Republicans Blocked the Bill That Would Demilitarize the Police

*** We had a very critical article to this vatic note below that we tried to put up as a link, we went to the link and everything was fine and then we went back to the link and the entire blog was gone.....and we discovered that the link had been gutted. So we copied and pasted the whole blog from several  years ago, up on the 7th of December at 2:30 am and now I realize its a much more critical read than even I had realized. 

They DO NOT want this out there, so read it all the way through and as soon as it posts at 2:30 am, I will put the actual link up here for you to use, but you should be able to read it on the 7th after 2:30 am.  What is shows is just how pervasive the infiltration of the khazars into European leadership and society, and how they use it to advance their centuries old agenda of Global world domination.

Vatic note: Let me apologize in advance for the length of this diatribe I have gone on with respect to this issue, but this is soooo central to the core of their plans for us, that I simply had to put it all together now. I definitely agree, that the combination of militarizing law enforcement, combined with the new profiling of hiring ego and power driven individuals to police us whom they are suppose to serve and protect, is a deadly combination and that military equipment needs to be identified and taken away from them immediately if not sooner. So, passing this bill to demilitarize our law enforcement  is the message of this blog and VN..... "PUSH YOUR REPS AND SENATORS TO VOTE YES ON THAT BILL "TO DEMILITARIZE OUR LOCAL POLICE FORCES, AND FORCE IT TO THE FLOOR", DO NOT TAKE "NO" FOR AN ANSWER.  THIS IS CRITICAL". 

Having said that, please note this is not just a GOP issue.  We are seeing that its a globalist international Zionist bankers issue and they control the candidates and elected officials of both parties.  Bush and Obama proved that to anyone watching, researching or otherwise awake and aware. Like the movie "The Sting", Bush was the set up man and Obama was the hammer. This article tried to make a division of the issue, but FORTUNATELY for America, its falling on deaf ears with the exception of those caught up at the top and who are in the game either by choice or force.

Wellstone comes to mind as does Kucinich. One was murdered and the other destroyed politically, as was Cynthia McKinny, and Ron Paul,  but both are fighting back, good for them, notice its both parties elected officials who have integrity that are being attacked?, so you can see its not GOP vs Dems,. its US, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AGAINST THE BLACK NOBILITY ZIONISTS SATANIC GLOBALISTS.)

Notice how this author and publication said nothing about the fact that a GOPer co-sponsored the bill?  Why did they not mention it? (because they are funded by the cabal)  The leadership of both parties are sold out and do not represent the grassroots as we now see. Time to go and vote unaffiliated.  Jefferson was right,  Political parties are simply another way for tyrants to over take a nation, and AIPAC along with other fascist controlled lobbyists, like the nasty Drug companies, and Oil Companies,  have proven that to be the case.  He explained that was why they did not include political parties in the Constitution.

Remember, WW I, WW II and now WW III were all preceded by a revolution within the economic power of the day, to weaken the nation and divide it.  WW I, Russia was the target because the Czar would not go along with the bankers on their fiat currency system, and they were an economic power at that time.  It allowed the Zionists to take over Russia and its economic machine, to then rape and pillage the economy so they could finance their goal of world war I, and it worked.  The purpose of militarizing our local cops, as well as other false flags, is to try and start a revolution, just like WW I and WW II.

Remember, Albert Pike recommended 3 world wars were needed to take over the globe, and that was back in 1871.  Protocols on HOW to take over the globe were written developed by the International Jewish Congress, and finalized by Rothschild, and the congress was controlled by Khazar Zionists, back in 1897.  That was a blueprint and if you read those protocols, you can see them fully in place right now on this planet.

The Zionists were able to then control the Ottoman empire and have controlled the ME energy resources ever since.  We did a blog here and here proving the royalty of Saudi Arabia were Jews (khazars, not real Jews), (this second link you have to read the whole blog VN: to get the confirmation we had) installed by the British Ashkenazi's running the royal house of Britain.  That is why they changed their name in 1919 to "WINSOR" so it would sound more British, rather than the adopted German name they had from their time in eastern Europe when they migrated from khazaria into eastern Europe. Remember, the black nobility are the offspring of the khazars marrying the eastern European royalty after they migrated out of Khazaria and into eastern Europe.  The khazars were masters as Money changers and if you read who they really are, very very early on, then you will know, why the royalty married them.

