Our Foreign Occupied US Gov Is Using Ebola to Advance its Imperialist Agenda in Africa: Azikiwe

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Vatic Note: Just remember, the Ebola was done by our CIA and Mossad.  All you have to do is read Zbig Brezinszki's book, "The Grand Chessboard:  American Primacy and its Geo-strategic Imperatives."  The take over of nations are all laid out in there.

That is the most educational read, since he wrote it as a policy book for policy wonks who like to have everything laid out like a blue print.  Its not our government, rather its our "foreign occupied" government, thus its not ours, it belongs, right now, to a foreign country and we need to stop allowing them to use us for their agenda. What they are doing in Africa is a "Land Grab" for natural resources and the institutionalizing of fascism in a land unable to fight them due to lack of military resources.   

Well, Africa is dealt with in Zbigs book,  fully and its definitely a blue print for a massive land grab for Greater Israel.    Zbig is a khazar but I am not sure if he is a zionist.   He is definitely an opportunist, that is for sure.  He has worked for Dems and GOP, as well as corporate leaders such as Rockefeller.

Kissinger called him a whore who will work for anybody.   That is how I saw Kissinger, since he has worked for Rockefeller and others as well.  Nixon was handled by Kissinger. So, is Kissinger jealous of Zbig's successful attempt to take his place?  Just asking. 

“US using Ebola to advance its imperialist agenda in Africa: Azikiwe”
By Admin,  Press TV,  October 31, 2014                                               

Corporate US Foreign Policy Always Consists of a Combination of the same basic platforms:

(1) Exploit Weaker Economies
– Steal and Control All Resources by any means necessary.

(2) Stage initial Covert CIA/NSA Black opps to destabilize regions and independent countries, undermine independent leadership, and destroy legitimate governments of said countries.  (VN: they are now  using this strategy in small towns in America to try and gain support from the awakening sheep. Sandy Hook, Ferguson, Boston all ring a bell? )

(3) Install puppet regimes and dictators who will do the bidding of Bilderberg, Fiat Bankster, Corporate, Imperialist expansionists.

(4) Blackmail, murder or assassinate legitimate, independent leaders who will not co-operate, and who cannot be bought off.

(5) Institute policies of genocide in the countries whose resources are stolen by multi-national corporations and their Corporate US Government thug agents, by killing as many Human Beings as possible, in any given 24 hour period.

(6) Use overt Corporate US Military invasion or occupation to wage war, achieve goals 1-5 above, and to maintain the PROFIT MARGIN of the Corporate US Military Industrial Complex.

This is why the Corporate US Government of Washington DC, Inc is so well respected the world over.  (VN: its why the Zionist fascist corporate khazar banker owned corporations.......are so respected, etc.)
Wayne Madsen – ‘CIA should be probed for Ebola’s origin in Zaire’
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa might be a resurfacing of Zaire’s Ebola infection spread, where the US Central Intelligence Agency was suspected to be involved with, an American investigative journalist says.

“When you look at the original outbreak of the Ebola in 1976 in Zaire,” Wayne Madsen told Press TV.  “We see a year when the US was violating a Senate law that forbid the US from engaging in the Angolan Civil War and we saw Zaire being used as a bait for the CIA and then we saw the outbreak of Ebola in Zaire. The same year that George H. W. Bush was the director of the CIA.”

“In 1980 we saw the outbreak of HIV in Zaire and Angola where the CIA was operating,” he said on Monday.

“I think what we need to see is an investigation of how intense the CIA biological warfare program was in Zaire and Angola between 1976 and 1980, and what has hit in Sierra Leon and other countries is the Zaire strain of Ebola,” he said.
“This may be another case of blowback to the CIA … to create pathogens for warfare purposes,” Madsen continued.

US President Barack Obama on Saturday said that there would not be any travel bans on passengers coming from West Africa saying restrictions would exacerbate the situation. 

“We can’t just cut ourselves off from West Africa,” Obama said during his weekly address. “Trying to seal off an entire region of the world – if that were even possible – could actually make the situation worse,” he added.

