US Senate tries to block arms sales to Saudis

Vatic Note:  Remember, the Saudi Royalty were put up on a blog here, where we showed their geneology as we did with the British Royalty as well, and both were Khazars.  That is how and why Saudi Arabia was created after WW I, and Israel after WWII, by the British, and Khazar royalties were put in place in both Saudi Arabia and Israel as allies, as Netenyahu admitted just recently, by the British and those khazars obtained control of Saudi Arabia's oil and wealth and why they are such close allies of  Israel.

This below explains why ISRAEL said that 9-11 was good for them.  And their good allies, Saudi Arabia took part in it as did the Khazars from Israel , with the aid of their allies here infiltrated in our government.  Yup, they are clearly the masters of deception. Its why they have killed millions of Christians after they take over a country like they did to Russia in 1917.   Watch how this author also covers up for Senator Graham. 

US Senate tries to block arms sales to Saudis
By Ian Greenhalgh, Veterans Today,  on April 13, 2016

Citing the 28 pages from the 9-11 report that may implicate the Saudis.

The 28 pages removed from 9-11 report may finally see light of day
The Saudi role in 9-11 could be revealed

The recent cooling of relations between the US and Saudi governments may have one unexpected side-effect – we finally get to see those 28 pages removed from the 9-11 report.

VT revealed the involvement of the Saudis in 9-11 long ago; but this disclosure, if it does indeed take place, would have far-reaching repercussions; not least because there are still a lot of families who lost loved ones and who would no doubt clamour for justice should the 28 classified pages reveal any guilty parties.
We shall watch this story carefully as it is likely the tip of the iceberg if Obama is prepared to adopt a new openness towards the release of previously classified material relating to 9-11 and the subsequent ‘War On Terror’.  (VN:  Yes, and lets see what Obama does to Israel and Saudi Arabia for 9-11.   Will it be like the Khazars bombing of the USS Liberty, where they tried to blame Egypt and use it for an excuse to bomb Egypt?  I think so! Remember, these animals have no soul, so they lack creativity, and are forced to use what has worked in the past.  That is what 9-11 is.)

The White House and intelligence officials are considering declassifying documents known as the “28 pages” which could show the possible existence of a Saudi support network for the hijackers involved in the 9/11 terror attacks.

The discussion of the documents, which have been locked away for 13 years, comes as President Obama plans a trip to Saudi Arabia this month, the Hill reported.
Former Sen. Bob Graham, who helped author the report, told “60 Minutes” the classified information outlines a network of people he believes supported the hijackers while they were in the US.
He said the hijackers were “substantially” supported by Saudi government, as well as charities and wealthy people in that country.
“I think it is implausible to believe that 19 people, most of who didn’t speak English, most of whom never been in the United States before, many of whom didn’t have a high school education — could’ve carried out such a complicated task without some support from within the United States,” Graham said.  (VN:  Notice, not a word from Graham about the Khazars of Israel.  I bet that report also has that fact missing as well.)
The 28 pages were cut from a report on the 9/11 terror attacks in 2003 by the Bush administration in the interest of national security. Porter Goss, who was Graham’s co-chairman during the inquiry, said the FBI refused to declassify the information at the time.

Goss, who later led the CIA, told “60 Minutes” he saw no reason then, or now, for the material to be locked away. Goss and Graham met with the FBI director to try to sway him, but had no luck.

Those interviewed by “60 Minutes” who have read the 28 pages describe the material as similar to a police report or grand jury file, and say it lays out the possibility that the hijackers who settled in Southern California had official Saudi assistance.

Graham said he believes the US classified the pages to protect its delicate relationship with its ally, Saudi Arabia.  (VN: is that also the reason the US gov doesn't say a word about the Khazars of Israel's role in it as well?)

