Solutions for 2015 and Beyond on World Beyond Belief

Vatic Note:  This below deals with the stock market and currency system we live under.  Its good to look at this in perspective, and then discuss solutions to solve the problem.  When he discusses the "forgiveness of debt", that is a concerpt that exists in the khazar Israel system.... but that debt forgiveness is not for everyone, only those that the money powers decided were in their best interests.

These guys do a great job analyzing, educating and identifying solutions.  I get that there maybe a part 2 to this and I will watch for it and put it up when it comes up.  He even educates us about the stock market rules.  The Shumita is a khazar Jewish concept of debt forgiveness, but not for goyim. 

Solutions for 2015 and Beyond on World Beyond Belief
By Zen Gardner, August 31, 2015

Back to create solutions for the calamities now happening on the planet is the World Beyond Belief’s own Richard (aka DATAGRAM). During this pod cast he explains in depth the significance or insignificance of money, how it is made, how it robs and how it enslaves.

Do you really know how derivatives make money out of nothing? This and other slippery concepts are explained in simple UK English. Getting practical the WBB crew and Richard look at practical solutions in the short term for the bizarre collection of incidents scheduled to happen this fall.

But the real, long-term solution comes at the end where Richard suggests a proper role for money in a sane society – none! Let your mind latch on to this vision of the future that doesn’t include enslavement, hunger or poverty. If we all can vividly imagine this perfect vision of the future, we are at least one step closer to getting there.

For an extensive list of references and resources visit the show notes at http://pineconeutopia.wordpress.com

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