Isreali Controlled US Doesn't Want to Stop ISIL - Only Exploit them for Other Means: US Airstrikes Against ISIL not Meant to Destroy ISIL

Vatic Note: As we have said many times,  THIS IS NOT A FAST FOOD TITTILATING HEADLINES SITE, this is intended as a deep educational site so we undestand exactly what is going on in the Middle East and why.  So, this is a long read because it is chock full of serious information that will help us to understand who, what and why.  This fits with the new article I found that explains why Saudi Arabia is an ally of Israel.  (Blog coming on that tomorrow). Its how they intend to get us Christians, that they hate to fight and kill Muslims, whom the Khazars also hate, and hope we kill each other off and leave the zionists standing. 

The Saudi relationship with Israel is because their leaders are Jewish (Khazars) as we have been saying all along.  Remember, it was the British who set up the Middle East after WW I and put the family leaders in place, so it makes perfect sense they would use Khazars as the royalty of the middle east, since the royal family are all khazars themselves, except for Kate who is a real Jewish person, and not a khazar, and its why the Saudi's, Bahrainians etc,  are allies with Israel, as was intended when they were set up. Then WW II had to happen to set up Israel in their midst.  The British again were involved in that little venture.

Notice a pattern here?  First we had al Qaeda, eventually got outted as a false flag group created, funded and trained by a western alliance and they were created to prevent Russia from taking over Afghanistan, or so they "said".  So then came hamas, and once we found out that Mossad created Hamas, that immediately dropped out of the press, but magically ISIS showed up.

Then we found a website for ISIS and it proved they were a mercenary company hiring out for contract work and a map on their site showed they were in the middle east.  Once that broke, then mention of ISIS dropped off the radar and ISIL shows up.  Who knows who created them and are using them for what purpose.  Probably the same reason for all the other false flags,  to start WW III or take out guns or both.

This article below equates ISIL with Al Qaeda as partners and co-rebels, but in fact, EVERYONE KNOWS Al Qaeda works for the CIA and MOSSAD.    

US Doesn't Want to Stop ISIL - Only Exploit them for Other Means: US Airstrikes Against ISIL not Meant to Destroy ISIL

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