… by  Ian Greenhalgh

Earlier this week I reported on the 28 pages that were omitted from the 9-11 report because they directly implicated Saudi Arabia as having been part of the conspiracy. In that report I described the deterioration of US-Saudi relations as ‘cooling’; however, it appears that a more appropriate term to describe how things are going would have been ‘rapidly freezing’. (VN:  Wow, this fits with the third world war that Albert Pike wrote about in 1871 between Christians and Muslims as a plan for depopulating the planet and ridding it of the moralty of both religions.)
Today, Sputnik is reporting on the latest development in the rapidly deteriorating US-Saudi relationship- a move to halt further arms sales to the autocratic kingdom.   (VN:  This is all about setting up WW III and
The reasons discussed focus on the terrible human rights abuses the Saudis have committed during their invasion of Yemen; ostensibly this is a campaign to fight terrorism but in reality is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and it’s bitter rival Iran.
Now that American politicians have criticised Saudi Arabia for it’s inhumanity, violent brutality and official disclosure of their role in 9-11 looks to be forthcoming; how long can it be before we see it acknowledged publicly that the Saudis are the money men behind Islamic State and Islamic Extremism is largely a Saudi Wahhabi invention? (VN:  Yes, and so are the israeli's since  both of them are khazars, and they are both allies and partners in this planned take over of the globe.)

14th April 2016, Sputnik

Relations between the House of Saud and Washington appear to be fraying, following a wave of human rights abuses by the Saudi government in Yemen and growing public discussion of the kingdom’s involvement in the 9/11 terror attacks.
US Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) announced he is proposing a bill to limit US weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, in protest to the regime’s human rights violations in neighboring Yemen.
The timing of the bill has caught the attention of international policy analysts, coming only a day after former US Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) announced that the White House had informed him that the 28 secret pages from the 9/11 Commission Report that directly implicate high-ranking members of the House of Saud in funding and otherwise supporting the 9/11 hijackers. (VN: of course, they are implicated.... they are khazars as we proved in a geneology track on the royalty of the Saudi's, showing they were Khazars as are the Israeli's. This is deception of the highest order.)
Despite growing indications that diplomatic relations between the US and Saudi Arabia may be starting to freeze over, the House of Saud remains closely integrated into America’s strategy against Daesh in Syria. Security analysts have long argued that Saudi leaders are providing material support to Daesh and, along with Turkey and Qatar, are taking actions to undermine that fight.
Senator Chris Murphy refused to cite concerns that Saudi officials were implicated in the 9/11 attacks, or growing concern that they may be fighting on both sides against Daesh, instead noting that the Saudi-led bombing campaign in Yemen was indiscriminate, resulting in troubling levels of civilian casualties. (VN:  But those same officials don't see to care about the indiscriminate bombing of the twin towers???  Otherwise, Israel khazars would be on our list of enemies!)

“There is a growing discomfort in Congress about the growing level of arms sales to the Mideast, and a lot more people willing to ask questions than there were just a few years ago,” said Murphy.
Murphy argued that Saudi Arabia’s human rights abuses in Yemen are being inaccurately attributed on the ground to the US, causing further injury to America’s reputation in the region.
“I’ve been hearing regularly, in Yemen, that this is being seen as a US campaign that is clearly creating more, not less, space for extremist groups to operate so I think the bar should be higher for the US to send replacement munitions.”
The bill’s co-sponsor, prominent libertarian Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), mirrored Murphy, stating in a press release Wednesday, “Saudi Arabia is an important partner, but we must acknowledge when a friend’s actions aren’t in our national interest. I have yet to see evidence that the civil war we’re supplying and supporting in Yemen advances our national security.”
Senator Paul’s current comments toward the Saudi regime were more measured than previous statements. In the past year, Paul has referred to Saudi Arabia as a Middle East ‘arsonist,’ calling on the US to boycott Saudi Arabia and stop selling arms to the regime, which, he claimed as recently as June 2015, was directly responsible for the 9/11 attacks.
Senator Chris Murphy cautioned, however, that support for the measure may be slim within Congress, given defense lobbyists’ influence on the Hill and the defense industry’s reliance on its foreign arms trade.

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