John Moore: Ferguson “War Games” Scripted, Choreographed By The White House

Vatic Note: In the first protest/demonstration, there were foreign occupying government agents who were stirring up the pot and were brought in from somewhere else.  This is exactly what they did in every single Middle East country the powers that  be took over.   Same with the Ukraine and since they have war gamed it all now, they are finally getting around to us. 

I know the black leaders are smart enough to know who the bad guys really are and how horrible these foreigners have been to blacks from day one when they first started kidnapping them out of Africa and bringing them to America as slaves.  These are the same khazar players from back then.  They are not your friends.  Your best hope is to stay united, no matter what. 

They need a civil war in order to declare an emergency and put in Martial law, collect the guns and begin to take over for real.   America is the last bastion for standing against these khazar Zionists and their owners, the bloodlines.  Their best and only bet was to try and pit blacks against whites using the militarized and probably mind controlled police in that state since the governor there cooperates with the feds, like a whore on a holiday.  

What we can do now is to pressure the congress with the information we have found finding that this whole thing is a false flag being used to start a war so we will be weakened and disarmed when they start their needed WW III that we are designated to lose. 

John Moore: Ferguson “War Games” Scripted, Choreographed By The White House
By Susan Duclos,  Before It's News,  Novermber 26, 2014

I have been in contact with a source which, along with Sgt. Maj. Dan Page on the John Moore Show below, confirm that while many of the protesters in Ferguson are from Ferguson, Missouri, those choreographing events are government agents, professional provocateurs, all playing from the same “script.”

Sgt. Maj. Page states to Moore that what we are seeing is a “orchestrated nationwide event that is coming right out of Washington, DC. … Warfare on the American people.”  

This matches exactly what my source familiar with the Ferguson “plans” emailed to me on Tuesday, which in part states “The enemy is the government who is causing this entire game. It is a “war game” to them, all written and scripted and has been for years.“ (VN:  what he means is "The enemy is the "foreign occupied and controlled" government..... CONTROLLED BY MEANS OF BLACKMAIL, THREATS and bribery if they are dual citizens of both Israel and America.)

My source follows up with information about what is next in the “playbook”:

The New AG and Obama will preach about it being ok to peacefully demonstrate. This is all staged as the proper thing to do would be to stop all protesting immediately and put a curfew of 6PM in. They will not do this as they want to get to Martial Law and they are pushing for more destruction. This limit will be reached after a “shoot-out which will come. After there is a growing spread of the rioting in to other major, pre planned and staged cities which we already named last week. They will reach “impact point”, declare Martial law.


There may be a few wild cards as people are unpredictable and some are unstable, so their behavior can not be exactly planned for but expect a few nut jobs to go crazy with assault weapons. They call these “wild card players.” They always work towards the means. To be clearer. These nut cases will help make the False Justification for the Declaration

Page goes on to inform listeners what was observed in Ferguson, as well as the type of issues that are being seen among protesters and police, in Ferguson still. Page claims there have been multiple attacks among Caucasians that have not been reported.

Two noteworthy points here before listening to the John Moore Show below; 1) My source rarely agrees with Mr. Moore, yet in this, the information provided by both is almost identical and; 2) over the last weeks my source has provided me with multiple warnings about what is coming, with exact dates, all of which played out exactly as I was warned…… this is why I am making his warning over what is coming, available now, as well as the purpose behind these events.

"They are seeing what it takes to start violence between white and blacks as you will see in the coming days, again all planned out ahead."

My source also assures me that martial law, nationwide, is NOT coming yet, this is more of a beta-test, for lack of a better word, to prepare for a bigger event in the near future.

SOURCE:  http://www.allnewspipeline.com/Inside_Sources_Ferguson_War_Game.php

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