Wisconsin governor strips workers’ wage protections - Well, so much for him as President!

Vatic Note:   Well, this fits with the zionist Fascist agenda, so why are we surprised.  It was probably the price he had to pay to get the AIPAC support for his candidacy and run for the White House.   Remember, its the khazar bankers that own most major corporations, with bankers like Rothschild sitting on their board of directors.   They are the fascists.

Thats why the wars all the time.  War Loans and Weapons sales are the new industry since Bush Sr. shipped all our good paying manufacturing jobs overseas to slave labor countries.  That means the Military Industrial complex is in on the scam.  Now he is running for President.  Thats all we need is just one more of many candidates owned by AIPAC.   So far, its Ben Carson and maybe Donald Trump, since the others are unquestionably owned by our foreign occupiers.

Here is what I decided about Trump.   Everyone knows that the khazars run Israel and even Netanyahu admitted to the Israeli paper that the leaders of Israel are Khazars.   Trump has had past dealings with them in business, and he has supported them in the past, but now that he knows who is behind all the problems this country is having,he will have to say so, if he wants us to believe he is the only honest and truthful candidate.  Otherwise, he goes in the same trash bin of history as Governor Walker is going in.

I want to see if he is going to do an "Alex Jones" on us, or if he is going to tell the hard, cold truth about who is what.   If he does, than I will support him for President.    If he does not then I won't.  That will leave Bernie sanders on the left and Ben Carson on the right and I am still going down that rabbithole to see how connected they maybe with the Khazar bankers.

Almost no one I talk to lately believes anymore, that the "Muslims" did it.  Almost everyone with very very rare exception, now knows its the khazars of Israel and their British masters.  Or is it vice versa???  Hard to tell these days who is running what. But the exposure on all these false flags are killing them, and they may well lose all their puppets in congress if they don't stop it all.

Too many false flags and expose's about them, that is ruining their credibility.  Further, everyone knows who owns hollywood, and who runs TV programming, so someone is going to have to take the tough pill and arrest them for all the crimes they have committed so far and someone is going to have to deal with the treason involved in our politicians working for a foreign country against their own citizens and nation.   Its a bad situation and getting worse. Its right on the edge of treason which is a death penalty offense.

This below ensures Walker works for the promoters of slavery for our workers. I believe once that is fully exposed, he will be history as well.  Time to vote for AMERICA, instead of the Khazars and Wall Street. 

Fundraising time - Well, here we are again, with our hand out to help us meet our monthly deficit of $250, due by the first of the mo.   We can't express enough, our gratitude for all the help you have given us in so many ways, all these past 6 years and we can see the work we have done is reaching across the globe.   

When we started we never saw a word anywhere about the Khazars and now we see it everywhere.   Even the leaders of Israel have finally come out and admitted they were the Khazars/Ashkenazi Jews, who are not semitic Jews of the Bible, nor are they religious like the real Jews, as evidenced by their pagan Babylonian Talmud.  Because of that, we now have exposed them and are continuing on with possible solutions etc.   This could only have happened with your help in keeping us on the net.   God bless you and yours for your commitment and I hope that the Heavenly Father has blessed you and your family,  for doing so. 

Wisconsin governor strips workers’ wage protections - Well, so much for him as President!
By GPD,  Veterans Today,  July 16, 2015

scott walkerEditor’s note:  If anyone wonders why VT bashes the GOP, they only need to look at the actions of Scott Walker.  Few doubt that once the criminal charges that have been standing over him for years are finally allowed to move forward, Walker will go to jail.  In the interim, he and other GOP governors have set up a fascist dictatorship within America, one that has and will continue to cause human suffering and injustice until people do something about it.  (VN: it does not explain why no one on VT ever says a word about the treason being done by Obama and his henchmen.   He is working for the same khazars.  Currently, there is no difference between the two parties.)
Why should no nation trust America?  Men like this are why.  (VN:  Men like this are why THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO NOT TRUST MEN LIKE THIS EITHER, IN BOTH PARTIES.)
With the stroke of a pen, Wisconsin’s governor passed a two-year spending bill which also strikes down a key wage protection law. The prevailing wage law ensured government contract workers were paid comparable rates in any given industry.
“With this budget, taxpayers come first,” said Republican Governor Scott Walker announcing the passage of his $72.7 billion biennial budget.
Calling the prevailing wage law a “depression-era…mandate that artificially increases the costs of construction,” Walker said he was reforming government through its repeal. He said local government would be exempt from the mandate, “savings millions for our schools, technical colleges and other local governments.”
Wisconsin law currently says employers must pay a “living wage,” which is defined as pay that offers “minimum comfort, decency, physical and moral well-being.” Walker has long insisted the state’s $7.25 an hour minimum wage is the same as a“living wage.” A 40-hour work week at that pay scale would provide $1,160 in pre-tax income a month.
At those type of minimum wage levels, “a person…gets by only with help from family, friends, or some sort of publicly supported assistance,” said Ianta Summers from the Center for American Progress.
The repeal of the prevailing wage law also does away with the ability of the state’s Department of Workforce Development to determine what constitutes a living wage. Previously, the department would convene a wage council comprised of employers, employees and the public to assist in investigations and make recommendations.
READ MORE: Wisconsin approves union-killing ‘right-to-work’ bill, governor expected to sign

The repeal is also seen as an attack on 100 workers who, with the aid of Jobs Now, a Wisconsin liberal advocacy group, used the “living wage” law last fall to force the Workforce department to consider whether they were being paid enough. The department concluded they were being paid a living wage, but the workers filed a lawsuit contesting its decision.
This is literally silencing the voices of hundreds of workers who have stepped out of the shadow of poverty and asked the governor to follow the law and address the continuing decline of wages in Wisconsin, Jennifer Epps-Addison, executive director of Wisconsin Jobs Now, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Salon also reported that legislators also used the biennial budget negotiations to deregulate predatory payday lenders, make it harder for victims of police shootings to obtain information, and gut a requirement giving workers at least one day off a week.
On Monday, Walker launched his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.
Walker has been cutting wage protection laws since taking office. In 2011, labor supporters protested his efforts to limit collective bargaining rights for public workers, with 100,000 people demonstrating outside the capitol in Madison. The legislation was ultimately passed and signed by Walker. Earlier this year, Walker made Wisconsin a right-to-work state, making it a crime to demand private-sector workers who are not in a union to pay dues.

Walker, also a GOP presidential candidate, added that the budget ensures that state government will have to operate within the means of its taxpayers and be more efficient, effective and accountable.

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(VN: Not any less than the Democrats have become and proven they are a threat to America.   Not one scintilla of difference between them when it comes to treason.  We see what happens to those in power that resist these foreign coup promoters.  Wellstone, JFK JR. and Stevens ring a bell?  ).

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to disagree on this one. State wage rates are not about living wages or any such nonsense. they are a payoff to unions from politicians.

in construction at least, the wage rates for any particular skill type: plumber, electrician, ironworker, etc, are set based on the union wages being paid in that location so that union companies don't get blown out of the water by getting undercut by non union companies while bidding on government contracts.

state wage rates are just another part of the never ending cycle of corruption destroying the country. unions collect dues. some gets donated to politicians who in turn create and maintain little hidden laws that promote union interests behind the scenes, but the bill as always gets footed by taxpayers. sorry that some people get hurt by repealing them, but its taxpayers getting stuck paying for this political kick back being used to buy influence.