Gary Johnson's Position on the Issues

Clerk Note: At least we know where Governor Johnson stands on the issues, and they seem like reasonable positions. Ought to attract the saner half of the dying Republican Party.


Gary Johnson's Position on the Issues



Gary Johnson on Abortion
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  • Don't require insurers to provide birth control. (May 2012)
  • No federal funding for stem cell research. (Jan 2012)
  • Women's right to choose until fetal viability. (Jun 2011)
  • Right to choose up until viability of the fetus. (May 2011)
  • Leave the decision up to the woman. (Jan 2001)
Gary Johnson on Budget & Economy
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  • National debt, approaching $20 trillion, is bankrupting us. (Jan 2016)
  • National debt of $20 trillion is obscene & unsustainable. (Jan 2016)
  • Lay out a process for state bankruptcies. (Aug 2012)
  • No bank bailout; no farm subsidies; no stimulus. (May 2012)
  • Cut federal budget by 43% to bring it into balance. (Feb 2012)
  • Trillion-dollar stimulus failed; so will another $450B? (Sep 2011)
  • We could have avoided default without raising debt ceiling. (Aug 2011)
  • Ending the fed OK, but that's only part of the solution. (Aug 2011)
  • Stop incurring more debt; balanced budget by 2013. (Jul 2011)
  • Our debt is greatest threat to our national security. (Jul 2011)
  • Opposed TARP, stimulus & Fannie Mae bailout. (Jul 2011)
  • End the Fed; they've devalued the dollar by printing money. (May 2011)
  • On verge of financial collapse unless we balance budget. (May 2011)
  • Balance budget by cutting entitlements AND Defense. (Apr 2011)
  • Uphold commitments to states before other spending. (Sep 2001)
Gary Johnson on Civil Rights
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  • Supports separation of religion and state. (Aug 2011)
  • Prostitution is safer when legal and regulated. (Jun 2011)
  • I support gay unions; government out of marriage business. (Apr 2011)
  • Support principles embodied in the Equal Rights Amendment. (Feb 2001)
  • Overturn CA Prop. 8: Let gays marry. (Apr 2013)
Gary Johnson on Corporations
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  • Eliminate double taxation embodied in business income taxes. (Jan 2016)
  • Built Big J Enterprises into leading construction company. (Aug 2012)
  • Visited Occupy Wall Street; we need radical surgery. (Feb 2012)
  • Started a one-man handyman business; grew it to 1,000 people. (Sep 2011)
  • Eliminate corporate income tax as real way to create jobs. (Jun 2011)
  • Lower the tax burden; eliminate corporate tax. (May 2011)
Gary Johnson on Crime
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  • Too many unnecessary laws leads to too many in prison. (Jan 2016)
  • Vetoed early release of prisoners due to overcrowding. (Aug 2012)
  • Vetoed hate crime legislation as thought-crime. (Aug 2012)
  • Built private prisons to replace out-of-state prisoners. (Aug 2012)
  • Private prisons cost $20 less/day than public control. (Aug 2012)
  • DNA evidence shows many people are mistakenly convicted. (Aug 2012)
  • 1994: Proponent of death penalty, but willing to debate it. (Jan 2012)
  • Death penalty as a public policy is flawed. (Jan 2012)
  • Don't risk putting innocent to death. (Aug 2011)
  • Half of crime is drug-related; legalizing drugs cuts crime. (Jan 2001)
  • Supports flexible federal block grants for crime programs. (Sep 2001)
  • Zero tolerance for violence against government employees. (Aug 2001)
Gary Johnson on Drugs
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  • States are finally seeing the failure of the War on Drugs. (Jan 2016)
  • Why do we tell adults what they can put in their bodies? (Jan 2016)
  • People 95% positive on legalizing; incumbents 100% negative. (Aug 2012)
  • Marijuana is safer than alcohol. (Aug 2012)
  • 75% of border violence with Mexico is due to drugs. (Jun 2011)
  • Marijuana is safer than alcohol. (Jun 2011)
  • Legalize marijuana instead of 1.8 million arrests and $70B. (May 2011)
  • Harm-reduction: health issue rather than criminal issue. (May 2011)
