David Icke: One of the Most Corrupt Industries on Earth – the Cancer Industry

Vatic Note:  Thank goodness for David Icke.... he is so right on about the history of Big pharma, and the amount of massive profits involved in the cancer industry, and the leading it to corruption.  Cancer IS definitely an industry and it is fully corrupt by eliminating any information about natural remedies.

I helped a man who cured himself of early stages of lung cancer simply by taking a tablespoon of Briggs Apple Cidar Vinegar "with the MOTHER" 4 tunes a day, in a glass of 6 ounces of organic apple juice that was cold pressed and not cooked, and then  one tablespoon a half hour before each meal and the last one just before going to bed.

He did this faithfully and when he went to his doctor, he was declared cured.   The doctor was amazed and did not know what to say.  My friend did not tell him what he did or why, since that would risk retribution against the person who told him about the cure.  That is how tight the drug industry controls within this country.

Watch this, its very enlightening.  If you get a chance and will be in London later this year, go see david at Wimbledon, in England.  He always does a fabulous job no matter what the subject is.  His research is impeccable.

Marijuana used to be legal from 1776 through the 1930's, but then big pharma in the 30's became greedy and since that plant cures just about everything, and is a non narcotic and non addictive pain killer,  the drug companies went after it to get it banned and made illegal.   It worked until recently.

Now states are slowly approving and legalizing it, for its healing properties.   I can attest it works.   I use a majuana salve on my toes to heal the corns and callouses and stop the pain, and it works.  I swear by it and a small round can of the salve only costs $16 and lasts forever.   Amazing.   Anyway, enjoy the video.

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David Icke: One of the Most Corrupt Industries on Earth – the Cancer Industry
By Grover,  Before It's News,  August 15, 2015

David Icke: One of the Most Corrupt Industries on Earth - the Cancer Industry, plus Big Pharma, Bilderberg, Google, Wembley And Much Else

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