GOOD NEWS: Goldman Earnings Plunge 55% In Worst Quarter Since 2011; Average Compensation Crashes

Vatic Note:  Well, well, some good news for a change.  Watch out now for these cretins to go after gold and silver since its in the protocols (read them on our site off to the right) that is one of their major goals second only to their goal of globalizing and controlling the entire planet.

Remember, Goldman Sachs runs China, and now they are to be the new economic power house, and they have slave labor and if we do not put an import tax on them for their products, we will be even worse off than we are now.  On that point Trump is soo very right.  Our Companies will go over seas for their
manufacturing and that means we loose even more jobs that are good paying jobs.

What impact does that have on us?  Well, our children will be left with slave labor wages in order to work and survive.  We will have no life and that is the position we will be in.  Then they can implement their plan to gather us all into housing that is stack housing which will be in a small geographic area and we will be tightly controlled to prevent rebellion or resistance and they will use those smart meters and towers to spy on us globally. Think about what this will mean for your young adult children, no work, no experience, and no life.  Is that what you want for them?

Goldman Earnings Plunge 55% In Worst Quarter Since 2011; Average Compensation Crashes

It appears a combination of Rosengren's comments (panic-jawboning about rates raises policy error fears), positioning unwinds (commercial hedgers covering), and gold/silver ratio compression has sparked a surge in both silver (10-month highs) and gold (back above 50dma) overnight.
The overnight spike...

Smashing Silver to 10-month highs..

UBS analyst Joni Teves tells The Financial Times:
"It's a combination of silver getting a bit of attention over the past week with the big move in the gold/silver ratio and quite a few market participants looking at silver in and its relative performance to gold and thinking it might be time for a bit of catch up."
As the ratio drops to 5-month lows...

Even as Gold lifts back above its 50dma...

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