  • Drug policy today parallels Prohibition in the 1920's. (May 2011)
  • Other governors privately support ending drug war. (Oct 2002)
  • War on Drugs is a miserable failure; $6M for treatment. (Apr 2001)
  • Drug use is up despite $30B spending on War on Drugs. (Jan 2001)
  • Prescriptions for heroin & methadone at local pharmacy. (Jan 2001)
  • Allow medical marijuana and needle exchanges. (Jan 2001)
  • More federal funding for all aspects of Drug War. (Aug 2000)
  • States should make drug policy, not feds. (Aug 2001)
Gary Johnson on Education
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  • Public education system needs major reform. (Aug 2012)
  • Vouchers OK for church childcare & church schools. (Aug 2012)
  • $3,500 voucher for every K-12 student. (Aug 2012)
  • Vouchers are as constitutional as pre-school and day-care. (Aug 2012)
  • Competition would make our schools better. (Aug 2012)
  • I support evolution; but no federal involvement. (May 2012)
  • No student loans; they cause higher tuition. (Nov 2011)
  • Education Dept. takes 16 cents for every 11 cents it gives. (Sep 2011)
  • Abolish Departments of Education and HUD. (Aug 2011)
  • Give every student in New Mexico vouchers worth $3,500. (Jul 2011)
  • Put educational funds in the hands of the people who use it. (May 2011)
  • End the Department of Education. (May 2011)
  • No student loans; they cause higher tuition. (Feb 2011)
Gary Johnson on Energy & Oil
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  • Cap-&-trade imposes costs with no environmental improvement. (Aug 2012)
  • Alternative energy good; ethanol subsidies bad. (Nov 2011)
  • Supports nuclear power. (Aug 2011)
  • Current policy prevents common-sense energy development. (Jul 2011)
  • No cap-and-trade; no taxing carbon emissions. (Jul 2011)
  • I accept global warming but not cap-and-trade. (Jun 2011)
  • Voluntary partnerships reduce greenhouse gases economically. (Aug 2000)
  • Kyoto Treaty must include reductions by all countries. (Aug 2000)
  • Federal tax incentives for energy, with state decisions. (Aug 2001)
Gary Johnson on Environment
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  • No compromise on clean air, but no cap-and-trade. (Oct 2011)
  • More state autonomy on brownfields & Superfund cleanups. (Aug 2001)
  • Support State Revolving Loan Fund for flexible Clean Water. (Aug 2001)
  • Focus on prevention and states for Endangered Species. (Aug 2001)
  • Collaborative, incentive driven, locally-based solutions. (Aug 2001)
  • Apply "Good Samaritan" rules to abandoned mine cleanup. (Aug 2001)
  • State primacy over water quantity & quality issues. (Aug 2001)
Gary Johnson on Families & Children
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  • Refused 'Marriage Vow' pledge; it condemns gays & singles. (Nov 2011)
  • Encourage fathers' participation in child-raising. (Sep 2001)
  • Federal funds & state involvement in fatherhood initiatives. (Aug 2001)
Gary Johnson on Foreign Policy
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  • We can no longer afford to shell out billions in foreign aid. (Feb 2012)
  • No foreign aid spending unless it protects U.S. interests. (Nov 2011)
  • Flights to Cuba ok; trade promotes friendship. (Sep 2011)
  • Act in US self-interest, but wary of unintended consequences. (Aug 2011)
Gary Johnson on Free Trade
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  • No tariffs, no restrictions; but no corporatism. (Jul 2011)
  • Eliminate needless barriers to free trade. (May 2011)
  • NAFTA benefits New Mexico; jobs lost are those we don't want. (Jan 2001)
Gary Johnson on Government Reform
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  • Strong advocate of term limits for governors & Congress. (Jan 2016)
  • New SuperPAC, "Our America PAC", for principled candidates. (Dec 2013)
  • Should government be doing this policy in the first place? (Aug 2012)
  • Won 1994 with $510K of own money & not beholden. (Aug 2012)
  • 750 vetoes & contentious relationship with legislature. (Aug 2012)
  • OpEd: managed to improve the state while slashing the budget. (Nov 2011)
  • Vetoed more bills than all other governors combined. (Sep 2011)
