BREAKING: Taiwan bans GMOs from school lunches... mandates GMO labeling nationwide... throws down gauntlet on toxic foods from USA and Monsanto

Vatic Note:   This is simply another facet of the evil ones psychopathic depopulation agenda, using the soft kill method and why do they do that?  Because they are cowards and afraid of hard kill methods that might result in their being harmed, or killed.   When Bush Sr sent all our manufacturing overseas to slave labor countries, we had no industry here in the USA, so they began this transfer of GNP over to the drug companies, farming and prisons owned by corporations instead of owned and run by the people.

World wars, and various skirmishes that were profitable to the military industrial complex corporations, and finally, loans to nations in combat with interest payments to the bankers and great profitability.  And everyone of these things has harmed Americans like never before.   They even criminalized civil offenses so they could load up their prisons.  We now have the worlds largest prison population.

These evil ones are people of no character, or moral core anywhere and that is why they also want to rid the world of all monotheist, moral and integrity based religions.  Its why they killed so many Christians in Russia during and after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution.  Its what they intend to do globally if allowed; Bush signing the noahide laws proves it.

As I have mentioned several times before,  they already got our legal system put on the Noahide laws that makes Christianity a crime and decapitation the punishment.   Even Muslims are at risk since they actually believe in Christ but see him as a prophet rather than the son of God.   So they would be beheaded as well. They want all of us to believe he never existed and thus his teachings would not be honored. I can't imagine a world of these khazars making.  God spare us all from such Satanic horror.

The good news is, some countries, like Taiwan are showing courage in banning GMO seeds from their soil and that is a step in the right direction.  They are also "ENFORCING" those laws against the elite khazars.  We must start electing those who show that they know what is going on and that they intend to stop it and are not afraid.   Its the only way to stop this, short of using our 2nd amendment rights.

We must do an "Iceland" to these illuminati elite and their bankers.  Kick them out of the country and throw the worse ones in jail.  Lord knows we have enough evidence to do just that. Taiwan is leading the way to food safety, and we must follow.   Its a shame that we have given up our world leadership by example role to others.  Now we, the people of the USA,  are being lumped in with Monsanto and sold as nazi's.  Those that bought and controlled our elected reps are the real Nazi's, the zionist khazar banker corporate owners.

BREAKING: Taiwan bans GMOs from school lunches... mandates GMO labeling nationwide... throws down gauntlet on toxic foods from USA and Monsanto  
By Mike Adams, the Health Ranger,  Natural News,  Jan. 10, 2016

(NaturalNews) Even as the fascist, corrupt U.S. government and its regulators (FDA and USDA) actively conspire with the biotech industry to poison Americans with genetically modified foods, Taiwan has already passed and implemented a nationwide law to protect its citizens from GMOs.


Nearly a full year ago, Taiwan passed Food Act Amendments that achieve remarkable food safety milestones the U.S. government refuses to implement, placing Taiwan far ahead of the United States on food safety. These milestones include:
1) Requiring the mandatory labeling of GMOs on all food products that contain 3 percent or more GMOs. Foods that use no GMOs may be labeled "non-GMO" ... and many already are, causing their sales to skyrocket across Taiwan. Just last year, imports of non-GMO soybeans to Taiwan grew nearly 300% to 58,000 tons.

2) Limiting the use of food additives to just 799 compounds approved by the Taiwan FDA. The FDA of the United States, by comparison, allows tens of thousands of chemicals to be used as additives, even when they are well known to cause cancer.  (VN:  now this is why I use the word "treason" with respect to these agencies and how the system is not working to force them to do their job as intended.... to protect the American people.  Maybe we should dish out some justice if the system refuses to do so. Think on it!  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.)

3) All GMO ingredients are required to be registered with the Taiwan government, and food manufacturers that use GMOs are required to establish an origins tracking system to identify where those GMOs originated.

4) All the soy milk, tofu, miso and other soy-derived products sold everywhere across the country -- including at cafes and street food vendors -- must be clearly labeled as GMOs if they use genetically modified soy.

5) Food products made using genetically modified soy as a processing agent or blended ingredient must also label their final food products as GMO, even if the soybean oil is not, itself, the final product.

