T-minus 24 hours

Clerk Note: T-minus 24 hours until the Vatic Project roars back to life in celebration of the late Vatic Master's birthday. She tried not to post political articles, because most were of the false EITHER/OR Democrat/Republican paradigm. A valid complaint.

In this overly long election cycle of 2016, the dynamics have changed. More so than any other time in recent US history, the controlled opposition machinations are exposed.

The Clintons and "the Donald", a former Democrat, are friends and even business associates, filtering money through some of the same nefarious banking channels. The Donald is taking a page out of the Mel Brook's movie "The Producers", where the main characters realized that they could earn more money on their (Broadway) show if it was a flop than if it was marginally successful. So they embarked on the task of making the worst show ever, complete with a chorus-line dancing Hitler singing "Springtime for Hitler". In the business language of the Donald's endeavors, his ROI is going to come after (losing spectacularly) the election, with endorsements and reality television. As an added bonus, the Donald -- like his six bankruptcies -- splits the Republican Party and runs it into its overdue grave. (The lock-stepping of Republicans since Bush II is reason enough.)

The plan was to have half the Republican Party run into the arms of Sec. Clinton, giving her a mandate, quite possibly to do the bad shit that the anti-Clinton conspiracy theorists talk about.

But then along came Bernie (Sen. Bernie Sanders), who should have won the Democratic nomination. The DNC email scandal demonstrating bias against Bernie, along with questionable campaign funding deals, along with the pay-to-play politics of the Clinton Foundation.

Sen. Clinton lost, but the voting machines have already been programmed for her win in November.

She doesn't have to win by a landslide, doesn't have to get a mandate, and doesn't need a Congress that is also bought-and-sold like the Democrats and Republicans.

If you are a U.S. citizen, you're voting strategy should be clear: Vote either (1) Green, (2) Libertarian, or (3) another 3rd Party. If you don't know individual candidates, flip a coin. Candidates with the Democratic or Republican Party should not earn your vote UNLESS you know their deeds in office well enough to recommend them.

An internet meme told me that 88% of the seats in Congress are up for election this cycle. IT IS BIG.

Just months before her passing and the bone cancer already having knocked her for a loop, the Vatic Master confided to me in person -- but also through articles she had posted --, that she was a Trump supporter. It was neither the time nor place for me to convince her otherwise. Knowing her as I do, she was probably egging me into action as she bequeathed the Vatic Project to me. From the netherworld, the Vatic Master's spirit can read a selection of articles on her Birthday that reem the Donald a new one. Followed by a day of doing the same with Sec. Clinton. The theme days fall into place almost by themselves.

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