massive wealth.


Part 1c - Talks about the Jeckell island meeting into creating a private national bank. The Federal Reserve. It discusses the manipulation of the name to conceal their subversive nature. Discusses Evelyn Rothschild married an elitest Zionist heiress.


NOW, you may understand just how powerful this family is compared to any other family in the world. It should also show just how psychopathic they also are.

Watch for Part II, which will be an article written by the assassinated Wm Cooper who laid all this out well in advance of it occuring and died by an assassins hand for the exposure to their plans that he had done. Be sure to read "Behold a Pale Horse" when you are finished with all of this on here. This was an eye opening research project for us. We hope you will get the most out of it with respect to THE BIG PICTURE. It clearly shows that the Bush's and Obama's are nothing more than powerless, toothless, puppets in a much bigger game. Bill Coopers article Majestic 12 in Part II of this series does wonders for showing us were this is going to end up. We have not reached the end of this yet. He was right up to this point, which can pretty much assure us he will be right about how they plan on final achievement of their fascist global NWO.

Remember something when reading all of this. Knowledge is power. Also passion and anger is action. Also remember that low tech resistance has always taken down high tech arrogance. So, this game is not over. Should we prevail lets remember what we have learned, what we had lost and refound as Americans, and as caring human beings and never lose it again. WE have a renewed connection to our planet and all the life we took for granted that they showed us can be lost in a moments notice when we become apathetic and take all we have for granted. Now we must always be grateful for the gifts this planet has given us and never let it be attacked again.

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Anonymous said...

So what is the purpose of this article? Do you offer any solutions?

Vatic said...

What? You didn't read the article? If you had you would know what the purpose of it is. Have you read the other parts???

Solutions? After 10 years of the most massive production of information in the history of the world, and this is all one has to say about it?

Well, then, Your right, maybe the solutions are as the elite say, depopulation.