6) Fines for violating these food safety provisions have been set at NT$50 million.

USA food safety lags far behind the rest of the world

This shows yet again just how far behind the United States is on food safety compared to the rest of the world. Instead of promoting actual food safety, the FDA gives a free pass to GMOs, heavy metals, artificial additives and other toxic chemicals, focusing almost exclusively on bacteriological contamination issues such as e.coli and salmonella.

That's why the USA lags far behind the rest of the world on the banning of artificial additives and preservative chemicals, most of which have already been banned across the EU. The U.S. government continues to allow extremely toxic pesticides and herbicides to be used across the agricultural industry (including California's strawberry operations), and as the news in this article shows, the USA now lags far behind Taiwan on the issue of GMO labeling and banning GMOs from school lunches.

Increasingly, U.S. food safety looks like a third world nation being run by a cartel of imperialistic food corporations that dictate government policy. Public health has NOTHING to do with government regulatory policy at this point. It's all about appeasing Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont, Kellogg's, PepsiCo and all the other poison-pushing food and beverage companies that continue to poison a nation of food victims into epidemics of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's.

Taiwan bans GMOs from school menus

In yet another milestone for food safety, Taiwan has banned GMOs from school lunches.

"The latest amendments to the School Health Act are aimed at all school meal providers, to ban genetically modified raw ingredients and any processed foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from school menus," reports the China Post. The Post also reports:

Legislator Lin Shu-fen, an advocate for passing the bill, said that studies abroad have shown a high connection between the consumption of GM foods and the prevalence of allergies, autism and rare diseases.

"Soy is a major ingredient in Taiwan's school lunches," said Lin. "Genetically modified soy has been shown to contains toxic residue from pesticides."

You almost never hear such statements from the sellout politicians in America, nearly all of whom have been bribed and bought off by the biotech industry. Making matters even worse, poison-pushing U.S. publishers like Forbes.com -- named the single most evil news publication of 2015 by EVIL.news -- carry deceptive propaganda articles by sleazebag industry scientists like Henry Miller who ridiculously claims that herbicides are harmless and GMOs pose no health risks whatsoever.

Entire world revolting against U.S. agricultural imperialism and fascist, corporate-dictated government policy

The rest of the world, however, isn't buying the U.S. propaganda. In fact, the rest of the world is revolting against U.S. agricultural imperialism where prostituted U.S. lawmakers and regulators are bought off by industry to shove GMOs down the throats of all the other countries under so-called "fair trade" regulations such as the TPP.

Taiwan's pig farmers, for example, are also organizing a massive, nationwide protest over the U.S. pork industry's continued usage of ractopamine, a toxic drug fed to pigs to cause rapid weight gain. The Taiwan government is under imperialistic pressure from U.S. trade representatives to lift its ban on the import of U.S. pork grown with the drug. If the ban is lifted, it would flood the Taiwan market with cheap, low-grade pork that's been artificially multiplied with the use of a toxic drugs that isn't used at all in the Taiwan pork industry, reports Asia News Network.

U.S. has long pushed tobacco products and other toxic chemicals onto Taiwan via international trade pressure. GMOs are also being aggressively shoved down the throats of the world's children by the U.S. federal government, which is widely food as a "food bully" across the globe.

Perhaps that's why countries like Taiwan are working so diligently to protect their own children from U.S. food policies that push poison for corporate (Monsanto) profits. "The passing of this bill not only means our children will be eating more safely, but it also indicates a heightened understanding of food safety in our society," said legislator Lu Shiow-yen in the China Post article linked above.

Not surprisingly, there is virtually no Republican or Democrat in the entire U.S. Congress who's willing to state GMOs and their accompanying herbicides are a danger to the health of children nationwide. In terms of the 2016 presidential election lineup, Hillary Clinton has very close ties to Monsanto and is known as the "Bride of Frankenfood." Ted Cruz is likely to tow the GOP party line on GMOs and take a "pro business" stance that denies GMOs cause any harm. Only Donald Trump has any shot at being an anti-GMO candidate, as he's already known to be a promoter of organic foods... and he can't be bought off by Monsanto.

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