Roseburg Oregon Residents Stun Obama With Unexpected Message

Vatic Note:   Does this surprise me?  Not really, since we can't prove, but we suspect, that this was just another false flag in a series of false flags to try and take our guns, its unlikely they will welcome him with open arms and his blatant show of a lack of humanity and compassion for the victims families, was the icing on the psychopathic cake.  Thats a khazar for ya!!!!  You can tell, since they have absolutely no clue how to fake behaving human toward such tragedies.

He is just going to show up for the backdrop for announcing his EO he intends to sign for gun control.   The good news is, our country banned gun control and our state Constitution gives local laws precedence over both state and federal laws to do with the county.

Bad news is, we don't know our sheriff well enough to know if he will stand with "the people" and not the power structure..... but I suspect we will find out soon enough.  The next question is "what will his sheriffs that live here do?  Will they defend us or the power structure, or stand with the sheriff?  Going to be an interesting test.  If he signs an EO banning guns, then game, set, match, if we do nothing. 

Roseburg Oregon Residents Stun Obama With Unexpected Message

Members of the Roseburg, Oregon community have spoken out about a potential visit from President Obama, and they are not overly welcoming. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly (FOX News), a well respected community member spoke out against a visit from Obama. Resident David Jaques has said that much of the community feels this way.
“I think the president will not be welcomed into the community,” said Jacques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon. “And that is not just my opinion.”
Jacques explained that his staff had spoken to “dozens upon dozens of citizens,” including family members of the victims, elected officials, Douglas County commissioners, the Douglas County sheriff and the local chief of police.
“(They) all came to consensus language about him not being welcome here to grandstand for political purposes,” Jacques continued.
President Obama wasted no time the day of the shooting to once again take a stand for gun control. Much of the details had not even been sorted out yet before he spoke, leaving a bad impression with town residents.


Rather than taking the time to offer comfort and support to families laid low by this tragedy, Obama chose instead to once again vilify guns and gun owners, and declare his feelings that guns are evil and not needed by Americans.
His stance is nothing new to gun owners, but his cold almost callous attitude towards the families of the victims is disheartening to say the least. There is a private meeting scheduled between the President and victims families this week. It makes one wonder how many will be there, and what they may have to say to the POTUS.

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