  • As governor, vetoed 750 bills. (Jul 2011)
  • Government creates jobs by reducing its role, not expanding. (Jul 2011)
  • "Governor No": 742 total vetoes of bills over two terms. (Jul 2011)
  • 1996 tort reform: limit punitive damage awards. (Jul 2011)
  • Unlimited campaign contributions by corporations. (Jul 2011)
  • Cost benefit analysis on all government spending. (May 2011)
  • Full disclosure, but no limits on campaign donations. (Jan 2001)
  • Term limits let politicians focus on issues, not re-election. (Jan 2001)
  • Reforms must respect state's rights to select electors. (Aug 2001)
Gary Johnson on Gun Control
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  • Supports gun ownership rights. (Aug 2012)
  • Laws regarding guns are ineffective. (May 2011)
Gary Johnson on Health Care
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  • ObamaCare's promise of lower cost simply isn't happening. (Jan 2016)
  • Government-managed healthcare is insanity. (Aug 2012)
  • Block grant Medicare; carte blanche to the states. (Aug 2011)
  • ObamaCare is unconstitutional; so is Bush's Medicare Rx plan. (Aug 2011)
  • Salud!: managed care for Medicaid recipients. (Jul 2011)
  • 1999: vetoed 12-cent-a-pack cigarette tax hike. (Jul 2011)
  • Cut Medicare/Medicaid by 43%, as part of $1.675 trillion cut. (May 2011)
  • Repeal ObamaCare & failed Medicare prescription drug benefit. (May 2011)
  • No federal pre-emption of employee health plan regulation. (Oct 2001)
  • More federal funding for rural health services. (Aug 2001)
  • Protect state tobacco settlement funds from federal seizure. (Apr 1999)
Gary Johnson on Homeland Security
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  • Spying on U.S. citizens dismantles the 4th Amendment. (Jan 2016)
  • Founding Fathers would be disgusted about spying on citizens. (Jan 2016)
  • Overturn simplistic, chaotic, reactive military policies. (Jan 2016)
  • Should we have 100,000 troops on the ground in Europe? (Aug 2012)
  • Patriot Act is a direct assault on privacy & due process. (Aug 2012)
  • Torture has created millions of enemies we wouldn't have had. (Aug 2012)
  • Let the PATRIOT Act expire; respect habeas corpus. (Jan 2012)
  • Due process at Guantanamo; no torture of terrorist suspects. (Jan 2012)
  • Allies want more US military spending, but cut by 43%. (Nov 2011)
  • 43% reduction in military spending; cut foreign aid too. (Sep 2011)
  • No physical or psychological torture of terrorist suspects. (Aug 2011)
  • Abolish the TSA; let Patriot Act expire. (Aug 2011)
  • No waterboarding under any circumstances. (May 2011)
  • Deal with terrorism as a joint federal-state responsibility. (Feb 2001)
  • Include states in anti-terrorism planning. (Sep 2001)
  • Study terrorist threats against nuclear waste repositories. (Aug 2001)
Gary Johnson on Immigration
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  • Bigger border fence will only produce taller ladders. (Jan 2016)
  • Arizona anti-immigrant law leads to racial profiling. (Aug 2012)
  • A 10-foot wall just requires an 11-foot ladder. (Aug 2012)
  • 2 year grace period for illegals to get work visas. (Nov 2011)
  • 1 strike & you're out for legal immigrants who violate terms. (Nov 2011)
  • Let some, but not all, illegal immigrants stay in US. (Nov 2011)
  • We educate the world's best & brightest; why send them back? (Jun 2011)
  • Open the border; flood of Mexicans would become taxpayers. (Jan 2001)
  • Mexican immigrants are pursuing same dreams we all have. (Jan 2001)
  • Share costs of legal immigration between states & federal. (Feb 2001)
  • Federal government should deal with criminal repatriation. (Feb 2001)
Gary Johnson on Jobs
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  • Governments don't create jobs--businesses do. (Feb 2012)
  • Oppose NLRB recent actions against Boeing in SC. (Jul 2011)
  • 1999: Vetoed raising minimum wage from $4.25/hour to $5.65. (Jul 2011)
  • Long unemployment benefits postpones dealing with problem. (May 2011)
  • Create block grants for Agricultural Stewardship. (Aug 2001)
Gary Johnson on Principles & Values
