The Democratic presidential debate, by the numbers

Vatic Note:   We had no internet service yesterday and part of today.  I pointed out that it was a strange coincidence that outage coincided with our traditional first day of fund raising.  That is why you did not find any blogs from us on here all day today, and they will be late coming up tonight for tomorrows blogs.

If you are going to attack someone,  hitting them in the pocketbook, is a good place to start..... so now, the question is "Do I think this was  done on purpose?"  I genuinely do not know and cannot say one way or the other, however, stuff like this is happening frequently down here in Rural America.

The only place here, that does not seem to be affected by much is our very spanking brand new WALMART, recently injected into a town of only 6,000 people and a county, (one of the largest in land size, in Colorado,) with a population of only 12,000 people and many of those are 2nd homes for the summer time here.

Yes, this is the same Walmart that has Rothschild on their board of Directors, which is an indication of Rothschild ownership of stock, but also one of the guides for the direction of the company, so if it is true and  they are actively participating in our selective censorship, then it must be true that the bankers have a very heavy hand into this for their illuminati Masters.

Or this black out could just be a typical internet blip that does happen on occasion and the timing is just a coincidence.  As for this article below, its important because Hillary Clinton is the khazars choice for President.  But first she has to leap the primary hurdle and then take on Donald Trump in the general, which may well be her downfall.

Both sides of the Political spectrum, GOP and Dems,  are attacking "The 'truth telling Donald',  like I had never seen before in any campaign or race for President and I am an old broad.  The other side of that coin, is the deceptive agenda of the Khazars and overall, they have been very successful in that area.  Keep in mind these Israeli Khazars own the press and that is who is attacking Trump.

The second debate was clearly a set up against Donald, but it was not possible to tell who the powers that be wanted to win the GOP nomination.  The field is pretty pathetic indeed.   Bush is a proven criminal, and traitor so he is out for sure.   If he is not, then we get what we deserve.  The rest are truly uninspiring.

Are the Powers that be, "pretending" to not want Donald, so that the GOP would split the vote for nomination which means it could go to one of the other GOP politico's/party hacks forcing Trump to go independent, and thus split the COP vote in the general election, which would ensure a Clinton win.  That also seems to be a real possibility.

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Thank you for all your support over these many years.  I am still trying to find a way to fund this deficit without fund raising.  So far, no luck, but I am not giving up, so hang with us until we do.  Thank you again and God bless you and your family.

The Democratic presidential debate, by the numbers
By Cate Martel , Theodoric Meyer and Jesse Rifkin,  Politico,  October 13, 2015

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/democratic-first-debate-numbers-214726#ixzz3oiSav0EH
When the Republican presidential candidates have met to debate this cycle, they’ve repeatedly gone after Hillary Clinton.
But when the Democratic candidates squared off for the first time in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, they managed to mentioned the Republican frontrunner Donald Trump only twice. And Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and a dozen other GOP candidates weren’t mentioned at all.


Here’s how the candidates measured up on a few other essential metrics:

Speaking time:
Hillary Clinton (32 minutes, 10 seconds)
Bernie Sanders (28 minutes, 2 seconds)
Martin O’Malley (17 minutes, 5 seconds)
Jim Webb (15 minutes, 27 seconds)
Lincoln Chafee (8 minutes, 8 seconds)
2: Mentions of Donald Trump (by Sanders and O’Malley)
0: Mentions of every other Republican presidential candidate (though Clinton was asked about claims made by Carly Fiorina)
1: The number of questions asked about Clinton’s email server.
0: The number of references to Vice President Joe Biden
7: Number of lines that got laughs:
— Webb: “My other two daughters… well, they’re still in school.”
— Sanders: “You have not been in the Congress.” O’Malley: “Well, maybe that’s a healthy thing.”
— Webb: “We’ve let a lot of people go over their time.”
— Sanders: “When I was a young man -- I’m not a young man today.”
— Sanders: “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about these damn emails.”
— Cooper: “Do you want to respond?” Clinton: “No.”
— Cooper: “Clinton says her model [for financial reform] is better than yours.” Sanders, scoffing: “That’s not true.”
11: Attacks on Hillary (including from 5 from Sanders)
2 ½: Clinton attacks on Sanders (including a half-attack on Sanders’ position on bank reform)
5: Mentions of the word “socialism” (three by Anderson Cooper, two by Sanders himself)
2: Candidates to mention their own websites (Chafee, once, and Sanders, twice)
Candidates on-stage with the most Twitter mentions at the half-way point of the debate, as provided by Twitter:
1. Hillary Clinton
2. Bernie Sanders
3. Jim Webb
4. Martin O’Malley
5. Lincoln Chafee

Candidates in either party mentioned on Twitter:
1. Hillary Clinton
2. Bernie Sanders
3. Donald Trump

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