Federal Agent 'We Murdered Michael Jackson' Shocking Proof!!

Vatic Note:   This video below says it all, very detailed and directly.   Now, ask yourselves "WHO CONTROLS THE MOVIE INDUSTRY?"  Who controls our banking industry?   Who sits on the Boards of Directors of the Music industry, News corporations, Military industrial complex companies, and energy companies?   You guessed it,  Its NOT the Muslims by a long shot.

Like the USS Liberty, these movie and recording stars are brought down by the same people and then destroy those careers of those they have raped and pillaged of all they have earned, thats if they do not kill them first..  Michael had done an incredible public disclosure of those same controllers and after that is when he knew they were going to kill him.

Federal Agent 'We Murdered Michael Jackson' Shocking Proof!!
Published by Proconstitutioner, on Nov 15, 2014

This is the video to end all doubts that Michael Jackson was indeed murdered by the illuminati. Michael Jackson's phone was being tapped, and a federal agent stepped up, and released Michael Jackson's last phone call.


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Anonymous said...

This is being done to Bill Cosby apparently. What he may have done, or how he has been used, either controlled or willingly, he is still being used as a sacrifice. Cosby has great wealth and fame, and is Black. I think he is being used as a MSM/ political Black distraction from the real Black power criminals of Obama/Holder. Because SEX is used by media to gain public attention so successfully, Cosby's alleged, lurid sexual crimes past is the ultimate MSM cover for Black Obama's dictatorial crimes, and now open Black racial anarchy, which Cosby probably would not sanction, but discourage. In fact, that might even be why he is being destroyed.

Anonymous said...

The Federal Agent doesn't explain why Michael Jackson was murdered. I think Jackson was murdered, but I don't know why he was murdered. How come the Federal Agent didn't explain why?

Very suspicious to me that the Federal Agent came clean about the Michael Jackson murder at this particular time. I don't trust the timing of it. The video comes out right on the heels of Ferguson and the Garner case.

Is the Federal Agent trying to fuel the flames of all the racial animosity the mainstream media is inculcating in the public, especially inculcating amongst blacks?

There is such a thing as telling the truth for all the wrong reasons. The timing is suspicious, just like the Hollywood Hacking going on now right on the heels of Ferguson and the Garner case. Consider the timing, it only serves to add flames to the race war -- which is what the government wants, a race war. Hollywood being tied-to-the-hip with Washington [ in other words, the jew mobsters].
Jackson died 5 years age, now right after Ferguson/Garner we get this truthful video. Why did it take 5 years to make/release the video, and why right on the heels of Ferguson/Garner? Very suspicious.

And yes, hard-core, violent rap music came on the scene at the same time the prison industry was privatized. For more info, use search term :

" Rap Music + Prison Industry Privatized"

How come the Federal Agent didn't come clean about this way back when? Why now as the mainstream media is flaming a race war? Very suspicious.

From : Salvatore