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  • Side-by-side issue comparison to Mitt Romney. (Aug 2012)
  • My desire to serve has been with me since childhood. (Aug 2012)
  • I view government in the same way as philosopher Ayn Rand. (Aug 2012)
  • Seven Principles of Good Government for work & life. (Aug 2012)
  • Graduated from UNM and married college sweetheart. (Aug 2012)
  • Gave fiancee "Atlas Shrugged" to explain his politics. (Aug 2012)
  • Let people drive 75 mph & buy beer on Sundays. (Nov 2011)
  • Favorite philosopher: Milton Friedman. (Aug 2011)
  • Tea Party insures that Republicans are part of the solution. (Jul 2011)
  • Calls himself classical liberal; others prefer libertarian. (Jun 2011)
  • Majority of America is fiscal conservative & social liberal. (Jun 2011)
  • Religious affiliation: Lutheran. (Nov 2000)
  • Member, National Governors Association/Economic Development. (Jan 2001)
  • Member of Republican Governors Association. (Aug 2001)
  • Member of the Western Governors' Association. (Aug 2001)
Gary Johnson on Social Security
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  • Raise the retirement age to 70 or 72. (Aug 2012)
  • A portion of Social Security ought to be privatized. (Aug 2012)
  • Replace the payroll tax with FairTax. (Feb 2012)
  • Raise the retirement age; plus means testing. (Aug 2011)
  • Reform all entitlements, including Social Security. (Jul 2011)
  • Open to personal accounts for Social Security. (Jul 2011)
  • Change escalator from wage-based to inflation-based. (May 2011)
  • Maintain long-term solvency of Social Security and Medicare. (Aug 2001)
Gary Johnson on Tax Reform
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  • Current tax code penalizes productivity & investment. (Jan 2016)
  • 23% national sales tax while eliminating the IRS. (May 2012)
  • Get rid of income tax and capital-gains tax. (Feb 2012)
  • FairTax on all new goods & services, with prebates for poor. (Feb 2012)
  • FairTax would absolutely reboot the American economy. (Sep 2011)
  • Replace tax system with a FairTax. (Sep 2011)
  • Replace job-killing tax code with FairTax. (Sep 2011)
  • Reduce state personal income tax from 8.5% to 8%. (Jul 2011)
  • No national sales tax or VAT. (Feb 2000)
Gary Johnson on Technology
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  • No government "back doors" into encrypted, private info. (Jan 2016)
  • Oversaw construction of 500 miles of new highway. (Aug 2012)
  • Highway 44: Private alternatives to infrastructure spending. (Jul 2011)
  • Opposes Net Neutrality; no government regulation of Internet. (Jul 2011)
  • NM building twice as many 4-lane highways with no tax raise. (Jan 2001)
  • Level playing field for Main Street vs. Internet sales tax. (Aug 2001)
Gary Johnson on War & Peace
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  • We are no safer after years of failed nation-building abroad. (Jan 2016)
  • Afghan nation-building will fail; withdraw immediately. (Aug 2012)
  • Cut all support and aid to Israel. (May 2012)
  • No military threat from Iraq, Afghanistan, nor Libya. (Aug 2011)
  • Iran is not currently a military threat. (Aug 2011)
  • Let Israel deal with Iranian nukes; not US role to tell them. (Aug 2011)
  • Absolutely would not have gone into Libya; get out now. (Jul 2011)
  • We wiped out al Qaeda 10 years ago; leave Afghanistan. (Jun 2011)
  • No threat from Libya; so no authority to topple dictator. (Jun 2011)
  • Afghan War initially warranted, but not for 10 years. (May 2011)
  • Military surveillance should discover WMD before invasion. (May 2011)
  • I opposed the Iraq War from the beginning. (May 2011)
  • No Afghan timetable; start tomorrow & finish in a few months. (May 2011)
  • Eliminate ineffective interventions in Iraq & Afghanistan. (May 2011)
Gary Johnson on Welfare & Poverty
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  • Impose gross income cap on welfare recipients. (Jul 2011)
  • Maintain federal Social Services Block Grant funding. (Sep 2001)
  • Maintain flexibility & funding levels for TANF block grants. (Sep 2001)

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