Remember, Prince Charles admitted, publically, he was offspring of Count Dracula, and Romanian.  That was one of the countries that emerged out of Khazaria after they lost their land to the Catholics and Muslims and when the khazars migrated into eastern Europe and became the Ashkenazi Jews.   That also explains what they are doing now is not just about greed, but also revenge. It also explains their murdering children and drinking their blood (Vampirism) and its probably why Mongolia kicked the Khazars out of Mongolia.

I could never understand that since Mongolia was a safe haven for criminals, such as Genghis Kahn, but I do now, since we know about the blood drinking of the khazars today that we proved goes on in a suburb of Denver, the satanic NWO airport and its surrounding symbols of the occult.  Remember, we also proved that the royalty of Europe have bought land surrounding that airport.  Denver is going to be the new White House during and after WW III.

My point is, that this below is just one of many intentionally created false flags to try and get a revolution done to weaken us for WW III and to get our guns, they cannot pull this off without getting our guns.  We now have millions of guns out here.  Our armed hunters alone exceed the armed Military of the Chinese and Russians, so you can imagine the problem if we are not disarmed.  Even the Russians warned us,  "NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS", its what they did in Russia and Germany before taking over those nations.  And we all saw the horrors both nations have gone through ever since.

Republicans Blocked the Bill That Would Demilitarize the Police
by John Paul Brammer,  Blue Nation Review,  November 28, 2014

Ferguson has brought a host of issues to the forefront of the national stage, such as racial profiling and the killing of unarmed black youth at the hands of police officers.

But Ferguson has brought to light another: the militarization of our police force.
I mean, my God. Our police look like something out of a Transformers movie. You would imagine that there would be bipartisan support to fix something like that, even among conservatives who live in constant fear of a “police state.”

Wrong.  (VN:  a GOPer cosponsored the bill. so the answer is "right")

House GOP leadership (VN:.... Both party's leadership is working for the foreign occupiers of our government) is blocking a vote on a bipartisan bill introduced by Reps. Hank Johnson and Raul Labrador (R-Idaho) that would curb transfer of military weapons to local police forces, because of course they are doing so as we speak. 

The bill is the only Congressional response to Ferguson thus far.

Republicans claim that the weaponry is being put to good use. Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen said:


“It’s not misused. The law enforcement agencies in the Northeast that benefit from this equipment have used it to make sure that all of our citizens are protected. And not only in the Northeast.”  (VN: One republican is not "all republicans", thank you!  Same with Obama, he is not all democrats.  Remember United we stand and divided we fall and the foreign agents know this and use the tactic all the time, so lets not bite into that and create a revolution that will weaken us for their planned WW III, that was done in both previous World wars. We can just take the equipment from our police when the Russians or Chinese come to occupy us and use it against them.  LOL We also NOW KNOW that Rodney Frelinghuysen is one of them. Just check out his last name.  I don't know what district or state he is from, but they should get rid of him.)

You know, I may be alone in this, but personally I don’t think our local police forces need to be equipped to face what I can only assume is Godzilla himself. They don’t need all that weaponry to keep the peace, and as Ferguson has shown us, the weaponry can be used against citizens to great harm.

Let’s not forget the lessons of Ferguson, lessons that will remain relevant long after protestors have cleared the streets. Let’s keep fighting to improve our society, even as it’s clear Republicans prefer to keep things exactly as they are. (VN: its not just the neocons (GOP), its also the Neolibs (Obama, Zbig etc).  They are all in on it and if that does not pass, then at the 2016 election, we draft/recruit Ron Paul for President and whoever he selects for VP, since he would know his own supporters, and make sure he is strong of character as VP, so the PTB won't assassinate Paul.  Right now, he is the only one who has taken a stand over many years, on this issue. But no one would listen. Now we all know better.  We will listen now. )

H/T: Huffington Post  (VN: this publication on the left is definitely controlled by the bankers, as is Newsmax on the right.  We are slowly identifying the traitors within.  Justice will be done in the end, as it always is. That also makes this author suspect as well. )

John Paul Brammer is a Contributing Editor at BNR. His writing on LGBT and Latino issues has appeared in The Advocate and Huffington Post. Find him on twitter: @jpbrammer

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