Marco Rubio: The first thing I’ll do as President is kiss Bibi’s behind

Vatic Note:  Boy, if you read this below, I hope you will understand just how much trouble we are in and its showing to be our own fault.  We say and do nothing to counter these candidates, that are bought and paid for on both sides of the political spectrum.   Its possible this was an exercise in sarcasm, but given the way elected politicians have behaved toward Israel, AFTER ELECTED, I am supposing they mean what they have said.

What bothers me, is, we, as a nation better heal the "left", and "right" divide if we are to prevail. UNITED WE STAND, AND DIVIDED WE FALL.   This article mentions not one word about the dems who promise to the same thing, only they say it in non sarcastic ways, AND IN SECRET, AS HITLARY HAS PROVEN, that implies that they mean it.

I trust not one single professional politician after these past 7 years of Obama and Hitlary, with a republican majority in the House and A MAJORITY once in the Senate.  Israel, under those conditions, violated international law when they did all the things to the Palestinians that they have done in both Gaza and elsewhere.

These candidates, if elected,  are suppose to be representing the majority of Americans, and seem to only care about the 2% khazars, which is not the basis of our republic, RATHER A RESULT OF A LACK OF "THE PEOPLES'  GENUINE OVERSIGHT ON THE ACTIONS AND VOTES OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS and lack of holding them accountable for their votes and their actions with respect to a foreign nation, which they revere far more than their own country, unless, of course, this is all sarcasm.  I guess we will find out. .  TREASON OR SARCASM. The answer should easily determine our votes.

Please read these and see what you think.  Was this sarcasm or for real?  If it was for real, then realize this is what happens when the "people" do not insert themselves into the political process and demand representation as provided by the Constitution.  Its also what happens when the people do not hold those elected accountable for their actions.

Marco Rubio: The first thing I’ll do as President is kiss Bibi’s behind
By Kevin Barrett,  Editor, Veterans Today, January 13, 2016

Republicans pledge allegiance to Israel - in graphic terms (VN: while the dems also pledge allegiance to khazar Israel and do so in secret. BOTH PARTIES HAVE SOLD OUT TO THE NWO FIAT CURRENCY CHAMPIONS AND MAFIA.)

In an attempt to position himself as the most pro-Israel Republican candidate, Marco Rubio told a Jewish audience in Florida yesterday that if elected President, his first act would be to offer an osculum asinum to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.
"If elected President, I will immediately fly to Tel Aviv, meet with Bibi Netanyahu, and kiss his keister,” Rubio told a cheering throng of Jewish Republicans at the Vulgar Rich People’s Kosher Retirement Center in Miami Beach.
Asked whether he would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, as other Republicans have promised, Rubio responded: I’ll do them one better: I’ll recognize Jerusalem as AMERICA’s eternal undivided capital too, and deem Bibi our eternal undivided Emperor.”
Asked by a reporter whether Americans would accept subjugation to a Jewish emperor, Rubio cited the case of Emperor Norton, a 19th century San Francisco madman who appointed himself Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, hired a printer to issue “currency” with his picture on it, and was humored by the entire city. “That’s pretty much what we’re already doing with the Rothschilds,” Rubio explained. “Why not make it official, and admit we’re just a pathetic, impoverished, exploited province of the Eternal Undivided Empire of the Jewish State?”
During last night’s private presidential debate at Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas mansion, miffed Republican candidates responded to Rubio by claiming that their Israel policies would be even more obsequious. “Marco Rubio only spoke of kissing Bibi’s royal tushe once. If elected, I promise to kiss it repeatedly and with gusto,” enthused Ted Cruz.
Carly Fiorina responded with a graphic and unprintable description of how she, if elected, would display her submission to Bibi. Ben Carson said he would let Bibi humiliate him and call him a schvartze. Chris Christie chimed in that Bibi was welcome to mock his obesity. Jeb Bush said his first act would be to paint a big blue Star of David on the White House.
Mike Huckabee insisted that if elected he would just resign and let Bibi be president. Donald Trump emphasized that he hates Arabs even more than Israel does, and would ship every Muslim in America to concentration camps in the Negev Desert where Bibi could use them in radiation experiments.
The only discordant note was struck from deep within the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy at Rice University in Houston, Texas, where a faint voice was heard to whisper: “F— the Jews, they don’t vote for us anyway.”

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