BREAKING: Hillary’s State Dept. Caught Attempting to Rig Iowa and New Hampshire Elections

Vatic Note:  Well, this tells me that the  people who want Hitlary are the Zionist  Khazars and are battling, for control of the democratic candidate and the outcome of the primary, against their facsist partners now why is that?   Is it because they realize that if she wins the nomination, that she will lose to the GOP selected candidate in Novermber?  Now, if they rig the election itself, as was done for Bush Jr, then she could still win, but the call for investigation into election rigging would harm her Presidency from the start.

If Bernie Sanders wins, then you can be sure, he will call for gun confiscation faster than hawk on the hunt.  Bernie would do that because he is a leftist progressive, but Hillary would do it to, only she would do it for the Khazars who cannot finish their agenda, until they disarm the nation.  There is a lot to consider here.  Read, and you decide.   Let us know in the comments section.

BREAKING: Hillary’s State Dept. Caught Attempting to Rig Iowa and New Hampshire Elections
By Admin, Conservative Tribune


Last May, a judge released an order mandating that Hillary Clinton’s State Department release large batches of the former secretary of state’s server emails on a monthly basis.
The next deadline is Jan. 29, and according to The Hill, the department filed a court briefing Friday asking that the judge postpone the deadline by a month, allegedly because of the weekend snowstorm across the East Coast.

“[T]his storm will disrupt the Clinton email team’s current plans to work a significant number of hours throughout the upcoming weekend and could affect the number of documents that can be produced on January 29, 2016,” the department argued.
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Were the request to be granted, however, the next batch of emails would not be released until after the caucuses in Iowa and the primary in New Hampshire. Caucuses and primaries are fairly similar, in that both are used to determine which candidate should represent the entire party during the general election.
The chances of a huge storm hitting the nation’s capital right before the last batch of emails was supposed to be released — and right before voters turned out in Iowa and New Hampshire — were 1 in a million, of course, but the Clinton tried to make the most of it.
The fact that Hillary’s State Department wanted to postpone the next release until after these two monumentally important events — they can set the tone for the rest of the election season — suggests that this is nothing more than an attempt to boost Clinton’s chance of defeating challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders, the self-declared socialist from Vermont.
It would certainly make sense, what with the desperation felt by Clinton’s supporters — all of whom have realized that she now faces the very real possibility of losing to Sanders. The assumption, of course, is that President Barack Obama’s administration is among those supporters.
This assumption fits, since Clinton is more likely than Sanders to keep in place the programs and policies — Obamacare, for instance — put in place by her former boss.

Simply put, it appears the department wants to rig the elections. What remains to be seen is whether the federal judge in charge of this case will allow that to happen.

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