At the moment, there are over 500 active-duty troops in Liberia and Senegal on the mission. The Pentagon says it is planning a 3,600-strong force to fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.  (VN:  what they really mean is a 3,600 force to ensure the fascist take over of Africa's natural resources without paying them for it.  Read Gen Smedly Butlers book,  )

“It’s very peculiar that the US is sending the military in when obviously health workers, doctors, and other health care professionals are needed,” Madsen said.

US to further infiltrate into African states with Ebola: Azikiwe

A political commentator says Washington’s plan to send troops to West Africa for Ebola is to further infiltrate into the African states with the US military presence.  The United States on Monday announced that it will expand its response to the Ebola crisis in Africa by assigning 3,000 military personnel to the afflicted region.

Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of Pan-African News Wire, told Press TV in a phone interview on Tuesday that the situation “does not require a militarized response.”

“We feel that this is just another effort to further infiltrate these various African states with the US military presence. All of the impacted countries in West Africa already have US military involvement within their borders. Liberia is one, also Sierra Leone, Guinea, Conakry has also had some US military involvement,” Azikiwe said.   (VN: I have a blog coming up soon as soon as I confirm the info, but wait until you see it.  It shows "big picture" for why that country was attacked with biological weapons.

“What the situation requires is a scientific assessment of the extent of the problem. A plan on how to arrest and eventually eradicate the virus and its impact,” he said.

“So I don’t think that it’s a question of military response to a medical problem, that the response should be medical, social and also scientific.”  Azikiwe said the United States can have a role in containing this outbreak, “but the character of the role of the United States has to be monitored, it has to be evaluated on the part of those within the United States who are opposed to US military intervention.”

He also mentioned Cuba’s initiative as a “correct” response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa.   “Contrasting the role of the United States in West Africa in response to the Ebola virus that is the efforts on the part of the Cuban government where they were going to send over one thousand medical personnel into West Africa to address the crisis.”

“Cuba’s relationship with Africa has been much more cooperative and much more progressive and supportive. And I think that countries around the world need to follow Cuba’s lead,” he said.

US using Ebola to advance its imperialist agenda in Africa: Azikiwe

The United States is using the epidemic of the Ebola virus to advance its imperialist agenda in West Africa, a civil rights activist and journalist in Detroit says.

Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday while commenting on President Barack Obama’s announcement that the US military will be involved in tackling the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, arguing that it represents a serious national security concern.

“I believe this is just another means for the United States military intelligence’s deeper penetration of the African continent. Already the United States has military presence in Libya, in Sierra Leone, as well in the west African state of Nigeria, all of which have been… impacted by the epidemic of the Ebola virus,” Azikiwe said.

“The only way in which this disease can be tackled is through the proliferation of medical personnel, trained doctors, nurses, the development of the field hospitals and clinics, and it’s through this process that the disease can be arrested,” he added.

“The reason why this disease is having such a traumatic impact on Africa… is the fact that there are not adequate healthcare facilities in these various countries — adequate research facilities — so this disease can be tackled both through research as well as through medical treatment,” the civil rights activist noted.

“This treatment will be designed to contain a virus and also to eliminate it. But it’s not a military solution, it’s a medical solution, and the medical solution is definitely related to the lack of the development, the lack of resources inside the region,” he stated.

“The Ebola cases that have been sent to the Unites States for treatment have gotten very positive results. That is directly related to the level of medical facilities and healthcare professionals [in the US] that can address this issue,” Azikiwe said. “But it’s not a military issue, it’s a medical issue, and the medical issue is definitely related to the question of development in West Africa.”

“[T]his is the only way of which there will be a long-term solution for this crisis. The disease at this point is a threat for West Africa; but it’s also an international threat because there’s no way it can be contained strictly in the West African region,” he emphasized.

He added that “there have been some cases in the northern region of Democratic Republic of Congo. Although they are claiming the outbreak is unrelated to the outbreak in West Africa, still we go back to the question of adequate medical facilities and adequate medical personnel.”

“So this is the real solution and [regarding] AFRICOM – the United States Army Command for the Africa Region – these military intuitions are not established for the purposes of healthcare. They are established for the purpose of carrying out the United States’ imperialist foreign policy in Africa and this is just another mechanism for Barack Obama to move in that direction,” Azikiwe concluded.


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